Ann Van Wagoner’s

Letter to her Grandchildren


Payson City Utah Mar. 9th, 1881

Dear Grand Children:

It has been requested of the Relief Society that we should give a short history of our life and enclose in a letter to come forth in fifty years of which I will endeavor to give.

Ann Vanwagoner was born March 25th 1817 in Bergen Co., N.J. and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Apr. 13th 1844.  Baptized by George T. Leach in New York City and went to Nauvoo with the saints and went through the Temple in the year 1846.  Married to Henry Nebeker in January 1847 and traveled for the west in Brother George Nobles Co. and arrived in Salt Lake Valley in 1847.  Lived there five years, and in that time there was a grasshopper and cricket war; and a hen with her chickens saved a great deal of our grain.  I then moved to Payson and the Indians were very bad.  The saints built a fort and the families had to leave their homes and go in the fort for protection; on one occasion one of the guards was shot and killed, the women were then taken to the schoolhouse; the men stood guard for we did not know at what moment we might all be killed, the people were very cautious and stood guard until they became peaceful, they then moved back to their homes.

I have had eight children of which names I will now give.  Ann, William, Mary, Ammon, George, Florence, Susanna, and Henry.  My husband Married another wife in July 1865 and we went to the Muddy on a Mission 1867, passed through a great many trials for the Gospel sake and am a firm believer in the Church at this very time.  I still believe in the principle of Celestial Marriage and bear my testimony to the truth of this work.  I know that it is the only true Church upon the Earth. 

I returned to Payson 1869 and was appointed teacher of the Relief Society and held that position until they divided the society into districts and then I was set apart as treasurer in the society of the first district by Bishop J. S. Tanner and counselors.

From your affectionate Grandmother,

Ann Nebeker

From Mrs. Ann Nebeker to her grandchildren, Miss Florence Sargent or Annie Nebeker & Minnie Pickering.     Payson, Utah.




Harriet Ann VanWagoner Nebeker

Grave market of Ann Vanwagoner Nebeker


Payson, Utah City Cemetery



Henry Nebeker