The Blue Bucks

of Bedford Co., PA

(From a letter written by Lionel Nebeker to Gordon Bates -- 3 Sep. 2012)

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Gordon, it's fun to go buck-hunting with you again, and hopefully we can bag our limit on this one.  You are wondering about which "Thomas Buck" was the husband of Elizabeth Blue.  I think I can answer that and I'll try to walk you through this logically first, and then try to summarize the sources again at the end for you to feel good about entering into our Salt Lake file "worthy of all acceptation." 

This Elizabeth Blue has been sealed to: Thomas Buck, her actual husband’s grandfather--the man who was really married to Elizabeth Scott (with both women being named “Elizabeth” one can see where confusion has arisen in this connection); and she has also been sealed to that man’s son, Thomas Buck, the “Captain” who was an older brother of our David Buck Sr.; and then to Ichabod Buck, another brother of our David Sr., and finally, to her actual husband, Thomas Buck, the son of our David Buck, Sr.  I’m sure she had only one husband, and he was the last one listed above. 

First, I'd like to address some of the incorrect information that has been presented so that we are not wasting time going down the wrong paths and hopefully put your mind at ease on those issues.  Let's recap Captain Thomas Buck's life and marriages to begin with.  He was the son, and probably the oldest, of Thomas Buck and Elizabeth Scott.  We know that the Captain was born about 1740-41 [from the 1814 PA Tax List -- Bedford Co. PA] which specifically says that he was already age 73 in 1814.  We don't know where he was born but he was a grown man when the family moved to Bedford Co., PA in about 1775.  He is the man who left his will in Bedford County, PA in 1821.  We have never found the name for his first wife, the presumed mother of all of his children, nor have we found the birth dates of his children, but based primarily upon the age of his daughter, Abigail, we have estimated that his five known children were probably born in a range from between about 1760-1775.  {Note that these children are all older than was Elizabeth Blue, so she was not the first wife and mother of these children.  We'll talk more about her later but she was born 30 March 1788.} 

We have found the record of the Captain’s 2nd marriage to Mrs. Margaret Long (widow of Richard Long) and they were married in Bedford Co., PA about 1776 [they disposed of the estate of her previous husband and so this marriage is clearly documented in our book, The Buck Family of Bedford County, Pa--a copy of which is posted in this web-site.]  As far as we know, this Margaret was wife #2.  {Note: Elizabeth Buck Garlick did temple work for a "Margaret Buck" and stated that her relationship to that woman was that she (EBG) was her "niece".  Yet, among the children of Thomas Buck and Elizabeth Scott, EBG did not list any Margaret as their child.  So, this would seem to indicate that that Margaret Buck was EBG's Aunt by marriage, and was most likely this woman--Mrs. Margaret Long Buck, the wife of her Uncle Capt. Thomas Buck.}  EBG would have known this woman personally. 

We do not have a death date for this Aunt Margaret, but we do have another marriage for Captain Thomas Buck on 30 Dec. 1819 in Canton, Washington Co., PA. to Eleanor Lindsey.  The Captain would have been about 79 years old, and this wedding took place less than two years before he completed his will (1821) back in Bedford County.  He had gone to Washington County, PA to help take care of his daughter, Abigail Buck Jones' children, as it appears she died there at about this time (1817).  We know she was his daughter as the Captain made provisions in his will for the children of his deceased daughter Abigail in 1821.  She married Levi Jones in Bedford Co., and then moved to Washington Co., PA.  By the way, EBG in her initial temple work in Nauvoo (in 1841) did the baptism not only for her Aunt Margaret and Uncle Thomas, but also for "Abigail Jones" and the relationship stated was "cousin".  [Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead, Book A85.]  This confirms in EBG's own work, that these folks were indeed her close relatives.  We do not find any record at all about the Captain marrying anyone by the name of Elizabeth, although we do not know the name of his first wife.  We also know that there has been a lot of confusion about each of these Bucks especially all of those with the first name of "Thomas."  The Captain has even been sealed, as a spouse, to his own mother, Elizabeth Scott, and we know that is obviously wrong.  But, since his father was also another Thomas Buck, that is an easy mistake for someone to make, especially when they didn't have any records for the birth dates of most of these people back then.  So much for the Captain... But, I think it would be wrong to seal him to Elizabeth Blue.  More on that later.

Next topic: Within our family records (from the various descendants of EBG) there are a number of submissions to the temple on these families, but all of them really come from only two sources: Either EBG, or JGG; and everyone else has merely copied and re-submitted their work.  These sources are extremely contradictory in many areas and cannot both be correct.  But people keep reverting back to these and giving the exact same weight to those that are incorrect as well as to the accurate ones.  They should not count equally at all.  First of all, the EBG source comes directly from Elizabeth Buck Garlick herself.  She was born in Bedford Co., PA in 1795.  She knew her parents, her uncles and aunts, her siblings and some of her cousins personally.  She knew who they married and what their relationship was to her.  She actually had temple work done for many of them herself personally, both in Nauvoo in 1841, and again in the Endowment House in SLC on July 24-25, 1872.  The information she provided MUST be more credible and take precedence over later submissions.  Now, the JGG source is not as clear.  Elizabeth Buck Garlick had a son, Joseph Gaston Garlick, born 1828 in Providence, Bedford Co., PA and who died in Utah in 1915.  He too would have known some of these people personally, although he was a young boy and his knowledge of them would not have been nearly as good as his mother's.  He too helped his mother do the temple work in 1872 in the Endowment House.  Someone, perhaps one of his children, but we really don't know who, had a lot of temple work done on his behalf up to about 1928-1931--much of it performed well after the death of Joseph Garlick--in 1915.  This work was submitted on a series of TIB (Temple Index Bureau) cards sent to the Manti & SLC temples between 1872-1931,and summarized on the "One Family Group Records" (about 1928).  It is a nightmare to review these cards and try to sort them all out; and it immediately becomes clear that there are a number of obvious contradictions and errors.  By the time this work was done in the temple it had been about 150 years after the births and lives of many of the people submitted.  We don't want to discard these TIB cards completely, but neither can they have the same weight as the information provided by EBG within her own lifetime.  Let's not rely on confusing data that has obvious errors when we have better data available to us.  Does that make sense as a starting point? 

Okay, now as to trying to figure out who Elizabeth Blue is and where she fits into the family...

On July 24, 1872, EBG went to the Endowment House in SLC and did "sealings" for four couples.  She does not state her relationship to any of these people, nor does she give any dates for their lives:

entry #2764 -- David Buck, dead, and Catherine Cashman, dead

entry #2765 -- Thomas Buck, dead, and Elizabeth Scott, dead

entry #2766 -- Thomas Buck, dead, and Elizabeth Blue, dead

entry #2767 -- David Buck, dead, and Charity Clark, dead

Elizabeth Buck Garlick and Joseph Garlick did the work as "heirs".  [FHL film # 0183398] 

Who were these people?  Without bothering to 'prove' each couple to you, we know that the first couple was EBG's parents, the second couple was her paternal grandparents, so these were the closest family members to her.  We also know that she had two brothers who were named Thomas & David.  If she only did the work for four "Buck" families, it is most likely that these would be for her two brothers rather than for uncles or cousins.  And, we know too from later census records in Providence, PA that her brother, David--born 1800, shows up repeatedly in succeeding censuses with his wife, Charity Buck.  So, at least the last couple was certainly her younger brother, but that does not prove that the 3rd couple (Thomas Buck and Elizabeth Blue) was her brother and sister-in-law.  It only makes it highly likely--and in fact, that is who it is.

Note that on the very next day, 25 July 1872, EBG and her family returned to the Endowment House, this time to perform baptisms for her deceased family.  There is no one by the name of "Blue" on the list of persons for whom she did any work.  But there are two women by the name of "Elizabeth Buck" listed.  The first one listed, at the very top, says that EBG is the "daughter" of Elizabeth Buck.  This though is an error, as EBG was the “Grand”-daughter of this woman--who would have been Elizabeth Scott Buck.  To show that this was an error in stating the relation ship, we only need to go to the very next entry for Catherine Cashman, and for her it again says that EBG was a "daughter" of this woman too, which is correct, but she could not have been the "daughter" of both of these two women.  The recorder simply failed to enter the word "Grand" in front of Daughter for the first entry.  The only other "Elizabeth Buck" on the page says that she was a "sister-in-law" to EBG.  Now, isn't that interesting.  We know that EBG had only two brothers, and one of those brothers was married to a "Charity", so the other must have been married to an "Elizabeth", which matches the "sealings" performed the previous day for Elizabeth Blue being sealed to Thomas Buck, who was indeed the brother of EBG.  I think this is clear evidence that EBG's oldest brother, Thomas Buck, was in fact, married to an Elizabeth Blue.

Now, is it possible that there could have been multiple "Elizabeth Blues" and another woman by the same name could have married another "Thomas Buck"--perhaps the Captain?  I don't think so.  Here are a couple more items for the Blue family.  I have not been able to find any "Blue" (or Blew) family in Bedford County PA prior to the 1790 census.  By that date, Captain Thomas Buck would have been 50 years old and already married to Mrs. Margaret Long.  But in the 1790 census, there were two "Blue" families who had moved to this area, and they were both living right next door to our David Buck, Sr, the father of EBG & of her older brother, Thomas.  At that time Thomas would have been a brand new infant.  The two "Blue" families were: Barnabus and Michael Blue.  Ten years later, in the 1800 census, Barnabus is gone, but Michael Blue is still living there with his family.  Thomas Buck would have been 10 years old by now, and Michael Blue, next door, had one female in the household between the ages of 10-16--that would have been his 12 year old daughter, Elizabeth Blue. 

A few years back, when we were working on this Buck family together, I went into the Ancestral File and found the family of a Michael Blue.  I know the Ancestral File is not to be relied upon, but I found where someone in the Blue family had access to some very specific data on this family.  They had actual dates for many Blues that must have come from an old family Bible or something similar as they were very specific.  {They reference a book--The Blue Family History, privately published with a copy in the Seattle, WA public library.}  I found Michael Blue born 12 Jan. 1759 in Virginia, died 21 Dec. 1834 in Miami, Ohio.  His wife was Amelia Mildred Morgan, born about 1760, but no location was given.  They then listed eight children, including an Elizabeth Blue, born 30 Mar. 1788 in Providence, Bedford Co., PA.  That fits EXACTLY with what we thought of her.  It makes her just about two years older than EBG's brother, Thomas, who was born there on 20 March 1790.  (Keep that two-year difference in their ages in mind for later observations from the federal census records when this family was found living in Ohio and Indiana and she was consistently shown as being about 1-2 years older than her husband, Thomas Buck., and both were born in PA.)  Then, it also showed that she died on 23 March 1864 in Van Buren, Pulaski, Indiana, and that she was married to Thomas Buck of Bedford Co., PA.  It then showed that all of their 7 children were born in Miami County, Ohio, except for their daughter, Orpha, who was born someplace in New York State.  This is a perfect match for our Thomas Buck, the brother of EBG. We already knew and followed this Thomas Buck (and wife “Elizabeth”) out to Ohio, and thereafter to Van Buren, Pulaski Co., Indiana in the subsequent census up to, and including, 1860. 

Let’s briefly consider a few census records that we might find applicable to this discussion.  First, let’s look at the 1820 census for Ohio.  Remember that Thomas Buck married Elizabeth Blue about 1809 in Bedford Co., PA, but not too long thereafter, his family disappeared from Pennsylvania, as did his Father-in-law’s family--that of Michael Blue.  We also know that eventually, Thomas Buck and Elizabeth Blue had at least 2 sons and 5 daughters, who survived infancy, and they may have had other children who are unknown to us at this time. 

In the 1820 census, in Staunton, Miami County, Ohio we find:

John Blue

Michael Blue, Senr

Thos Buck

Each of these men are living immediately next door to each other.  And, this Thomas Buck has 2 small boys and 5 young girls in addition to himself and an his wife.  So, that appears to be an exact fit for our Thomas and Elizabeth Blue Buck.  But, their youngest daughter that we know about, Lucretia Buck, wasn’t born until 31 Dec. 1823.  So, she would not be one of the little girls listed in this census.  Another daughter, Mary Buck, was estimated to be born about 1821.  Our estimate may be wrong, but if not then she too may not yet have been born.  This would seem to indicate that Thomas and Elizabeth may have had 1 or 2 other daughters, older than Lucretia, who may not have lived long enough for us to get to know who they were.  Still, this fits our family and the fact that he was living right next door to Michael Blue Senr (Elizabeth’s father) is another confirmation of the correctness of this family connection.

The children that we know of are listed below and some can be found in the 1850 federal census in Miami Co., Ohio.  In the 1860 federal census in Pulaski County, Indiana, we find Thomas and Elizabeth Buck in their old age as empty-nester.  Many of their children settled around them but had homes of their own. 

We do not have specific dates of birth for most of their children.  Their son James was not found with the rest of the family and he probably died at a fairly young age.  But, he was listed by EBG in her 1872 temple work for this family in the Endowment House as her cousin of her son Joseph, who did his temple work.  The order of the first two girls may be reversed as the record states that Ruth was born in Miami Co., OH, but Orpha in NY.  It seems strange that they would back-track to New York State for the birth of that daughter.  It seems more likely that Ruth was probably born in Pennsylvania or New York before they ever left that area, and that it was an error to list her birth place as Ohio. But this is what we have for their family:

Ruth Buck          dau   b. abt 1810  Ohio;    died bef 1872

Orpha Buck       dau   b. abt 1812  NY

James Buck      son    b. abt 1815 OH        died bef 1872 (probably died quiet young)

John Buck         son    b. 10 Oct 1817  Troy, Miami, Ohio;   d. 8 Jan 1864 Van Buren, IN

Nancy Buck       dau   b. abt 1819  OH       died bef 1872

Mary Buck         dau   b. abt 1821  OH      

Lucretia Buck    dau   b. 31 Dec 1823, Miami Co., OH;        d. bef 1858 Miami Co., OH

Okay, here is the next item, and this is one that you found and sent to me a few years back, so let me quote Gordon Bates regarding the temple work done for this family. 

"... Here next, are the IGI Family History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Source Notes, now stored in my PAF file with reference numbers for Thomas's baptism.  Notice that the baptism was done on that now famous date, for us, 25 July 1872, which is the same time as his sealing was done.  See the transcription of sealing records I sent you on 9-18.  Since he died in 1863, he was a prime candidate for his work to be done in 1872.

Thomas Buck; Male: Birth: About 1789 of Bedford, Pennsylvania; Baptism; 25 Jul 1872;

     Endowment: 21 jan 1931 Manti; Father: David Buck; Mother: Catherine Cashman:

     Film Number: 170458 Page Number: 948 Reference number: 26097

Thomas Buck; Male; Birth 1790, Bedford, Pennsylvania; Death: 1863, Pulaski, Indiana;

     Spouse: Elizabeth Blue; Marriage: About 1810 of, Bedford, Pennsylvania."

I think this is pretty good support for our case of which Thomas Buck was married to Elizabeth Blue. 

Let me share one more thought with you on this, and it ties into the TIB cards and the "One Family Group Record".  Remember that an Elizabeth Blue was sealed to Ichabod Buck, as well as to Thomas Buck Jr.  We know nothing of Ichabod Buck, other than EBG had his work done in Nauvoo, without any indication that he ever had a wife.  She listed herself as a "niece" of this man so we have entered him as a son of the original Thomas Buck, who was married to Elizabeth Scott, and as a brother of our David Buck, Sr.  I don't think we should have Ichabod sealed to anyone. 

Now, since “Elizabeth Blue” was also sealed to Thomas Buck "Jr" many people have supposed that she should be sealed to the Captain, Thomas Buck, the son of the original Thomas Buck.  I think that reference to "Jr" has created the problems with folks 'assuming' that we needed to find a Thomas who was the son of another Thomas.  But, we should remember that back in colonial days, the terms "Sr." and "Jr" were frequently used simply to differentiate between two people of the same name--being synonymous with "older" and "younger"... or someone being senior to someone else, or being junior in age to another person of the same name, and not necessarily a father and son relationship.  It would be very easy, since David Buck (and his son, Thomas, lived in the vicinity with the well known Captain Thomas Buck, that the local folks may well have referred to him as the younger Thomas Buck, or Thomas Buck, Jr. solely to differentiate him from his uncle of the same name. 

Well, I hope this has been helpful to you.  Let me know if you have any additional questions.  I know it would be hard to put all of the above into the "notes" in the New Family Search, but perhaps you can glean enough to make this an adequate job... see below for most of the notes quoted, but I may have left something out from above that you want to add. 

With all my love and appreciation for your work.          Lionel Nebeker 


[Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead, Book A85.]

Endowment House Baptisms and Sealings:

On July 24, 1872, Endowment House in SLC -- "sealings" for four couples. 

entry #2764 -- David Buck, dead, and Catherine Cashman, dead

entry #2765 -- Thomas Buck, dead, and Elizabeth Scott, dead

entry #2766 -- Thomas Buck, dead, and Elizabeth Blue, dead

entry #2767 -- David Buck, dead, and Charity Clark, dead

Elizabeth Buck Garlick and Joseph Garlick did this work as "heirs" (family).  [FHL film # 0183398] 

1790 & 1800 Federal census records for Providence Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, USA

 IGI Family History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

     Thomas Buck; Male: Birth: About 1789 of Bedford, Penn; Baptism; 25 Jul 1872;

     Endowment: 21 jan 1931 Manti; Father: David Buck; Mother: Catherine Cashman:

     Film Number: 170458 Page Number: 948 Reference number: 26097

     Thomas Buck; Male; Birth 1790, Bedford, Penn; Death: 1863, Pulaski, Indiana;

     Spouse: Elizabeth Blue; Marriage: About 1810 of, Bedford, Pennsylvania."

US Fed census records for Ohio in 1820 & 1850; and for Indiana in 1860.



An addendum to this family--

On the internet we found a web-site called: the National Bue Family Association, which produced a record of several generations of the Blue family.  This is available on  The following is a brief excerpt from that work as relates to the Elizabeth Blue who married Thomas Buck.  Their family record matches ours perfectly.

The excerpt that we will present here consists of the family of a Michael Blue (of the 3rd generation of that family) and then we have selected to give the family groups of three of his sons who migrated to Bedford Co., Pennsylvania as they were all in the vicinity of our Buck family in Providence Township.  Although each of these family groups is contained here, the one of greatest interest to us is the last one shown, for the family of Michael Blue, the son of Michael Blue, who had a daughter, Elizabeth Blue, who in turn, married Thomas Buck, the oldest son of our David Buck, Sr.  This Elizabeth Blue Buck was a sister-in-law of our Elizabeth Buck Garlick. 

National Blue Family Association

Available on the internet in

Generation 3

1.1.2  Michael BLUE (ca1720-1819), m1. Martha BLACKFORD?, m2. Sarah _____.  Michael was probably born in Somerset Co. NJ and came to Berkeley Co. VA shortly before the Revolutionary War.  Legend says the three brothers, John, Michael and Uriah BLUE, came from NJ to VA, and that Michael and Uriah made their homes near Shepherdstown (then Berkeley Co. VA) while John went on to Hampshire Co.  John received his land grant on the South Branch of the Potomac in the early 1750's, however, no record of Michael and Uriah's presence in Berkeley Co. VA is found until April 1776, when Michael BLUE leased 450 acres of land from Thomas BLACKBURN.  Records indicate that Michael and Uriah first settled in or near Newcastle Co. DE.  Michael appears in a Militia list in Newcastle Co. on 28 Dec 1757, while Uriah had several children baptized at Holy Trinity Church in Wilmington DE between the years 1752 and 1764.  After receiving his lease for 450 acres in (then) Berkeley Co., in 1778 Michael subleased 150 acres each to his brother, Uriah BLUE [1.1.3], and to Jacob CONKLING.  Michael presumably lived on the remaining 150 leased acres, which he purchased from Thomas BLACKBURN on 15 Jan 1796.  This land was located in what is now Jefferson Co. WV, about 1.5 miles south of Kearneysville.  In 1812, Michael sold this land to his son, Joel BLUE, for $1.  Michael's wife was Sarah at that time.  The record of Michael's marriage to Martha has not been found, or has been lost to present day researchers.  In 1789 a Michael BLUE m. Ann CLEARY in Berkeley Co., and in 1796 a Michael and Nancy BLEW sold land in Bedford Co. PA.  It is not clear that these records pertain to this Michael BLUE[1.1.2].  Since Ann is usually a middle name, she could be either Sarah Ann or Nancy Ann.* Uriah BLUE (1752-1829), m.1773 Ruth VAN METER? (1755-1819)(C260 calls her Ruth LLOYD, other sources claim she is Ruth TERRY).  Elizabeth BLUE (b.1755), m.1796 Ambrose GRAFTON in Berkeley Co. VA.* Barnabas BLUE (1757-1827), m. Talithacuny "Charity" MARSHALL.* Michael BLUE (1759-1822), m. Amelia Mildred MORGAN.  Mary BLUE (b.1760), m?. Abel BALL/BELL.  Martha BLUE (b.1762)* Joel BLUE (1765-1829), m. Catherine DUKE (d.ca1847).  Hannah BLUE (b.1767)  John M. BLUE (b.1768), m.1790 Margaret DALLINGFORCE.  They reportedly married in Berkeley Co. VA, but no record has been seen by the compiler.  This John has been confused with John BLUE (ca1770-1855)[], who m1.1793 Mary BLUE and m2.1835 Martha PENDLEY.* James H. BLUE (b.1769), m. _____ _____.

References: A7, A8, A153, A455, A456, A482, A528, C7, C8, C14, C61, C78, C79, C157, C260, C443.

Generation 4

4th Generation Families Uriah BLUE (1752-1829), m.1773 Ruth VAN METER? (1755-1819)(C260 calls her Ruth LLOYD, other sources claim she is Ruth TERRY). He was born in VA and she in NJ. He spent his early years in Berkeley Co. VA then, after the Revolution, he applied for 400 acres of land in Providence Twp., Bedford Co. PA. The wheels of government moved slowly even then, for records show that Uriah was on a 1784 tax list for Bedford Co., but he owned no land. He finally received his warrent in 1786 and the land was surveyed in that year. In 1788, Uriah sold this land to James McKinney for £40. By Oct 1789, Uriah was in Nelson Co. KY where he signed a petition and in 1795, in the same county, he signed the marriage bond of his daughter, Elizabeth. Uriah moved to Dutch Station, Staunton Twp., Miami Co. OH, in 1799. In 1802 he received a patent for 120 acres of land in Staunton Twp., Sect. 18, Twp. 1, Range 10. At the same time he was given a patent for 40 acres in the adjacent section to the north, Sect. 13, Twp. 1, Range 11. There is no subsequent record of Uriah or his heirs ever owning the latter piece of land, so it is probable that Uriah never completed its acquisition. They probably lived on Sect. 18 for the rest of their lives. They died in Miami Co. OH and are buried on the Blue farm in Staunton Twp, now called Saunders Cemetery. He was a Revolutionary War veteran, having served with volunteers of the Berkeley Co. VA Militia under Capt. William M. Morgan.* James G. BLUE (1774-1819), m.1799 Mehetible GARRARD (1777-1850).* Michael BLUE (1775-1854), m. Catherine EATON/LENNON (ca1782-1869)(C157 says CLEMENT).* Elizabeth BLUE (1778-1846), m.1795 Noah HARREL (1766-1850).* Sarah BLUE (b.1780), m. James LENON (1777-1857).* Uriah BLUE Jr. (1782-1849), m1.1808 Jane STITE (1789-1819), m2.1820 Margaret (DEWEESE) GERRARD (1797-1840), m3.1843 Charlotte CLARK (b.ca1805).* Barnabas B. BLUE (1785-1820), m.1806 Mary HILLIARD (b.1788). Joseph BLUE (b.1788).* Martha BLUE (b.1790), m.1806 Bennett William LANGLEY (b.ca1776).* Ruth BLUE (b.1793), m.1811 Joseph GOBLE (1786-1868).* Hannah BLUE (1795-1881), m.1813 Hampton WOODRUFF (1790-1864).* John Blackford BLUE (b.1799), m1.1818 Rachel SAYERS, m2.1836 Mrs. Sarah (CAVENDER) MERCER (1809-1855).
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4E Barnabas BLUE (1757-1827), m. Talithacuny "Charity" MARSHALL. He was raised in Berkeley Co. VA and served in the Revolutionary War in Capt. William Morgan's company of Berkeley Co. volunteer militia. His name appears on the 1782/3 Berkeley Co. tax list. After the war, in 1786, he received a warrent for 400 acres of land in Providence Twp., Bedford Co. PA. This land was surveyed in 1791 and patented to Michael BLUE, Barnabas' brother, in 1799. Barnabas was on a 1789 list of inhabitants of Providence Twp. and is listed in the 1790 census of Bedford Co. PA. Barnabas and Michael took part in the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 and were bound "to answer bills of indictment for riot and treasonable acts, setting seditious poles in opposition to the whiskey tariff, to appear at Jan term of Court, 1795". They, and many others, appeared in court as directed, plead guilty and were fined (fines for all ranged between 5 shillings and £15). In 1795 he was in Bourbon Co. KY, where he signed the marriage bond for his niece, Elizabeth BLUE. He remained in Bourbon Co. through 1800 and in 1805 he received two land patents in Miami Co. OH, 200 acres in Sect. 12, Twp. 1, Range 10, and 160 acres in Sect. 28, Twp. 2, Range 11; the first was in Staunton Twp., near his brother Uriah, and the second was in Lost Creek Twp. It is believed that they lived on the Lost Creek Twp. land. Barnabas died in 1827 without a will. His sons, Solomon and Uriah, were administrators of his estate. The estate papers make it clear that Barnabas' father was Michael BLUE of Virginia. This confirms that Michael BLUE [1.1.2] remained in VA, probably Berkeley Co., after his sons moved to PA, KY and OH.* Frederick BLUE (b.ca1774), m. Mary ____ (b.ca1780). Martha "Patsy" BLUE (b.1775). She was an invalid and probably never married.* Uriah BLUE (ca1782-1836), m.1808 Charity KISER (b.1785).* Solomon BLUE (1784-1856), m.1806 Telitha Ann MORRIS (b.ca1785).* Barnabas BLUE (1787-1853), m.1811 Frances (Fanny) DAVIS.* Mary BLUE (prob. d.bef1828), m. Allen R. RALSTON (1771-1850). Esther "Hetty" BLUE, m. Jacob PRICE.
References: A47, A249, C8, C37, C41, C78, C109, C114, C157, C168, C363, C364, C459, C486, C1173. Michael BLUE (1759-1822), m. Amelia "Milla" MORGAN. He was raised in Berkeley Co. VA and served in Capt. William Morgan's militia company, as did his brothers, Uriah and Barnabas. After the Revolution he went to Bedford Co. PA. He may have gone there with his brothers, Uriah and Barnabas, or joined them later. The 1790 census shows Michael in Bedford Co. Bedford Co. militia records indicate that Michael was a lieutenant of the 2nd Battalion in 1793 and a captain of the 7th Co., 2nd Regt. in 1794. He took part in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 (see Barnabas' biography, above), and received the patent for Barnabas' 400 acres in 1799. We have no record of Michael having lived in KY, as did his brothers, but he joined them in Miami Co. OH. He owned land in Staunton Twp., near Uriah, in Sect. 17, Twp. 1, Range 10, and in Sect. 23 of the same Twp. He received patents on these tracts of land in 1813. He sold some of the Sect. 17 land in 1816 to Fielding Lowry. Michael died in Miami Co. OH, where his will was proved 9 Aug 1822. His remaining land was divided among his heirs in 1826, based on a Miami Co. Court of Common Pleas record. Mary BLUE (b.ca1777), m. Levi JONES (ca1770-1850). He was born in Bedford Co. PA and probably died in OH.* Martha BLUE (b. ca1780), m. Benjamin CHANEY Sr. (ca1775-1824).* Susan BLUE (1782-1872), m.1804 Daniel MALOTT (1780-1857).* Michael M. BLUE (1784-1875), m. Nancy Ann CHANEY (1784-1873).* Elizabeth BLUE (1788-1864), m. Thomas BUCK (1790-1863).* Uriah H. BLUE (1791-1857), m.1811 Charity CHANEY, m2. _____ _____. Ruth BLUE (b.1797), m.1819 James McCREA/McCRAY (b.ca1798). She was born in PA and he in Canada. They were married in Miami Co. OH.* John J. BLUE (ca1798-1849), m1.1819 Amy MURPHY (b.ca1802), m2.1842 Mary ROBERTS (b.ca1806). Rebecca BLUE(b.ca1804), m.1822 William CONANT (1787-1858).
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