Abraham Byam

Similar to the presentation of information for George Byam this file is merely a compilation of items and records found regarding this man and his family.  I have not yet taken the time to do any real original research on this family but wanted to present to the reader some interesting itesm found on the Internet for him. 

Chelmsford, Mass. marriages showing Abraham Byam’s marriage to the widow, Sarah Ong

22 Jan. 1689/90

Actual document for the marriage of

Abraham Byam (Biam) and Sarah Ong (widow)

(left page, toward the top)

Record states that they were married in the “eleventh month” but this was probably using the “old calendar”

FamilyTree shows their marriage as 22 Jan. 1689, which was probably adjusted to the “new calendar.”

Sarah Ong was previously married, this was Abraham Byam’s second marriage also.

Abraham Byam

Death record

(middle of right page)

19 Dec 1732

Chelmsford, Mass.

Here's more of the Byam records. By the way, these all came from a really well researched book called "Descendants of George Byam."