Isaac Byam

Isaac Byam

Son of Abrahm and Sarah Byam born 4 Jan 1691

Chelmsford, Mass.

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Marriage of Isaac Byam & Mary Cowdrey

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Date given is 4 April 1725

Chelmsford, Mass.

Isaac Byam’s death record

Mary Cowdrey Byam’s death record

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“Mary Byam, wife of Isaac Byam died May the 4th, 1760”

From the Chelmsford, Mass., vital statistics

Mary Cowdrey Byam was buried in the Forefather’s Burial Ground in Chelmsford. 

No mention of her husband’s, Isaac Byam’s, grave in this cemetery.

The top half of the following page contains some history for Isaac Byam’s family:

Additional contributions from Julie Slagle

I have been disappointed in the lack of hard documents for Mary Cowdery and parents. Lots of families link her to a set of parents, but there are different last names for her mom, and no one seemed to have an original record for her.  I was happy to see the actual documents! So excited. I'm attaching them to ancestry and family search so other people can have it too. It's proof that her parents are named Samuel and Elizabeth, although we still don't know what Elizabeth's maiden name is--most people say Parker, but hopefully we can find some proof there too. Anyhow, I'm pretty excited about this little discovery. Here are the documents, if you want them for your site. Mary's name is on the left side, in the middle--Julie Slagle:

And here's the original marriage record from the Chelmsford, MA town records. He just sent me the chunk with Mary/Isaac names on it, not the whole page, but it's fun to have this--Julie Slagle: