John Byam

John Byam’s military summary from Revolutionary War

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John Byam

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Birth in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts

“John Byam, the son of Isaac Byam and Mary Byam, his wife was born February the 4th, 1730/31”

John Byam and Sarah Blanchard

published their intention to marry in Chelmsford, Mass.

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Record of the marriage of John Byam and Sarah Blanchard

Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts

“12 Sept 1758”

(date is according to the “old calendar” used at that time)

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Here's a copy of Sarah Blanchard's parents marriage record. Their names are William Blanchard and Deliverance Parker. It's on the right side, right under the town name (Groton). They're in fam search, but thought you might like this record for your site. I'm convinced they have her death date wrong, since it's the year she got married, and she has MANY children, so I'm on the hunt for an accurate death date there. 

Here's an old document, kind of hard to read, that lists the Parker's children. The dates don't match up with the birth dates recorded in family search, so I'm hoping to find some more documents on them. I think Deliverance's fam search dates are accurate at least, and we go through her line.