Home and Land Plat


Jesse Nelson Perkins, Sr.

Bountiful, Utah

Primarily from information provided by

Deanna Whetten

The picture above was drawn by Larry Oliver (a descendant of Jesse N. Perkins, Sr.,) and is a depiction of the home built by Jesse in Bountiful, Utah, before their move to Arizona.  This family farm location was near the home of his father, Reuben Perkins and other extended family, and was located near the junction of where the towns of Bountiful, North Salt Lake, and Woods Cross come together and also near the Great Salt Lake.

Jesse & Rhoda Perkins moved to Bountiful shortly after their arrival in Utah and raised their family in this community from about 1850 until their move to southern Utah in August of 1875.  Not long before they were “called” by Brigham Young to move south (April 1875) they purchased additional acreage (as shown below) for a near-by farm.  At this time we don’t have the exact description of their home lot, but it is likely that it would have been very near this additional purchase so that they could farm both parcels conveniently.  Having the map below, we can get a better idea of the general proximity of where there original farm land might have been located.

The plat map and deed given below were provided by Deanna Whetten, a descendant of Jesse Nelson Perkins, Jr. and we are very grateful for her generous contributions.  These documents have been preserved in an old trunk in the Jesse N. Perkins home in Taylor, AZ where they are still located today.

Below is another land record for Jesse N. Perkins, Sr. in Bountiful, UT.