Directions to the Lindsay Ranch

in Towai, New Zealand

Taken from photos, maps and explanations provided by

Loren Nebeker

(Also see the photo, map and home sections of this website for the Lindsay homes and properties, including their New Zealand home.)

Beginning at Whangarei on the North Island of New Zealand, head directly north on Highway #1 (through Kamo, then Hikurangi, and on north to Whakapara).  At this point the highway forks.  Take the left fork in a northwesterly direction through Hukerenui and on to a small town of Towai.   This is the “town” which the Lindsays claimed as the one closest to their home.

In Towai, leave the main road and take a smaller road directly west (somewhat paralleling along the railroad line) for a distance of about two miles.  Not far down this road you cross the railroad tracks and as you approach the “Jordan River” the road bows to the right.  As yo near this bend in the road, there will be a country store and a tavern on the left, and Cyril Going’s Home on the right side of the road.   At this point, just beyond the tavern, there is a small road that heads south (left).  Take this small road.  Just a very short distance down this road, as it makes a bend back toward the west, is the Towai Cemetery where little Gertrude Lindsay lies buried.  At times this cemetery has been completely overgrown with brambles and weeds.  Her grave lies within a wrought iron fence.    

Continuing westerly on this same small road you will soon cross the “Jordan River” and then come to an intersection with “Marlow Road”.  There is a sign post here showing the thee town of Maromaku is 2 miles to the right.  But, turn left (south) on Marlow Road.  This valley is now known as the Maromaku Valley (formerly known as the Rama Rama Valley at the time the Lindsays lived here.)  The Jordan River drains this valley and is crossed by the Marlow Road in various places.  In just a short distance, perhaps about 1 mile, you will see the local LDS Church on the left side of Marlow Road.  Just beyond this church take the first road to the right (a narrow gravel road, back across the Jordan River).  This is called the Goings Road, and leads directly onto the old Lindsay farm.  Continuing on this road you will drive up a hill to where the Lindsay home was located.  The Lindsay farm ran from the Marlow Road (Jordan River) westward up the hill in a long narrow strip.