The following pages contain information related to members of the Nebeker family that has been gathered from many sources, wherever it could be found.  The dates, spellings, and names are often inconsistent, depending on the source of the information.  Some information is also contradictory.  However, the information is presented as it was found in the hopes that it will be useful in its present form to those interested in the Nebeker Family.

The notes begin with the first Nebeker known in America, Hans Nebiker, who lived in Newport Delaware and was married to Mariah Stillie in the Old Swedes Church in Wilmington Delaware on October 30, 1755. It follows the descendents in the order of birth if known and shows the members of each family in order.  It follows the history of the family to about the year 1900, although this is not always consistent.  A previous history of the family, “The Nebeker Family Book” , edited by Shirley Swenson, was published in 1979.  That book covered the history of the families of the five brothers who came to Utah in great detail, so these notes do not cover that portion of the family in much detail. 


Nebeker Notes

Name:        Hans Nebiker 
Number:     0
Spouse:      Maria Stillie
Birth:          Oct. 1727	
Death:        Abt. 1785

Hans Nebiker is the first ancestor of the family who has been located in the United States.  There is no proof that his parents did not come to America before him, but no indication of this has been found.  He first appears in the Church Records of the Old Swedes Church in Wilmington, Delaware when he was married to Maria Stillie on October 30, 1755 by Israel Aerelius1 .  The marriage date is confirmed in Film 0006420, Delaware Marriages, and in the records of the Old Swedes Church.  These records also confirm the name Stillie.  The records show the marriage of John Nebucar and Mary Stilly.  Later, the children were brought to the same church for baptisms.  Family tradition says that he: came from the Black Forest Region, was a political refugee, and was a baron by title.  None of these has been proven.  The Nebiker family resides in Baselland Switzerland near the edge of the Black Forest, and in this time frame many young men unlawfully left Switzerland without permission by sailing down the Rhein River. This family is likely the European source of the Nebeker family in America.  We have recently located two Johannes Nebiker’s in the Eptingen parish records2 that show births at about the time we would expect Hans Nebiker to be born.  Further work is underway to determine if either of these is our ancestor.  In the Nebeker Family Newsletter for May 1, 1996, Raema Hunsaker, who was the family historian at the time, says that Hans was 54 years old at the time the 1782 Delaware state census was taken.  This age corresponds exactly with the birth of Johannes Nebiker of Eptingen Switzerland born in October 1727. There is additional circumstantial evidence that he is our original ancestor.  This evidence includes:

The age from the census data

His sister definitely came to America.  Anna Maria Newiker and her husband, Hans Jacob Schaffner (perhaps Shofner in the United States), a tailor from Eptingen, arrived at Philadelphia on the ship Brothers on 30 Sep 1751.  Hans Jacob was baptized 26 Jan. 1721, and Anna Maria was baptized on 15 Oct 1724.   Their daughter Anna was baptized on 19 Mar 1747, all in Eptingen.  Hans Jacob’s brother also may have come to America.  The people of Eptingen were so glad to see them and their fellow travelers go that they helped pay their emigration tax, an act that incurred the wrath of the government officials when they found out. 

He is one of only two “Hans” in Switzerland found to date of an appropriate age who does not have a death or marriage recorded in Switzerland.

His mother was Margaretha Spittler, corresponding to the Lucas Nebeker statement that  “Grandma’s name was Sitzler.”

Sebastian Mongold was a witness at one of his children’s blessing.  The Mongold name is common in this area. Bastian Mongold and other Swiss emigrants arrived in Philadelphia on 4 Oct. 1751.  

A church census in 1774 shows his father’s widow still living with a son in Eptingen, but Hans, the oldest son, is no longer living at home. 

In spite of this evidence, no record of his travel from Europe to America has been found.  

Hans Nebiker’s name appears in Thomas Scharf’s History of Delaware3 where it states that  “Hans Nebiker lived here (Newport) before the Revolution, his home being near the spring on St. Johns Street.  Of his seven sons, John has always lived ….”  The home shown on the picture pedigree for George Nebeker is located on St. Johns Street and was built in 1734.  The other Nebeker home, where the large buttonwood or sycamore tree was planted in 1803 is on Market Street near the Newport Church. 

The birth date for Hans appears to be the 1727 date listed above.   His death date is also unknown. Dr. Peter Craig says that Hans had died by 1782 based on the birth of Elizabeth in 1774 and John being listed as head of the household in Newport in 1782. (Although this John could really have been Hans.)  The ledger sheet lists his death as “about (probably) 1780”.  He definitely appears to have died prior to August 1794 when his son George refers to his mother as Mariah Justice in his will, implying that his father had died and Maria had remarried.5 He was still alive and living in Newport in 22 May 1765 when land was transferred from him (Hans Nebucar) and Mariah to Elizabeth Garrison at Newport.6  This land is described as “beginning at a corner stake standing on the west side of John Street and on the north side of Ayer street and running by said street south 86 degrees westerly eight perches to a stake by said street then north four degrees westerly eight perches to a stake thence north 86 degrees easterly eight perches to a stake by Johns street thence along said street south four degrees easterly eight perches to first mentioned stake and place of beginning containing 64 perches.”  The property had been obtained two days earlier from Thomas Wallace for 23 pounds five shillings and was sold for the same amount. If the information in the 1782 state census is correct, it appears that he died shortly after that census.  However, the 1790 Reconstructed Census of Delaware7 shows John Nabicor as living in Mill Creek Hundred (Stanton), but it is not clear if this is Hans or John. Since John lived primarily in Newport (Christiana Hundred) this would appear to be Hans even though it is later than the estimated 1782 death date. John Nebeker at Millcreek Hundred appears in tax assessment lists for 1789, 1791, 1792, 1794, 1795, and 1796.  This would appear to be Hans since John typically lived in Newport (Christiana Hundred).   John at Christiana Hundred appears in 1780, 81, 82, 84, 85, 87, 88, 89, 90 and 1791, and 18048, and his estate appears in 1798.  It is possible that both are for John. However, a 1782 census (p 54, 975.1x2r) lists John Nebucar in Christiana Hundred with one male greater than 18 (Hance?), 2 less than 18 (Lucas and William?), three females greater than 18 (Maria and two daughters?) and one female less than 18 (Elizabeth?).  Since John was not married until about this time, he may not have appeared on a census record as a head of household.  This implies Hans may have lived in Christiana Hundred and then later moved to Millcreek Hundred.

The marriage for Hans and Mariah is recorded in the records of the Old Swedes Church in Wilmington, Delaware: October 30, 1755 John Nebucar and Mary Stilly9    One record says he is buried at the Old Swedes Church in Wilmington, but it is more likely that he is buried in an unmarked grave in Newport or Stanton.

It is sometimes claimed that Hans Nebiker was a Revolutionary Soldier, although this would seem to be doubtful.  This claim is made in a list of DAR ancestry entries.10 According to the entry, John Nebucher (who it equates with Hans Nebiker) was a private in the Company of Wm. Robeson on 7 March 1778, as referenced in the Delaware Archives, Military and Navel, Volume 2, page 753. (See below, this appears to be the son John Nebeker.) This article lists John as his son and also a Revolutionary War Soldier.  Marguerite Dice, member No. 295123 is listed as the descendant for membership in the DAR.  It lists his birth date as ca. 1753 and his death date as after 1795.  This seems to confuse Hans with John, so that Marguerite would really not be a descendent of a Revolutionary War soldier.  (See number 9.9).

The Schweizerische Gesellschaft fuer Familienforshcung, Jahrbuch 1976, has an article on Swiss Emigrants in the Palatinate after the 30-yr war.  That article discusses changes in names that occurred as Swiss citizens moved into Germany.  It lists the Nebiker name from Pratteln, Baselland, as equivalent to Newiker.  The possibility that Nebikers from Switzerland moved to the Palatinate and changed the name to Newiker and then came to America needs to be examined.  A Swiss bulletin board lists a Nebiker (Nebigger) as living in Wollbach, Germany.  He came from the Basel area, probably Pratteln.  The relationship between Nebigger and Nebiker also needs to be examined as does the name Newbecker that appears in Pennsylvania, which appears to be descendents of Johan Martin Neubecher, who came to America from Germany about the same time as Hans Nebiker and who was confused with him for many years.


Name:        John Nebuchar
Number:    1
Spouse:     Mary Sennix
Birth:        26 November 1755
Death:      About March 1798

John Nebeker was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, serving with Thomas Duff, colonel, of Newport.  He is listed as John Nebuchar, Private, in Capt. William Robinson’s Company, 1st Battalion of Militia in New Castle County, in March 1778, being between 18 and 21 years of age.11 (Note that at this time he would have been 22 based on the 1755 birth date.)  He was born Nov. 26, 1755 (many sources incorrectly list his birth as 1756) and was baptized in the Old Swedes Church in Wilmington. (Child John, born November 26th, baptized December 7th; parents Hans and Maria Nebuir).9 No sponsors are shown for the baptism. In 1782, John is listed as head of the household in Newport, although as discussed previously this could be his father Hans.  His property was assessed at 6 pounds. In 1816-1817 John is listed as owning12 one house and lot in Newport in tenancy of Mrs. Nebrichar. (This would be his estate since he had already died.)   On May 24, 1794 an article in the Delaware Gazette said that there was a letter remaining at the post office in Wilmington for John Nebeker. John was witness for the will of Robert Robinson of Christiana Hundred who died on Feb. 27, 1787.13 

He was married to Mary Sennix, probably about 1782.4  She was born on June 8, 1760. He died before 12 Mar 1798.14 He was living on May 30, 1797 when George Nebeker made his will since George lists him as a living brother.5 On 12 March 1798, Peter Garritson was granted administration of the estate of John Nebecur.  John is shown on the Reconstructed 1790 census of Delaware in Christiana Hundred as John Nebucar. The 1800 Delaware census shows Mary Nebucar with 1 male under 10, one male 10-16, two females 10-16, one 16-26, and one older than 45.  John is listed as being a yeoman and a butcher. The 1810 census of Delaware lists Mary Nebeker as a resident of Newport.  This could have been his wife Mary since his mother had remarried before this if she was still alive at this time. Mary Nebucker is also listed in the 1820 census of Delaware, but she, as well as other family members, is listed as living in Pencader Hundred.  On April 3, 1786, John and Mary and Jonas Stedham Jr. and his wife Ingeborg petitioned for a division of the farm of the late John Sinnex for the benefit of his widow Anna and their eleven children. John and Jonas were guardians of John Sinnex’s four youngest children and were married to sisters. When John died, his estate was insolvent.  He owned lots with a log house and slaughterhouse that were sold to raise money for his estate.  More information can be found in Dr. Craig’s report and also in various court records that also show maps of the location of his property in Newport.  Interestingly, his brother George did not leave him an inheritance but instead left the inheritance to his son George (Number 1.1).  He did name John as administrator for the money left to the children of his sister Mary Springer.  Any money left over after the balance of the bequeaths was to be shared by John, however. Court records in Newport discuss his estate in detail.  See, for example, film 6541, page 326. 

According to court records, Mary died before 16 Sep 1833.  At that time, Nancy is listed as the widow of Derrickson, Rachel is now the widow of Elijah Massey, and George and Mary Ann reside out of state.  No mention is made of Aquilla who would have been a small child at the time. 

	John Nebucar is listed in the Delaware Tax lists in Christiana Hundred on Dec. 12, 1781,assessed at 6/6. 36 He is also listed in the Nov. 1782 list, but nothing was found on the Dec. 24, 1782 list.  He appears again on the Nov. 24, 1784 list and for 1785, 1787, Sep 1787 and Sep 1788.  The 1789 list shows John Nabior in the Millcreek Hundred and the 1790 list shows John Nebucar in Christiana Hundred.  The 1791 and 1792 lists show him listed in Millcreek Hundred, and the 25 Sept 1791 list shows him in Christiana Hundred.  A John Nebicar is listed in 1794, 1795, and 1796 in Millcreek Hundred.  The 1798 tax list for Christiana Hundred lists John Nebicars estate with a value of $350, and the 1804 tax list for Christiana Hundred list John Nebicars estate with a value of $382 and personal property valued at $16. As discussed earlier, it is difficult to tell which of these are John and which are Hans. 

Extracts from the New Castle County Orphan Court records for 1801 list him as owning the following at his death:
A brick messuage (dwelling house) about 20 feet square one and a half storys high in midling good repair also one frame stable about 18 feet square, annual value 10 pounds.
An old log tenament about 15 by 15 feet one story high in bad repair, annual value 3 pounds.
A frame Building about 18 by 15 feet one story high in purty good repair, annual value 2 pounds. 
He also owned marsh meadow land in Conrads Cripple containing about four acres. Total property was 153 pounds 5 shillings with debts of 63 pounds 2 shilling 6 pence and other debts of 100 pounds.  He owned a slaughter house and land that was sold to discharge the debt. 


Name:        George Nebeker
Number:    1.1
Spouse:      Susannah Meredith
Birth:         1785
Death:        29 Feb. 1852

	George was born in Delaware and died in Illinois. He married Susannah Meredith on 30 Jan 1811 in New Castle County Delaware. She was born on September 26, 1791 in Delaware and died in 1852 in Illinois. Family tradition says he was a surveyor for the government and may have been a supervisor at a cotton mill, but no record of this has been found. On May 20, 1800, he appeared at court and chose Mary Nebuker (his mother) as his guardian since his father had died. (See page 4, film 6548).  In 1816-1817 he owned 4 acres of marsh and livestock in Delaware12.  He is listed in the 1820 census of Delaware as living in Pencader Hundred with four males less than 10, one from 20 to 45, one female less than 10, and one female 16 to 45.  The family left Delaware in 1827 and settled in Ohio and then moved on to Indiana. They are listed in the 1830 census for Reading, Perry County, Ohio.  He is buried in Illinois where he was living with his son at the time of his death. He appears to have joined with the Lucas Nebeker family in the Midwest and probably followed Lucas to that area. He and Susannah are listed as living with Samuel, his son, in the 1850 census of Edgar County, Illinois, as is another son Lewis.

Susannah was born on 26 Sept 1791 and died on 9 May 1851.  Both are buried at the Old Bloomfield (or Wynn) cemetery in Edgar County Illinous as described by John D. Nebeker in his article “The Saga of George Nebeker & Susannah Meredith and their Progeny 1785 et seq” , written in 2002.  Georges’s tombstone says “George, d 27 Feb 1852 age 67 y”.  Susannah’s says “Susannah, wife of W 16 May 1851 39 y 5 m 20 d. “ As noted by John, there were apparently mistakes made in the transcriptions or the tombstones were weathered so badly that they were illegible. Susannah’s should say wife of George, age 54y 5m 20 d.  There is another tombstone reading “Susannah, dau of George d 10 May 1851 3y 5m 20d “.  This person is presently unidentified. 

	On July 1, 1815, Susan Nebeker was examined for baptism and baptized and received into the church at the Welsh Tract Baptist meeting in Pencader Hundred, New Castle County. (p 94, Papers of the Historical Society of Delaware, XLII, 1904) . 

George Nabecker and his family are listed in the 1830 census for Reading, Perry, Ohio, where they apparently were on their way west.  A copy of George’s wedding bond can be found on


Name:        Mary Ann Nebeker
Number:    1.1.1
Spouse:     Aaron Smith
Birth:        20 Feb1812
Death:       26 Oct 1886

Married to Aaron Smith (1809-1884), North Salem, Indiana on 8/18/183128. Born in Delaware on 20 Feb. 181231 and died 26 October 1886 at North Salem, Hendricks, Indiana.  She was the mother of four girls and three boys.  Note that her daughter Bethiah’s husband is listed as Gulley but sometimes in listed as Guffy or McGuffy.  Their children were:

Amanda Smith, born 1833, who married Levi McPherson.  They had two children, Blumer McPherson and Etta who married Tom Morgan. 
Bethiah Smith, b 1840, who married James Guffy, McGuffy, or Gilley.  They had the following children:

	Frank O., b 1866, who married Allie Jones
	Otis, b 1867, who married Mary Telford
	Jessie, b1870, who married Charles Willoughby
	Mayne, b 1879
	Dayne, b 1881, who married Gertrude…
Lawrance, b 1841
Adalman, b1844
Leora, b 1846
Don Carlos, b 1849, who married Martha Boardman.  They had the following children:
Abbie, b 1876
Perry, b 1878, who married Anna Bergener
Ivan, who married Ivy A….
Beulah, who married Hershey What….
Wiley, who married Allee Lee Hay.

Almira Smith, born 1855, who married Jacob Higgins and had the following children:
Nora, b 1876, who married Alden Davey
LeRoy, who married Mabel Howard
	Meth…?, probably unmarried.  


Name: John Nebeker
Number:  1.1.2
Spouse: Lurena Fitzgerald/Mary Woodcock
Birth: 1 Aug 1813
Death: 25 Oct 1886

Utah, Bear Lake, Fort Supply, etc

See the Nebeker Family Book for the history and descendents of John Nebeker.  He was born 1 Aug. 1813 in Newport, Delaware.  He married Lurena Fitzgerald on 25 Oct. 1835 in Reily, Butler, Ohio. They then moved to Vermilion County.31 He may have remained in Butler County after his father moved on to Indiana. 

On 10 May 1848, he claimed the SE1/4SW1/4 Section 33, T21N R12W in Illinois.  Note that this was after he moved to Utah. However, the date is listed as 12/18, 1843 in the Illinois database records.  He owned 520 acres of land north of Danville Ill. Tradition says that Lurena joined the LDS Church in 1842, becoming the first member of the Nebeker family that belonged to that church.  John supposedly went to Nauvoo in the winter of 1845-46 to meet the leadership of the church and was impressed and also joined.  He then returned to his home and with three of his brothers, traveled to Winter Quarters and then on to Utah. On the trip to Utah, he was captain of ten in George B. Wallace’s company of to in Abraham Smoot’s hundred.  They arrived in Salt Lake on Sep 26, 1847.  He was a deputy marshal for Utah Territory and a justice of the peace.  He was called to help build Fort Supply near Fort Bridger Wyoming in 1853.  He was president and captain of the company that went there to build the fort.  He later moved to southern Utah and build a cotton mill there.  He lived in Toquerville where some of his children are buried.  Later he went to Indiana and Illinois on a mission, returning to the place where he had previously lived. He later moved to Laketown, near Bear Lake and served in the Territorial Legislature as a representative of Bear Lake County. He married Mary Woodcock in Salt Lake on 12 Sept. 1854.  He died on 25 Oct 1886.

He was the father of the following children: Their descendents and spouses are listed in the Nebeker  Family Book.

William Perry			Ira				Mary Luella
Aaron				          Ashton			Zettie Mae
Rosella				Samuel
John				          Almira Jane
Prescinda			          Wiley
Laura Lurena			Jacob
Aquilla				Richard (adopted Indian)
Encora Lurena			William Woodcock
Alfred Woodcock		          Sarah Ann
Susannah Adelia		          George Washington


Name:        Aquila Nebeker
Number:     1.1.3
Spouse:     Naomi Wright
Birth:        12 Feb 1815
Death:       10 Feb 1880

Aquila was Born Feb. 12, 1815 in Newport, Delaware and lived at Clinton, Indiana.31 He was supposedly about 14 years old when the family moved west.  Other references say he arrived in Clinton in 1837.  He died on 10 Feb. 1880.32 He grew up in Covington, Fountain County Indiana.  He married Naomi Wright, the widow of John Johnson.  She had a daughter named Serena Johnson who married Hy D. Washburn who became a congressman from Indiana. Aquila was married on 24 May 1838 in Vermillion County Indiana and had eleven children, as noted in the Nebeker Family Book. All children were born in Clinton.  He was a farmer in the Clinton area.  The 1850 census lists Aquila Nebeker, 35 years old, farmer, value of farm $2000, born in Delaware.  Naoma, 34, born in New York, Serena Johnson, 15, born in Indiana, Jasper, 9, Laura 7, Thursey 5, Seymour 3, Mariah, 6/12.  Also living there at that time was William Carson, 18, laborer, born in Ind.  Serena, Jasper, Laura, and Thursey all had attended school within the year. He and his family are also listed in the 1860 census of Vermillion County, Indiana.  He is listed as a farmer with personal property worth $3100 and the balance of his estate worth $8490.  The family consisted of him, Naoma 44 years old, born in NY, Jasper, 18 years old, Laura, 17 years old, Thirza, 14 years old, Semer, 12 years old, Maria, 10 years old, Melissa, 8 years old, Henry, 6 years old, Mattie, 3 years old, and Bird, 1 year old.  All were born in Indiana.  Henry Crone, a 10-year old male, also is listed as living with the family.  He served in the Indiana House of Representatives as a representative of Vermilion County. A brief biography appears in “A biographical Directory of Indiana General Assembly”, Vol 1, 1816-1899, film 1035524, item 5 in the FHL.  This reference also has a brief article on Richard M. Nebeker.  He was master of the Clinton Grange, No. 971, P of H. in 1874.

His obituary says he moved to the Clinton area in 1837 and describes him as a prominent and honored citizen who had many warm friends. He was described as a genial soul, always lively and ready to relate a pleasing anecdote to a crowd.  He was kind and generous hearted and would help anyone who came to him in distress.  He was a man of liberal views and always free to express his sentiments on any topic. Nebeker Street in Clinton is probably names for him. 

A G. Nebeker was Master of the Jerusalem Lodge # 99 of the Free and Accepted Masons in Clinton from 1861 to 1873.


Name:        Serena Johnson Nebeker
Spouse:      Henry Dana Washburn

Born about 1802 (appears to be in error.  A birth date of 1835 is more likely based on census data).  Daughter of Naomi Wright Johnson by a previous marriage at the time Naomi married Aquila Nebeker in Vermillion County Indiana on May 24,1838. Serena married Henry Dana Washburn on December 28, 1854 at Aquila’s home.  He was a general in the Civil War and later represented Indiana in the US Congress.  There is supposedly a picture of General Washburn, Serena, and their daughter taken by the famous Civil War photographer Matthew Brady.  Serena went to Montana on May 10, 1869 with her husband when he was appointed as Surveyor General for Montana Territory.  Her son, Aquila, and daughter Lelia, went with them.  She recorded her impressions of the journey, which have been published.  (See Robert Nebeker files).  Her brother, Seymour, and her sister, Thirza, accompanied her on this trip.  Seymour remained in Montana for a time doing survey work. 

Her daughter Lelia was born Sept 13, 1855, Aquila was born in 1858, and a daughter Zora died in March 1868.  

Henry was a representative in the US House of Representatives for Indiana.  He died Jan. 26, 1871 and is buried in Clinton.  He was promoted to general in the Civil War and led many expeditions in Montana and Wyoming.  Mount Washburn in Yellowstone National Park is named for him. 

Her son Aquila married Mollie I. Martin on 19 June 1883 in Douglas, Illinois.  She was the daughter of John H. Martin and Martha Sullivan.  Aquila is listed in the 1880 census as being a student of medicine living with his brother-in-law, John B. DeMotte in Greencastle, Putnam, Indiana. 

The 1900 census for Clinton Indiana lists Aquila Washburn, born Oct 1858 and Leoria, his wife, born Dec 1868 and a son Henry born Dec. 1883.  He is a physician. 


Name:        Franklin K. Nebeker
Spouse:     None
Birth:        12 Aug 1839
Death:       23 May 1840

Born 12 Aug 1839 and died 23 May 1840 in Clinton, Indiana.


Name:        Jasper Nebeker
Spouse:     None	
Birth:        23 June 1841
Death:       26 Nov 1861

Born 23 June 1841 and died 26 Nov. 1861 at Syracuse, Missouri.  He was a Second Lieutenant in Company C, 18th Indiana Infantry, in the Civil War and died during the war. Note that some sources list him as in the 11th Indiana Infantry. He lived in Clinton and Newport Indiana before the war and may have lived in Putnam County Indiana. The Ancestry. com Civil War Muster Rolls data base lists him as a private in Company K of the 16th Indiana  Infantry where he enlisted on 23 April 1861 and was promoted to a full lieutenant 2nd class on 5 July 1861. He was discharged for promotion on 5 July 1861. On15 July 1861 he received a commission in the 18th Infantry Regiment of Indiana in Company C of the 18th Indiana Infantry where he enlisted as a 2nd Lieutenant and was promoted to a first Lieutenant on 16 Aug 1861.  He was a 1st Lieutenant when he died.  No evidence of the battle could be found when visiting Syracuse in 2002, but a nearby battle is listed in Civil War databases.  His sister Serena’s husband, General Washburn, was commanding officer of the troops at this time. 
The Battle of Little Blue, Missouri was fought on Nov. 26, 1861 near Independence Missouri, but the 7th Kansas Cavalry was supposedly the Union force involved.  Little can be found regarding exactly where and how he died.  

The 18th Regiment marched to Otterville Missouri from September 22 to October 15th, 1861 and saw duty there until January 1862.  The Regiment lost five officers and 68 enlisted men killed and one officer and 130 enlisted men died from disease. 

A gravestone with his name on it supposedly exists in the Clinton, Indiana cemetery. 


Name:        Laura Nebeker
Spouse:     John Q. Washburn
Birth:        20 April 1843
Death:       27 Oct 1928

Born 20 April 1843 in Clinton Indiana. Married John Q. Washburn who served in the Civil War with Jasper.  Mother of Anna Marie Washburn and Dana Nebeker Washburn.  See Robert Nebeker for a picture of her and her daughter. She was married on 1 Oct 1866 in Vermillion County Indiana according to the Indiana marriage data base and died in Oct 1928. The 1880 census lists her husband as J. A. Washburn. She apparently died in El Paso. 

She was the mother of:

Anna Marie Washburn, b 1867

Dana or Dane Nebeker Washburn,  (born 7 April 1870 in Clinton Indiana and died July 24, 1910 in Texas, probably in El Paso) who married Mary Melvina Hazelett on 24 June 1896 and had a son Robert Hazelett,Washburn, b 26 Apr  1897. He was born 7 Apr 1869 in Clinton and died 10 Jul. 1910 in Vermillion County.  


Name:        Thirza Nebeker
Spouse:     Nelson Crooks Anderson
Birth:        20 Sep 1845
Death:       10 Jan 1916

Born 20 Sept. 1845 and married Nelson Crooks Anderson on 5 Nov. 1867.  Mother of Seymour Sheldon Anderson who was born 23 June 1870 and married Florence Ann McWhinney. Listed as Theresa in the 1860 Vermilion County Indiana census. Born in Indiana. Went to Helena Montana Territory in 1869 with her sister Serena Johnson.

Nelson was born 13 Aug 1837 and died 29 May 1909.  He is listed as N. C. Anderson, a merchant living in Clinton, in the 1880 census. Thirza and Seymour were living there also at that time. 


Name:        Seymour Nebeker
Spouse:     Susan Staats
Birth:        18 July 1847
Death:       14 Jan. 1901

Born 18 July 1847 in Clinton and married Susan Staats who was born in 1846 in Indiana.  They were married on 7 Sept. 1876 in Vermillion County Indiana.  He died 14 Jan 1901. He was the father of Edna Nebeker who was a teacher and was born 10 Apr 1878 in Clinton, and Mary Louise Nebeker (1883-1891).  The 1870 census lists him as living in Helena, Montana Territory, and being a 22 year-old civil engineer.  He is living with Henry D. Washburn (See, a lawyer born in Vermont, Thomas Baily, a civil engineer born in Indiana, Benjamin Stone, a messenger born in New York, and Frank March, a civil engineer born in Indiana.  The 1880 census shows his mother, Naomi Wright, age 62, living with them in Clinton. Seymour is listed as a farmer.  In 1900, he was a clothing storeowner in Clinton. A July 1846 birth date is listed. Edna was living with them at that time and is listed as a school teacher.  Susan was born in Nov. 1845.  The 1910 census shows Susan living with Edna N. Livingstone (her daughter) in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Susan is 64, Edna 32.  Susan is a widow at this time.  Susan is still at the same location in the 1920 census. 

Seymour went to Montana with his sister Serena and worked there as a surveyor for awhile.  Edna married Howard Livingston on 20 Aug. 1902 in Vermillion County Indiana.

In 1898, Miss Edna Nebeker of Clinton Indiana received a scholarship valued at $200 to attend Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania.


Name:        Maria Nebeker
Spouse:     Charles Whitcomb
Birth:        19 Dec. 1849
Death:       20 Oct. 1873

Born 19 Dec. 1849 in Clinton and married Charles Whitcomb on 1 June 1871 in Vermillion County Indiana.  Charles apparently remarried after her death, since he is listed in the 1880 census with a wife Emelind and a daughter Birtie.  He is listed as a hardware merchant. He was born about 1859.


Name:        Melissa Almira Nebeker
Spouse:     John Henry Bogart
Birth:        30 June 1852
Death:       6 Oct. 1944

Born 30 June 1852 in Clinton and married John Henry Bogart an MD and friend of Henry. John Henry was born 28 June 1845 and died on 5 Aug. 1923.   They were married on 14 May 1872 in Vermillion County Indiana.  She was the mother of Zona Bogart and Paul Nebeker Bogart.  Melissa Nebeker is listed as a schoolteacher in 1881in room Number 3.  See Robert Nebeker for a picture of her children and their cousins. 

Zona was born 2 Mar 1875 and died in 1962.  She married Dewitte Schaff on 31 Jul 1901. And had they following children:

Paul B. Schaff (b 6 Mar 1905 and died 15 Feb 1975).  He married Sarah Catherine Stulz about 1927. 
Lois Melissa  Schaff, b 1915

Paul N. Bogart was a banker and lawyer, born in Clinton Indian on July 2, 1878 and died 6 Apr 1961.  He married Mabel Emma Brown on Oct. 19, 1904.  Their children were: Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. James S. Royse) and Sarah Isabel, (Mrs. Anthony G. Blake).  Sarah was  born 23 Nov. 1910 and died 13 Jan. 1990.  Anthony was born 5 Oct 1910 at Terre Haute and died 2 Jul. 1981.  They were married on 5 Oct. 1935. Paul is buried in Clinton Indiana.  See Who was Who in America, Vol 4, 1961-1968, p 98, for a biography. 

Mary Elizabeth had the following children:

Anne Royse, b 1932
James S. Royse, b 1936

Sarah Isabel was the mother of Anthony G. Blake Jr, b 1937 and Mary Isabelle Blake, b 1940

Apparently Melisa got into some difficulty of some kind since court records in the Indiana Sentinel for November 18, 1873 report that :
Payson vs. Melisa Nebeker, judgment by default for $312.85


Name:        Henry Nebeker
Spouse:     Mary Ida Wilson
Birth:        16 June 1854
Death:       25 May 1909

Born 16 June 1854 in Clinton, died 25 May 1909 at age 54.  Married Mary Ida Wilson, born about 1858, on 6 Sep 1877 in Parke County, Indiana.  They were the parents of Ray Bassett Nebeker, born 26 June 1878 and died 1 July 1890 and Mark Edmond Nebeker (born 25 January 1885) and a daughter who died the same day (29 Apr 1881). Mark married Edna Newton on 26 Aug 1916 and was an attorney and vice president of the Clinton Electric Power and Light Company.  Henry was an MD.   The Vigo County Indiana Obituary Index for 1921-1966 says Mark died at age 78 as listed in a paper dated 6/18/1963.. His biography incorrectly says that Mark was his only child. The 1880 census shows A. A. Washburn, a nephew, living with them in Clinton as a student in medicine. Ray is listed as Roy B. in that census in Clinton. The 1900 census shows June 1853 as Henry’s birth date and a date of Dec. 1857 as the birth date for Ida. Mark’s birth date is given as Jan. 1885, and he is listed as an iceman. The 1910 census shows Mary Ida living in Clinton and being 52 years old and a widow.  Mark E., 25, is living with her.  She is listed as the mother of three children, one of whom is living.  Mark is listed as a lawyer.  In the 1920 census, Mark E. is listed as being 34 years old and living with his wife, Edna, who is 31.  His mother, Ida, 63, is also living there and is widowed. The 1930 census lists Ida M. as a widow living in Indianapolis.  She married at age 22 and is 60 years old.  Mark is an attorney, in general practice.  Mark died in June 1963. 


Name:         Ray Bassett Nebeker
Spouse:      None
Birth:         26 June 1878
Death:       1 July 1890

Lived in Clinton Indiana. Listed as Ray B. in the 1880 census. 


Name:         Mark Edmond Nebeker
Spouse:      Edna Newton
Birth:          25 Jan. 1885
Death:        June 18, 1963

Born in Clinton and married Edna Newton.  He was an attorney and vice president of the Clinton Electric Power and Light Company.  Mark is listed in the 1920 census as living with Edna and his mother, Ida. In the 1920 census, Mark is 34 and Edna is 31.  Ida lives with them and is 63.  Mark is listed as an attorney in general practice.  Mark and Edna are listed in the 1930 census in Clinton.  He is 45; Edna’s age is crossed out.  Mark married at age 31, Edna at 28.  He is an attorney. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1908 with a degree in law.  They were married on 26 Aug 1916 in Marion County, Indiana.  He was a 1st Lieutenant in the aviation section in World War I.

A picture of him appears in the Indianapolis Star for July 26, 1924.

Mrs. M. E. Nebeker of Clinton Indiana was visiting with Mrs. Bayard Griffith of Boise on July 18, 1920 according to the Idaho Statesman. 


Name:        Myrtle Alma Nebeker
Spouse:     Oscar T. Bassett
Birth:        11/16/1856 
Death:       9/26/1882

Mother of Charles Nebeker Bassett.  Listed as Mattie in the 1860 Vermilion Co, Indiana census. Oscar moved to Ft. Worth Texas in 1874, but she apparently stayed in Indiana where Charles was born.  She died soon after the birth of her son, and Oscar returned to El Paso.  Charles remained with relatives in Indiana but came to El Paso after his father died on 1/3/1898.  Charles was bank president at El Paso.  See Oscar Bassett biography in R. L. Nebeker file.  Myrtle and Oscar were married on 7 Nov. 1876 in Vermillion County Indiana. She and Oscar were married by the Rev. Green at the home of Aquila.

Oscar was born in 1848 and died in 1898 around the 7th of January.  Myrtle is reported to be the first woman graduate of the University of Indiana.  She died of tuberculosis.  Oscar was born in Vermont and orphaned as a young boy.  

Charles was a banker, born in Clinton Indiana on Oct 8, 1880.  He married Myra Giles Powers on July 14, 1915.  They had the following children: Myra Hathaway (Mrs. Hal M. Daugherty, Jr.), was born about 1919 in Texas.  They were the parents of Flora Daugherty Ellis, Barbara Daugherty Tomick, and Hal Daugherty Jr.   Barbara Giles, born about 1921, married Mr. McGovern and had a son Giles McGovern Wasserberger.  Elizabeth Avery, born 1923, married Charles B. Hammond.  Seee the Historical Encyclopedia of Texas. 

 Charles died 10 June 1944 and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in El Paso. See Who was Who in America, Vol. 12, 1943-1950.  He was a member of Beta Theta Pi at Wabash College, 513 West Wabash Ave. in Crawfordsville Indiana. He was involved in sheep and cattle ranching and owned a large ranch in Otero County, NM .  He graduated from Wabash College in 1900.  He built the Basset Tower building in El Paso, a large office building, as a memorial to his father. 


Name:        Anna Nebeker
Spouse:     None
Birth:         4/20/1859
Death:       1859

 Twin to Byrd Aquilla. (, Born in Clinton. 


Name:        Byrd Aquilla Nebeker
Spouse:      Ida Morehead/Katherine Acker
Birth:         4/20/1859 in Clinton, Indiana
Death:       11 Dec 1939

Father of Charles Morehead (born 27 Aug1890), Lemire Morris (Queenie, born 4 Sept 1892), and Eugene Aquila (born Sept. 1, 1894).  Lived in El Paso, Texas. Twin to Anna (  He was a stockholder in the Santa Monica Investment Company in 1905.  C. M Nebeker, his son, was asst. cashier at the State National Bank in El Paso in 1922-1925.  C. N. Bassett (see was vice president.  Ida was the daughter of Charles Robert Morehead and Lemire Morris.  See “Notes on the Southerland, Latham, and Allied Families”. Eugene Aquilla had two children, Eugene Byrd Nebeker and Nancy Elizabeth Nebeker. Byrd is listed as a bookkeeper in the 1880 census, living at Fort Worth. 
The San Jose Mercury News for Nov. 16, 1889 lists a marriage certificate for B. A. Nebeker and Ida Morehead, both of El Paso Texas. 

The 1900 census lists him as living in Santa Monica without a wife.  He is listed as a lumber dealer.  He apparently was associated with the Blinn Lumber Company at this time. Charles M.’s birth date is given as Aug. 1890, born in California.  Lemira M. has a birth date of Sept. 1892, born in California, and Eugene A. is listed as Sept. 1894, also born in California. Their mother was born in Kentucky. Charles M., Lamira, and Eugene A. are also listed in the 1900 census as living with Charles Morehead and his wife Lemore in El Paso, Texas.  These are their grandparents. 

The 1910 census lists Byrd as living in Santa Monica with Catherine his wife, Charles, his son, and Herbert Acker, his stepson .  Byrd is 51, Catherine 40, Charles 19,and Herbert either 11 or 14.  He is again listed as a lumber dealer. Lamira, age 17, and Eugene, 15, are listed with Lemira Morehead in El Paso. 

The 1920 census lists him in Los Angeles with Katherine.  He is 60, she is 51.  He is listed as being in the lumber business.  Eugene A. is listed as being 25, living in Santa Monica, single, and a fruit trucker.

In the 1930 Santa Monica census, Byrd and Kate H. and Charles and Eugene A. are all listed.  Byrd is 70, Charles 39, and Eugene is 35.  Charles is listed as divorced and Eugene is listed as single.  Byrd married when he was 32, Charles when he was 25.  Byrd is listed as a rancher, Charles as a stockbroker, and Eugene as a rancher. Eugene is listed as a bookkeeper in his World War I draft registration card. 

Byrd Aquila Nebeker moved to Santa Monica in 1896 and built his home in 1906 on the northeast corner of Ocen Avenue and Georgina avenue.  It was moved to its present site in 1926. (216 Georgina Ave.)  Pictures of the house are available on the internet and also in the Santa Monica Public Library at the Eugene B. Nebeker collection. 

Charles Morehead Nebeker was born 27 Aug 1870 in California and died 21 Dec., 1957 in Los Angeles.  He married Virginia Walsh, on 17 Nov. 1915 and they had a daughter, Victoria, born 2 June 1917. He was also married to Mary…  Victoria  married Henry Thomas Mudd and William Bayley Coberly. She had five children:  Harvey Seeley Mudd, John Mudd. Henry Thomas Mudd, Victoria Kingston Mudd, and Virginia Bell Mudd.

Virginia Nebeker started the Keystone Pharmacy of El Paso as a new business on March 17, 1922.

Lemire was born in Santa Monica and married Dexter Roundy Mapel Sr on 19 June 1915 in El Paso.  She is buried in Glendale, California She had a son, Dexter Roundy Mapel Jr. 

Eugene Aquila Married Ruth Larkin Young, and they had two children, Nancy Elizabeth Larkin Nebeker and Eugene Byrd Nebeker.  Eugene Byrd married Rose Messina Habel. 

See correspondence from Marpel family in RL Nebeker file. 

Kate was born 20 March 1860 in Paterson N. J.  They were married on 14 Aug. 1904 according to her passport application. 


Name:        Henry Nebeker
Number:    1.1.4
Spouse:     Florence Wood / Ann van Wagoner / Rebecca Heaton
Birth:        1 Feb. 1818
Death:      17 Aug. 1891

Utah, Payson, Fort Lemhi, Muddy River of Nevada, and then Sigurd Utah.  The history and descendents of Henry Nebeker are given in the Nebeker Family Book.  Henry was born 1 Feb. 1818 and died on 17 Aug 1891.  Henry had a twin brother named William who died shortly after birth.  

On 10 May 1848, he claimed the W1/2NW1/4 Section 34, T2N R12W in Illinois.  Note that this was at a time when he was or should have been in Utah.  He was married to Florence Wood of Vermilion County on 20 Aug 1843 by G. W. Riley, minister of the gospel.  She died 27 April 1845 in Edgar County Illinois.  A headstone at the Old Bloomfield cemetery in Edgar County Ill. Reads “Florence, d 18?5 Age 23”.  He left Illinois in the fall of 1846 for Winter Quarters.  He married Ann van Wagoner at Winter Quarters on 4 Jan 1847 and Rebecca Heaton on 22 July 1865. 

Henry moved from Payson to Salem in the fall of 1851 and returned to Payson in the spring of 1852.  He is buried in Sigurd.  In 1855, he moved to Fort Lemhi near Salmon, Idaho as part of the Salmon River Mission.. It appears that his family did not go with him at this time. 

In 1867, He left for a mission to the Muddy River, a small stream located between St. George and Las Vegas.  Both families went with him to that area.  He stayed there for several years until the land was included in Nevada when Nevada joined the union. The settlers had believed they were living in Utah.  Rather than pay taxes to Nevada, the settlers returned to Utah. Henry stayed at Sigurd with Rebecca’s family, and Ann and the older children returned to Payson.  He died in Sigurd at the age of 73. 

He was a farmer, livestock operator, and freighter. As a young boy, he almost died in a drowning accident.  He came to Utah with his brothers in the same pioneer company, and like them, lived near the location of the present West High School until he moved to Payson.  At Payson, he built a school and a stagecoach stop that he operated.  He took a threshing machine to the Nevada area to allow crops to be harvested. He served time in prison for being a polygamist. He was the father of the following children.  Their descendents and spouses are shown in the Nebeker Family Book.

Ann Havens (adopted)	William Henry Havens (adopted)	Mary Ann Havens 
Cush (adopted, Indian)	Ammon				George Washington
Florence			Susannah				Henry Jr.
Samuel Meredith		Jedadiah				Wilford Franklin
Maggie Alberta		Daughter				Frances Maude
Dora Selina			Lovina Heaton	

Henry lived inside the fort at Payson at the corner of Utah Ave. and Second East and also at 1st North and 2nd East.  He built a school in Payson in 1855 at 160 East 1st North. 

Henry is listed in the 1860 census as Hy Nebeker, born in Illinois (error).  He is listed as a farmer living with Ann, Wm H (19), Mary A (16), “Almon” (12),  Geor. W. (9), Florence, (5), Susanna (3), and Hy, (1). 

Ann and Henry Jr. are listed as living in Payson in the 1880 census.  Henry is not listed although Ann lists him as head of household, possibly referring to Henry Jr. 

Henry was convicted of adultery because of being a polygamist and was sentenced to serve time in the Utah State prison. 	See file for legal documents pertaining to this case, which are available on  The Robert Nebeker file also contains a letter of appreciation written to him when he returned to Sigurd after being released.  He was 70 years old at the time of the trial.

Henry also homesteaded for land in the Siguard area when he returned from Nevada. He obtained the SENE of Sec. 11, T23SR2W, N1/2NW of Section 12, and the SWNW of Section 12 in Sevier County on Aug 9, 1889.


Name:        Ammon Nebeker Sr.
Spouse:     Mary Adelma Dixon
Birth:         Feb 29, 1848
Death:       19 Sep 1921

Ammon Nebeker Sr. was born in Salt Lake and moved to Payson with his family inn 1852.  He worked as a freighter and hauled freight through Utah to Nevada and California at the age of 19.  He went with his father to the Muddy River and continued to haul freight in that time period.  At one time, eight mules and two horses were stolen by the Indians and never recovered.  He worked on building the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad in Castle Valley, at one time being in charge of 24 teams.  He also worked as a rancher and was involved in the sheep and cattle business with the Dixon’s, brothers of his wife.  He served as Mayor of Payson and also was involved in other community activities.   He was a soldier in the Black Hawk War in Sevier County from July 3 1865 until August 25, 1865.  In 1911, he bought an interest in the Connor Basin Ranch from his half sister and her husband, Maud and Pete Wall. He continued to live there and in Payson until his death in Rock Springs where he had been taken to the hospital because of prostate problems which occurred while he as at the ranch. 

They were the parents of the following children:

Mary Jane				Ann 
Ammon Jr. 				Aurora
Leo Volmer				Erastus
Alberta			          Claudius

Ammon built the Nebeker home that is still standing in Payson and is located at 4th N and 4th W.  He was mayor of Payson in 1906 and had served as councilman previously.  The Nebeker School or Rock School previously at 289 North Second West was named for him. 

Ammon served in the Blackhawk war in Utah, as a private in Jonathan S. Page’s Company of Cavalry.  He started on July 3 1866 and left on Aug. 25, 1866, serving 1 month and 21 days.  He received $13 per month and a clothing allowance of $3.50 for a total of $48.45. NOTE:  These figures don’t add up. George and Henry Jr. also served in that war 


Name:        William Nebeker
Number:    1.1.5
Spouse:     None
Birth:        1 Feb. 1818
Death:       1818

William was a twin to Henry.  He died in 1818 in Delaware. 


Name:        Washington Nebeker
Number:    1.1.6
Spouse:     Susannah McClain/Emily Douglas
Birth:         25 Jan 1820
Death:       17 Oct 1897

Remained in Illinois. Born in Delaware and died in Mahomet Illinois.  He married Susannah McClain on January 1, 1845.  She was from Harrison County, Kentucky and was born in 1824 and died on 8 July 1852. Her parents were Joseph McClain and Polly Miller. He was the father of six children, as listed in the Nebeker Family Book. 31 He married Emily Douglas on April 15, 1854 in Coles County. Mrs. E. D. Nebeker died about August 28, 1907 age 78 according to the Champaign Daily Gazette of that date.  She, Washington, and Lawrence C are buried in the Northwest Section of the Champaign Co. Ill. Cemetery (Riverside Cemetery).  (See pictures in RL Nebeker file)  Susan, wife of W Nebeker, 8 Jul 1852 appears on a headstone at the Wynn cemetery at Edgar County Ill. 

In 1849, at the time the village was organized, he was elected to the first Board of Trustees of the Village of Paris in Edgar County Illinois.33   He owned land and lots in Paris Ill. and Bloomfield.  He moved to Mahomet Ill around Nov. 1854.  On 1 Sep 1852, he claimed the E ½ of the NW1/4 of Section 27, T16N R12W in Illinois.  He also owned section 16 of Mahomet Township. 

The 1850 census of Edgar County Illinois lists him as a saddler, age 30, born in Newcastle Delaware with property worth $1200.  His family includes at that time included Susanna, age 26, born in Harrison Kentucky, Viola, age 4, born in Edgar County, Izora C, age 2, born in Edgar County.  Mary McClain (Susannah’s mother), age 55, born in Harrison Kentucky is living with them at the time. 

The 1860 Illinois census lists him as being 40 years old, a merchant with real estate worth $1500 and personal property valued at $5630.  His family included Emily, 30, born in Illinois, Viola, 14 born in Illinois, Izora, 12, born in Illinois, Susannah A, 8, born in Illinois Cora A, age 6, (listed as a Female), born in Illinois, Abba, age 4, born in Illinois and Abe, 1/12, born in Illinois. Abe appears to be a mistake for Lawrence C who would have been born about that time. 

The 1870 census lists him as 50 years old, a dry goods merchant born in Delaware with real estate valued at $4000 and personal property valued at $1500. His wife Emily was 40, Izora was 21, Susan 18, Corie A 14, and Abba H was 12.

He served on the Board of Supervisors for Champaign County, Middleton Township in 1864, 65, and 67. He served on the Board of Supervisors for Champaign County, Middleton Township in 1864, 1865, and 1867.  He alos was postmaster of Mahomet for a time and also manufactured tile and had a tile yard. 

The 1880 Mahomet, Champaign, Illinois census lists Washington, 60 years old and a farmer, Emily, 45 years old and a housewife, born in Illinois and parents born in North Carolina, and Abbie, 22 years old, born in Illinois.  He and Susanna had the following children:

Viola, born 1846 married James M Bowen
Izora, married John Nathan Beers
Susannah Almira, born 28 June 1852 in Paris Illinois, died 17 August 1919, married George Washington Davidson on 1 Sep 1872.  They had three children.
Emma, born 1853 (Note inconsistency with date of Mother’s death)

Other children with Emily were:

Corrie Aquilla, born 1855 in Illinois and married to Matilda White
Abba (see above) born 1858 and married to John Stewart
Lawrence C born 28 April 1860 in Mahomet Illinois and died 3 Feb 1861.

He was a member of the committee appointed to get a university built in Champaign County. This later became the University of Illinois at Urbana. 

A headstone at the Old Bloomfield or Wynn cemetery in Paris County Ill where Susannah is buried reads “Edison, Sept 1852 4m.” The identity of this person is not known, but it could be part of his family.  Emily is listed in the 1900 census as living with Corrie Aquilla in Davenport, Iowa. She was still living there in 1905. Washington is listed as living in Davenport Iowa in 1895, age 75, and Emily is listed as being 65.  Carr R (Corrie A), Matilda, Viola, Milo, and “Hayar” also are listed. 

Washington was made guardian of Mary Jane Nigh (possibly Nye) on 31 May 1860 and of Sarah A. Slater on 13 Nov. 1863.  The relationship to these girls has not been established. 

Pictures of the graves of Washington and his family can be seen in photographs in my file.


Name:        Viola Nebeker
Spouse:     James M. Bowen
Birth:        1846

They were the parents of Lawrence Elmer Bowen and Viola Nebeker Bowen.  Viola and James were married on 13 Aug. 1868 in Champaign Illinois. 


Name:        Izora C. Nebeker
Spouse:     John Nathan Beers
Birth:        14 Aug. 1849
Death:        2 Nov. 1928
Izora was married on Jan. 13, 1875.  They had the following children:

Susan G Beers (1877-1960)
Charles Beer (1880-1886)
Harry Beers (1884-1884, nine months old at the time of death)
Harry C. Beers (22 Aug. 1888-20 Sept 1935) who married Delia Lottie Nebeker, daughter of John Nebeker,

Harry C. Beers met Lottie Nebeker of Logan while they were attending the USAC (now USU) in 1913. They had no children.  

Izora is buried in the Riverside Cemetery, NW Section , at Champaign County, Ill.  Susan G. Beers is also buried in the same cemetery.  John Beers was buried on 9 Mar 1935. 


Name:        Susanna Almira Nebeker
Spouse:     George Washington Davidson
Birth:         28 June 1852
Death:        17 Aug 1919

Born in Paris Illinois and married on 1 Sep 1872 in Mahomet Ill.  They were the parents of Viola Davidson, (b 1877), Roy N. Davidson (1879-1935), and Thomas Meredith Davidson (b 13 Dec 1883 in Champaign Ill) who married Norma Catherine Love and had a daughter Catherine Coulter Davidson. 

Her obituary and picture are in the August 20, 1919 paper page 11 of the Champaign Daily News.  

G. W. Davidson was born June 6, 1851 in London, Ohio and died Nov. 26, 1914.  Roy N. (sometimes Al) Davidson was born 7 Jan 1879 in Mahomet. George is listed as a stock dealer in Champaign in 1880.  Roy moved to Arizona and was a member of the territorial legislature there in 1907-1908.  He died sometime after 1935.

Viola may have died before her parents since she is not mentioned in any of their estate records.  These records mention only the two sons.  

Susanna Almira lived at 1217 W Park Ave. in Champaign at the time of her death and is buried at the Riverside Cemetery in Mahomet. 

Thomas Meredith Davidson received a BS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois. 


Name:        Emma Nebeker
Birth:         1853


Name:        Corrie Aquilla Nebeker
Spouse:     Matilda H. White (Tillie)
Birth:         July 1855 

Married to Matilda H. White on Dec. 6, 1876 in Rock Island County.  She was born in 1854 in New York.  They had a son, Hagar or Hugar (Hugar in his draft registration card) Layton John, who married Gertrude Elizabeth McGreger, a daughter, Viola, born in 1877 in Illinois and a son Milo, born on 23 June 1879 in Illinois. Milo married Margaret Kinkaid, and they had a son named Howard Kenneth Nebeker, born in Davenport Iowa on 10 May 1905. Milo apparently died young and Margaret remarried Samuel Newman (see below). Howard died in June 1970 and lived in Wisconsin. Corrie is listed in the 1880 census as editor (Rep. paper) as Cora A. and living in Mahomet Ill. 

The 1900 census for Davenport Iowa lists him as born in Illinois in July 1855 and Matilda’s birth is listed as May 1853.  Viola was born in Oct. 1877, Milo in June 1879, and Hagar in Jan. 1882. Emily, his mother, born in Oct 1828 in Illinois, is living with them.  All children were born in Illinois.  Corrie is listed as an insurance salesman.  

In 1910, he was living in Milwaukee, living with Matilda and Viola, 32.  Margaret, a daughter in law, age 24, and Howard Kenneth, a 4-year-old grandson is also living there.  Margaret is a widow, born in Iowa, and Howard Kenneth also was born in Iowa.  Corrie is again listed as an insurance salesman.  Hugar, listed as Hugo, and Gertrude are living in Davenport with Gertrude’s mother and her children.  Hugo is listed as 33, and Gertrude is listed as 24. Note that this age doesn’t agree with the birth date given in 1900.  Hugo is listed as a dry goods store Department Manager, and Gertrude is a saleslady in a store. 

In 1920, Corrie is listed as living in Los Angeles with Matilda A.  She is 66; he is 65.  He is employed as a gateman at a packing plant.  Howard Nebeker is listed in the 1920 census for Milwaukee as a stepson to Samuel Newman and Margaret.  He is 14; Margaret is 36. 

Howard K is listed in the 1930 census in Chicago, age 27, married at age 21, born in Iowa.  He is a life insurance representative. Hugar L., age 45, his daughter Eileen G, age 15, and Corrie A., his father lived in Pasadena in 1930.

Hugar Layton was born 1 Jan. 1882 in Ill., and died 24 Dec 1954 in Los Angeles. Matilda Nebeker died 15 Mar 1914 in Camden, Indiana, age 52. Hugar L. J. is listed as a manager in the 1916 Chicago city directory, working for  the Animategraph Co. 

Milo and Margaret are listed as living at 225 W 16th in Scott County Iowa (Davenport) in 1905. Corrie Aquilla, Matilda, Viola and Hugar were living at 333 E 14th in Davenport at the same time. Milo died on 21 Feb 1906 in Milwaukee. 


Name:        Abbie or Abba H. Nebeker
Spouse:     John A. Stewart
Birth:        1858

They were parents of Malen or Malcolm Stewart. She was born in Illinois and was married on June 3, 1893.

She was assistant state Sunday school missionary for the Baptist Church in Indiana.  

Newspapers list her name occasionally in the midwest:

Abbie Nebeker was in Winnebago County, Oshkosh Wisconsin in Sept 1890 to work on the Sunday School Program.

Miss A. H. Nebeker of Champaign Illinois mentioned in Decatur Ill. Newspaper.

Miss Abbie Nebeker of Indianapolis, aunt of Elmer Bower, was in the city (Decatur Ill.) on her way to Quincy.  Miss N is Assistant State Sunday School Missionary for the Baptist Church and makes a specialty of kindergarten instruction. (April 20, 1888 Decatur Daily Republican). –Note that her sister, Viola, is listed as married to James M. Bowen and that they have a son Lawrence Elmer who would be her nephew.  

Her son Malcolm was a World War I flying ace and an electrical engineer at Chanute Field in Rantoul, Ill.  Lieut. Malcolm Nebeker Stewart took his Air Services Examining Board test on July 20, 1920 at Scott Field in Illinois according to the Belleview News Democrat of that date.

She is listed in the 1880 census as living with her parents in Mahomet. 

She was married on June 3, 1893.  Abbie M. Stewart (Abbie M. Nebeker) born about 1869 (Note difference) wife of John A. Stewart, daughter of Washington Nebeker and Emily Douglas, was living in Scott County Iowa in 1925. 

References to Abe Nebeker in the census are probably errors where Abbie or Abba is meant. 


Name:        Lawrence C. Nebeker
Birth:        28 April 1860
Death:       3 Feb 1861

Born in Mahomet Illinois and buried in the NW Section of the Champaign County Illinois Riverside Cemetery.  


Name:        Peter Nebeker
Number:     1.1.7
Spouse:     Elizabeth Davis/Mary Maria Davis/ Elizabeth Knatt
Birth:        24 Aug 1822
Death:       25 May 1885

Came to Utah with the Mormon pioneers.  Lived from 24 Aug 1822 until 1885. Married to Elizabeth Davis.  The history and descendents of Peter Nebeker are given in the Nebeker Family Book.  He was born in Newport and moved west with his parents.  After coming to Utah, he was chosen to return to the east to guide others across the plains to Utah.  He served two missions for the Mormon Church, including one to England.  He later lived on a farm near Willard Utah.  

His children were: 

Susannah Elizabeth				Peter Alma
Mary Maria					          Olive Davis
Thurza						Brigham
Reuben					          Jasper
Naomi						Luella Elmira
Chloe						          Alfreda
George Washington


Name:        Samuel A. Nebeker
Number:    1.1.8
Spouse:     Permelia Jane Wilson
Birth:        19 Feb 1823/24
Death:       6 Nov. 1881

Moved from the Midwest to Oregon and then to California where he died. Married to Permelia Jane Wilson of Lexington Kentucky on 12 Sep 1847 by W. Thompson, Justice of the Peace. She was born on 27 Sep 1829 and died on 17 April 1901.  She is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery at Oakland CA.  Moved to Oregon in 1852.  In 1870, they moved to California.  He and his family are listed in the 1850 Edgar County Illinois census, District 19.  His wife and his daughter Mary (one month old) lived there at that time.  His father, mother, and brother, George, age 65, Susannah, age 59, and Lewis, a laborer, age 25, are listed as living with him at that time.  He is listed as a farmer, with property worth $1000.  George is listed as having property worth $300, and Lewis is listed as a laborer with property worth $700. Samuel bought the family farm in Edgar after his father died and later sold it in 20 Mar 1852 when he was preparing to go west.

The 1860 census lists Samuel A. 37, a farmer, and Melia J., 30.  A 2-year old daughter, Orilda S. is also listed.  The 1880 census for the Coast Fork Precinct of Oregon lists an 1823 birth, with an occupation of farmer. Living in Adin, Modoc.  In 1900, Permelia is living with Norah and James Potter (see in Alameda. 

On Nov 1, 1849, he applied for 80 acres of land in Illinois (the W1/2NE1/4 of Section 17, T16NR12W) for $100.  On 30 Nov 1889, he and Permelia bought 320.4 acres of land in Lincoln County Oregon, and on 15 July 1878 he bought land in Modoc County California in T39NR90E, Sections 20 and 21. . 

Samuel was a leader of a wagon train to Oregon in 1852 with 12 families.  Permelia’s mother and sister started with them but died along the way. They arrived in the Willamette Valley in Oct. 1852 and owned 320 acres of land, as noted above. He moved to California in 1869 with Adin McDowell. He and his wife, three sons, and four daughters were among the first settlers in Adin, Modoc County, arriving on April 15, 1869.  McDowell’s owned the land south of the Pet River, and Samuel owned land on the north side.  He operated Adin’s first hotel and livery stable.

The 1885 directory for Modoc County lists the following residents of Adin:

Jasper Nebeker, teamster
George Nebeker, stock raiser
Mrs. E F Nebeker, Roseberry, Harvey and Co. 

He died and is buried in Adin, in the Pioneer cemetery.  According to his tombstone, he was born in 1823 and died 6 Nov. 1881 and was the first settler of Adin, California.


Name:        Mary Nebeker
Birth:         abt 1850

Born in Illinois and buried in the Old Bloomfield or Wynn Cemetery in Edgar County.  “Mary dau of Samuel and Permell”. 


Name:        Nancy Ellen Nebeker
Spouse:     Samuel T. Rock
Birth:        1852

Married on May 13, 1869 in Shasta County California according to the Shasta County marriages database.41  
Samuel was born in 1852 in Virginia. 

They had three children, Mattie L., George A., and Frank T. 

Mattie was born in 1874 in California.  She married Frank L. Bosley.  George Allen was born 27 June 1876 in California and died 6 Feb. 1959 in Santa Cruz. Frank T. was born in 1879 in California.  

Nancy and Samuel lived in Big Valley, Lassen, California in 1880 where he is listed as a sheep raiser. 

In 1920, Crescent Nebeker (see lived with Mattie and her husband Frank L. Bosley in Tehama, California. 


Name:        John Rudolph Nebeker
Spouse:     Rosa Susie Towell
Birth:        1855

Born in Willamette, Oregon and married in Modoc County, California.  A Rosa Nebeker, born about 1859 in California is listed in the Fort Bidwell California 1880 census.  She is married and listed as a sister in law to W. J. Gaby, who she is living with.  The 1880 census also shows J. K, Nebeker, b 1855 in Oregon, butcher, living in Belleville, Nevada.  His father was born in Illinois, his mother in Kentucky.  He is listed as married. This would appear to be John Rudolf. 

He is listed as John, 6, in the 1860 census. 

Olive Eastman Towell, b 25 Apr. 1889 in California and died 20 Jan. 1949 in Santa Clara CA listed her mother’s maiden name as Nebeker. 


Name:        Almira Nebeker
Spouse:     Montgomery Aubel
Birth:        Apr. 1856

She was born in Willamette Valley, Oregon.  Montgomery was born on 28 Mar. 1848 in Syracuse, Onandaga County, New York. They were married on 7 Oct. 1874 in Adin, CA.  He died on 11 Nov. 1915.  

They were parents of Charles D. Auble (b Dec 1875), Bertha Auble (b 1877), Etta M. Auble (b 1878), Maud Auble (b 1879), and Errol M. Auble.

She is listed as Almira, age 4, in 1860.  Montgomery is listed as a farmer in Providence, Lassen County, California in 1880.  Almira is listed in that census as Elmira Aubel.  

Errol M. Auble was born 27 May 1887 and died 1 Sep. 1963 California. 


Name:        Susannah Orilda Nebeker
Spouse:     Thomas L. Barnes
Birth:        3 June 1858
Death:       8 Dec. 1942

Married on Sep 22, 1873 in Siskiyou County California- See San Francisco Daily Morning Call of 19 Oct. 1873.  Born in Willamette Valley, Oregon. They were the parents of Roy A. Barnes, Guy Barnes, and Rettie M. Barnes. 

Roy A. was born in 1879 in Adin, CA.  

Susannah is listed as Susie Barnes in the 1880 census. 

Thomas was born in 1847 in Illinois.  He is listed as a butler in the 1880 census. 

Susan N. Barnes died in San Juaquin, CA

Orilda is listed with Samuel as two years old in the 1860 census for Coast Fork, Oregon.  This appears to be Susannah O. 


Name:        George Carson Nebeker
Spouse:     Elizabeth Price
Birth:        about 1861

Born in Oregon. Married on 25 Jan. 1898.  Elizabeth was born in July 1870.  Listed as a stock raiser living in Adin in the 1885 directory for Modoc County, California.  George and Elizabeth were the parents of:

Crescent Ruth, born 30 Apr. 1904 in CA and died 11 May 1989 in Shasta CA., married …Roush

George Harold. was born 6 Dec. 1906 in Los Angeles and died 18 Nov. 1981 in San Diego. He married Paulina Benson, and they had a daughter named Georgine. 

Ella L. born 16 Feb 1909 in Kern Co., CA..

Paulina Nebeker, born 12 Oct. 1917 died in Apr. 1992.

Carson Nebeker, 19, is living with his father in 1880 in Adin, according to the 1880 census. 

George C. is listed in the 1900 census in Kern, CA with his wife. Lizzie.  His birth is given as Jan. 1871 in Oregon.  Lizzie was born in July 1870 in California.  George's occupation is listed as a miner (gold).

He is listed in the 1910 census in Kern, CA as being 49 years old and Elizabeth is listed as 38.  They have been married 12 years. 

He is listed in the 1920 census as living in Oakland and being a painter. 

In 1920, Crescent was living with Mattie E and Frank Bosley, in Tehama, CA.  (See She was 15, Mattie was 55. 

Cresent Ruth Roush, b 30 Apr. 1904, died 11 May 1989 in Shasta, CA. 


Name:        Jasper Wilson Nebeker
Spouse:     Emma Summers
Birth:        June 1863
Death:       4 Oct. 1915

Born in Willamette, Oregon.  Lived in Modoc, Lassen County in 1891, 1903, and 1906.  Emma appears in 1906 in Modoc. They were married on 22 May 1887 in Modoc. They had the following children:

Aela Gladys Nebeker   (b 4 April 1888, died 5 May1913)
Vita Irene Nebeker    (b14 April 1890, died 1968)
Wanda Mae Nebeker   (b 12 Feb1892 in Modoc), married Gary R. Moss
Carson L. Nebeker   (b 9 July 1894, died Feb 1974 in San Diego.  Married Lucey ….or Lorina.  They had a daughter named Thrilma or Tilma and one named Phyllis. . 
Eunice M. Nebeker   (b 9 June 1896 in Adin, died 1 Aug 1987 in Sacramento) Married Ogden Myers.
Nola B. Nebeker (Nora) Aug 1898.  Married Le Roy Nett and had a son Donald, born 28 Oct. 1917 in Lassen County. 
Volmer, about 1902
Genevieve Nebeker   (b 26 Sep 1904, died 11 June 1982 in Lassen
Marjorie Retta Nebeker   (b 26 June 1909 in Adin, died 4 Jan. 1996 in Placerville)
Maxine,  born 28 Oct. 1911 in Modoc County, CA

Jasper Nebeker is listed as a teamster living in Adin in the 1885 directory for Modoc County.

A Mrs. E. F. Nebeker (his wife?) is listed as working for Roseberry, Harvey and Company in the same directory.  

He and Emma purchased land in 1891, 1903, and 1906 in T38R80E, Section 12, T43NR80E, Sec2, T39 NR90E section 8, and T43NR80E Sections 10 and 11. 

Jasper is listed as living in Modoc with his father in the 1880 census.  

Carson L. is listed in the 1900 census as is Wnis(Eunice) M and Nora B.  Eunices’s birth is given as Sept. 1896 and Nora’s as Aug. 1898.  All were born in California, as was their mother. 

Jasper is listed in the 1910 census for Modoc and is 48 years old.  Emma is 42, Wanda 18, Lawrence (Carson L?) is 15, Unis 13, Elnora 10, Volmer, 6 , Jenevive 5, Retta 11/12.
Jasper is a farmer.

Vollmer is listed in the 1920 census at Big Valley. Lassen, CA as 16 years old, living with Wanda and Gary R. Moss as a brother-in –law.  Maxcine Nebeker, 8, sister- in- law 
is listed in Sacramento living with Eunice and Ogden Myers.  Laurence C., 24, lives in Clatsop Oregon with his wife Luce, 22, and daughter Tillma age 3 years 8 months.  He is a truck driver in a lumber mill. Genevie F, his sister, lives with them. Rita M lives with LeRoy Nett and Nor B, his wife next door where she is listed as a sister in law.  LeRoy  and Nora have a son Donald, 2 years, 4 months old. Rita M. is 11, Nor B. is 21. 

In 1930, Carson L. is in Fresno with his wife Lorina, 33, and Thrilma, 13 and Phyllis age 7.  He is a technician at a sawmill and she is a clerk at a soda fountain.  He is 35. Phyllis was born on 24 Jul 1922.  Her mother’s maiden name was Nett. 


Name:        Laura Jane Nebeker
Spouse:     Charles Hamblin Cutter/Ross House
Birth:         4 Sept 1865
Death:        24 Oct. 1947
Born in Oregon and married in 1884 in California.

Her children were:

Charles Hamblin Cutter, Jr., born April 1886 in California. 
Olive Eastman Cutter was born 25 April 1889 in Calilfornia and died 20 Jan. 1949 in Santa Clara.
Laura Jane Cutter was born 10 May 1892 and died 27 Aug 1955 in Alameda Ca. 
Lola Cutter (Fuller), b. 5 Oct 1892 died 27 Aug. 1955 in Alameda.  She was born in CA. 

Charles Hamblin Cutter was a lawyer in Adin, born in Maine in Oct 1852.  He is listed in the 1880 census. 

Laura Jane is listed as being 15 years old in the 1880 census and living with her parents in Adin. 


Name:        Mary Etta Nebeker
Spouse:     Charles Everett Mooers
Birth:        1868

Born in Oregon.  Charles Mooers was born about 1864 in Willamette, Oregon.  He is listed as being 12 years old in the 1880 census. 

Darrell Douglas Mooers, their son, was born 11 Mar 1907 in California and died 22 Apr 1985 in Contra Costa, CA.

Meredith M. Mooers, born 2 Aug. 1894 and died 30 Sep. 1947 in San Francisco was their daughter. 


Name:        Frank Orlando Nebeker
Spouse:      Ellen Majord Hamilton
Birth:         Aug 1870

Born in Adin, California and married about 1904.  They had the following children:

Winston Nebeker, b 1905
Dudley H. Nebeker, b 29 Jan 1907 in Oakland and died 14 April 1987 in Alameda. 
Jeanne Elizabeth Nebeker b 5 Jul.1910 in Alameda and died 4 June 1994 in Lafayette, California.

Frank O. is listed in Adin in the 1880 census.

In the 1900 census, he is listed as living with his sister Norah. (See and her husband and his mother. A birth date of Aug. 1871 is given for him, with the birth place given as Oregon.  He is listed as a manager, electrician, railroad, in the census.

He is listed in the 1920 census for Alameda, California.  Elenor F is also listed along with Dudley and Jean.  He is 49, Ellen is 42, Dudley 12, and Jean is 9.  He is listed as an attorney in general practice. 

He is listed in the 1930 census with his wife Ellen M and his daughter Jeanne.  He is an attorney. 


Name:        Eleanor Mae Nebeker
Spouse:      James L. Potter
Birth:         1874 
Born in Adin California, sometimes listed as Nora.  She was married in May 1899.  They had the following children:

Dorothy, b 24 Dec 1904, (possible date error) died 19 Jan 1958
Donald James , b 11 Mar1907, died 1 June 1983

Both children were born in California. 

See James L. Potter biography in “Past and Present of Alameda County, California”

James was born in Aug 1867 in Maine.

Nora is listed as Norah, 6 years old, living in Adin in the 1880 census.  Her family is listed in Alameda California in the 1900 census.  Permelia is living with them at that time. 

Donald James died 24 June 1983 in Alameda CA.

Dorothy Potter Weiking b 24 Dec 1901 died 19 Jan. 1958 in Alameda.


Name:        Lewis Nebeker
Number     1.1.9
Spouse:     Catherine White Thomas/Nancy Maria Gardner
Birth:        Jan 5, 1825
Death:       Feb 12, 1894

Utah.  Born on January 5, 1825 or 26 in Newport and died February 12, 1894.  Married to Catherine Thomas on December 21, 1851 and later divorced.  He married Nancy Maria Gardner on 5 Nov. 1853.  On his way to Oregon, he stopped at Salt Lake and remained there.  The history and descendents of Lewis Nebeker are listed in the Nebeker Family Book.31 

Lewis was born in Delaware, and after his brothers left for Utah, he decided to go to Oregon.  He stopped in Salt Lake on the way and stayed there.  He later moved to Payson and also Cedar Fort.  He was the father of the following children:

Lewis Monroe Nebeker
Catherine Cyrena Nebeker
Lewis Elias Nebeker
Don Carlos Nebeker
Adelmon Nebeker
John Henry Nebeker
Nancy Almira Nebeker
LeNora Nebeker

The spouses and children of these people can be found along with their histories in the Nebeker Family Book. 


Name:        George Nebeker
Number:    1.1.10
Spouse:      Elizabeth Dilworth/Maria Louisa Dilworth
Birth:         22 Jan 1827
Death:        2 Dec 1886

Came to Utah. He was born on 22 Jan 1827 and died 2 Dec 1886. The history and descendents of George Nebeker are given in the Nebeker Family Book.31 Served as missionary to Hawaii and obtained much of the land there for the LDS Church.  He was married to Elizabeth Dilworth and Maria Louisa Dilworth.  He was a missionary for the Mormon Church in the White and Elk Mountain areas of southern Utah and also lived in the Carson City Nevada area.  He later went to the Hawaiian Islands for the church, leaving in 1864.  He returned to Hawaii in May 1865 after traveling from Salt Lake to San Francisco. He was responsible for buying land in Hawaii that the LDS church still owns.  The land was bought so that food could be sent home to Utah and also so that the natives would have a paying job. They raised cotton, rice, corn, and sugar cane.  He spent ten years in Hawaii, and two of his children were born there. He was the father of the following children:

Ida Elizabeth Nebeker					William George Nebeker
George Dilworth Nebeker				Elizabeth Dilworth Nebeker
John Leonard Nebeker				          Ella Maria Nebeker
Maria Louise Nebeker					Marcellus Leonard Nebeker
Aurelia Nebeker					          Walter Dilworth Nebeker
Anna Mary Nebeker					Albert Lucas Nebeker
Elizabeth Dilworth Nebeker
Martha Luella Nebeker
Vilate Kimball Nebeker
Ernest Elwood Nebeker
Byron Dilworth Nebeker

More on the history of this family is given in the Nebeker Family Book. 


Name:        Jacob Nebeker
Number:    1.1.11
Spouse:      None
Birth:         23 Jan 1829
Death:       1829

Jacob and his twin Susannah were born on 23 Jan. 1829 in Newport, Delaware.  They died in 1829.31


Name:        Susannah Nebeker
Number:    1.1.12
Spouse:      None
Birth:         23 Jan 1829
Death:       1829

Twin to Jacob born on 23 Jan. 1829 in Newport, Delaware.  She died in 1829, probably on the same day she was born.  


Name:        Almira Nebeker
Number:    1.1.13
Spouse:     William J. Hodge
Birth:         3 Jan 1831
Death:       5 Apr 1922

Married to William Hodge of Paris, Ill. on 13 Feb 1853.  He died between 1870 and 1880.
She was born on 3 Jan 1831 (Note that 1851 date in Nebeker Family book appears to be in error) at Covington, Fountain County Indiana.  Listed in 1880 census of Illinois.  Died 5 April 1922 in Paris, Edgar, Illinois.31    See the Nebeker Family Book for additional information and descendents.  The Nebeker Family article in the Utah Genealogical Society Magazine lists her birth date as April 4, 1825; Terry record shows 2 May 1830. She is listed as having been born in 1831 and died in 1922 in “Edgar County Illinois Deaths and some Burials, 1877-1925”, available at the family history center in Salt Lake. 

They were parents of:

Bernard W. Hodge, b 1854 and married Francis LeGore
Charles H. Hodge, 1856-1904, married Jessie Curl
Hugar L. Hodge. 1859-1920, married Alma Blanche Culbertson
Child born 1862, died 5 Dec 1862
Child born 1866, died 17 June 1866

More on the history of this family can be found in the Nebeker Family Book. 

Bernard is listed as an express messenger living with his mother in Paris Illinois in 1880.  She is listed as Elmira and widowed. The census lists her date of birth as 1831.  Charles also is listed as an express messenger.  Hugar L. is listed as a clerk in a store.  All lived with their mother. 


Name:        John Nebeker
Number:    1.2
Spouse:     Unknown, possibly… Walmsley 
Birth:        Abt. 1791

John lived in Richmond Virginia.  Mary Ann, his only child, married John M. Nebeker of Newport. 15  See Number 5.6.  The Orphans Court records of John Nebeker (Father) in Newcastle county show that this John Nebeker was alive in 1798 when his father died but that he died shortly thereafter, certainly before 19 Aug. 1824.  Mary Ann (See Number 1.2.1) was his only surviving child.  The 1791 birth date is from an internet site on Roots Web and also from the IGI. A marriage date of 1812 in Wilmington is sometimes given. 


Name:        Mary Ann Nebeker
Number:    1.2.1
Spouse:     John M. Nebeker (See 5.6)
Birth:         abt 1823 

Supposedly born about 1823 in Richmond, Virginia according to the 1880 census and married John M. Nebeker of Newport.15    See 5.6.  She was the only surviving child of the family according to the Court Records of the Orphans’ Court of Newcastle County Delaware when the John Nebeker Senior property was being divided up. These court records list her as living out of state in 1833, where she was apparently still living in the Richmond, VA area.  She was married about 1843.


Name:        Ann (Nancy) Nebeker
Number     1.3
Spouse:     John Derrickson/Jonas or Joseph Derrickson
Birth:        1795

Ann married John Derrickson and later Joseph or Jonas Derrickson. 15  Their children were John Jr., Katie, born 1814, Mary Ann, born 1816, Elizabeth, born 1820 and Deborah, born 1820.  Note the inconsistent birth date for her when compared to her brother Aquilla.  One of the Derricksons died prior to 24 Feb. 1834. 


Name:        Aquila Nebeker
Number:    1.4
Spouse:     Mary Allen
Birth:        17 January 1795
Death:      17 Aug 1846

Arquilla Nebeker was born January 17, 1795 and baptized January 20, 1799.  His parents were listed as John and Mary Nebecker. 9His tombstone shows a death date of August 17th, 1846 in the 54th year of his age, corresponding to a birth date of about 1792.23 His obituary says he died in Stanton on Sunday last, August 19, 1846 aged about 55. (See Delaware Gazette, August 21, 1846). He was married to Mary Allen in 1820 and she was later married to Abraham Boys on 21 December 1854.17  He is buried at the St. James church in Stanton, Delaware.  Abraham Boys was the brother-in-law of Aquilla’s cousin, Mary Stidham.16 (Elizabeth Nebeker married Capt. Jonas Stidham, and they had a daughter named Mary who married John Boys). The following notes were transcribed from the Old Treasurer’s book and sent to Robert Nebeker (from the Stanton Church): 1: Aquila Nebeker for breaking ground for son John-$3.00, February 12, 1845. 2: Aquila Nebeker cash estate-$5.00 February 12, 1847. 3: Mary Nebeker gave $2.00 toward fixing cemetery wall-1848: His tombstone inscription at St. James Episcopal Church in Stanton, Delaware reads:

To the memory of Aquila Nebeker who died August 17th 1846 in the 54th year of his age.
Affliction some long time I have
Physicians were in vain
When God did please to give me ease
And take away my pain.

Thomas Scharf discusses Aquila in his book History of Delaware.3  He was an early Postmaster at Stanton and a member of the Knights of Pythia, Lafayette Lodge.  He also lent money to people in Stanton, and copies of some of his notes are available from Robert Nebeker of Idaho Falls.  Notes from Shirley Swensen say Aquila was married before he married Mary Allen.  Need to check history. Aquila Nebiker is listed in the 1840 census of Delaware as a resident of Millcreek Hundred (Stanton Area).  At the time of his death, he had three sons, all of whom were under 14.  In the Orphans Court meeting of Feb.19, 1847, Stephen M. Staples was appointed guardian of George, Samuel A, and Aquilla Nebeker, all minors under 14 years of age.  His personal estate was about $2000 each.  The rental value of the farm was $200/year.  There were four houses with a small store attached in Stanton and 101 acres.  

Mary Nebeker Boys was born 28 Feb 1806 and died 3 April 1882 according to her tombstone inscription in the Brandywine cemetery. She was born in Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Inquirer for April 6, 1882 reports:  Boys-on the 3rd inst. Mary Nebeker Boys aged seventy six years.  The relatives and friends of the family are invited to view the remains at the residence of her son, Dr. A Nebeker, corner Twelfth and Ellsworth Streets, this morning before 11 o’clock.  To proceed to Wilmington Del for interment.  Services there at the Central Presbyterian Church.

Aquilla is listed in the 1830 census of Delaware with one male 10-15, one male 30-40, one male 70 to 80, and one female 30 to 40.  At that time he owned real estate worth $810.  Sarah Allen, 52, lived with them at that time.  He is listed in the 1840 census as living in Millcreek Hundred (Stanton).  Mary Nebeker (40) is listed in the 1850 census as living in Wilmington with George (14), Samuel (10), and Aquila (9).   One is listed as being engaged in manufacturing and trade.

The Delaware Advertiser and Farmers Journal of Wilmington shows in its Sept. 18, 1828 issue that he was appointed to represent Mill Creek on a committee to represent the present administration of the Federal Government. 

Mary Nebeker, a widow, is listed in the 1853 Wilmington City Directory as living on the SW corner of Poplar and Second Street.  


Name:        John A. Nebeker
Number:    1.4.1
Birth:        19 Nov. 1824, Stanton, Del
Death:       29 Nov. 1844, Stanton, Del

His grave is at the St. James Episcopal Church in Stanton, and the tombstone lists him as the son of Aquila and Mary Nebeker. His tombstone reads: 

To the memory of John A. Nebeker
son of 
Aquila and Mary Nebeker 
who died November 29, 1844
aged 20 years 10 days
Behold my friend and cast an eye
Then go thy way prepare to die
Repent with speed, make no delay
I in my prime was called away. 


Name:        George Nebeker
Number:    1.4.2
Spouse:     Clara
Birth:        June 1836
Death:       Feb 9, 1917

Lawyer of Philadelphia, no children according to the Nebeker file at the Historical Society Library.  (See discussion below.) He served in the Civil War, Union Army.  He was born about 1836 in Delaware and married about 1858.  According to the Ancestry .Com Civil War Muster Rolls database, he served in Company G of the 5th Regiment of the Delaware Infantry, entering as a private and being discharged as a Sergeant.  He joined on Nov. 26, 1862 at the age of 26 with his brother Samuel and was discharged on Aug. 10, 1863. City directories for Philadelphia list him as living and working there in this time period as a real estate agent.  He appears in 1877 (Carroll & Nebeker) as living at 1628 Latona.  Later his address is given as 1125 South 11th  (house) and 619 Walnut.  Other addresses are given later. He continues to be listed through 1913 at different addresses.  In 1915 he is listed as a notary at the same address given in previous years.  In 1919, George E. appears as a hatter.  This must be Aquila’s son if George did not have any children and died single, which needs to be checked. The address for George E is the same as for Jno. W., so there must be a relationship there. Earlier, the Wilmington City directories list him as working with H. L. Tatnall (Nebeker & Tatnall, lumber) (1859-60). 

He is listed in the 1860 census as a resident of Newcastle County Delaware in the 2nd ward where his is living with Clara, age 21, born in Pennsylvania and Rachel Munger, 19, a servant.  He is listed as a lumber merchant who is 23 years old.  At that time he owned $1800 of real estate and had $13,000 of personal property.  He also appears in the 1870 Delaware census living in Wilmington as a life insurance agent, age 34, with Wife Clara, age 30, and Anna, black, a servant age 21.  He also served as guardian for Rachel Holroyd, widow of Joseph Holroyd, who served in the H 97 Indiana Infantry.-Note check if this is the right George-geographic confusion.  Clara, wife of George Nebeker, was born 17 March 1839 and died 31 Jan 1888 according to her tombstone in the Brandywine cemetery in Delaware. The 1880 census shows a birth date of 1837 in Delaware and occupation of real estate broker for George.  In 1880, he lived in the 2nd ward, district 24 at Philadelphia. Clara was born in Pennsylvania, and her father was born in Delaware and her mother in Pennsylvania.  The 1900 census shows him as born in June 1836 in Delaware and living at 816 Columbia Avenue in Philadelphia.  Elizabeth Righter, born May 1836 in Pennsylvania is living there also as a border.  The 1910 census lists him as living without any other family members.  He lists real estate as his occupation. 

The following note comes from J. Thomas Scharf, History of Delaware:
“In Wilmington, Delaware, the news of the firing at Fort Sumpter created the most intense excitement.  The streets soon became thronged with people, and groups were gathered around the newspaper and telegraph offices, excitedly discussing the situation.  As soon as intelligence was received of the surrender of the fort, the opposition to secession became very strong.  In the evening, a body of working men, headed by a drum and fife, paraded the streets, cheering loudly for the union.  On April 16th, one of the largest and most enthusiastic demonstrations was held in city hall. V. C. Olpin presided with George Nebeker…vice president.”

The Wilmington 1857 directory lists him as a clerk at 92E 4th Street, and in 1859/60, he is listed as being involved with lumber and living at 410 E 4th.  Nebeker & Tatnall, lumber, was located at 3 Market Street.  In 1862, he is listed as lumber/brewer at 404 E 4th Street, with Nebeker & Tatnall still at 3 Market Street. 

Clara’s father was born in Delaware and her mother was born in Pennsylvania.  She was born about 1839. She died on 31 Jan 1888 in Philadelphia, age 47.  Her death certificate lists her as being single but living at 281 North 12th Street.  She is buried in Wilmington. 

George is listed in the 1910 census without any other family members.  He lists real estate as his occupation.

The Philadelphia Inquirer for Feb 3, 1888 reports the following under death notices:: Nebeker:  On January 31, 1888, Clara, wife of George Nebeker.  The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Friday morning at 9 o’clock from her husband’s residence, No. 281 N. Twelfth Street.  To proceed to Wilmington Delaware on the 10:30 A. M. train.  Services in the chapel of the Wilmington and Brandywine cemetery.  Interment in the cemetery.

The Philadelphia Inquirer for May 4, 1905 reports:

Newcastle Del, May 3-  George Nebeker of Philadelphia has purchased the property at Dobbinsville, known as the “Deserted Village” and consisting of ninety-six houses, which will be fitted up for occupancy.  The property is of brick and was built by Richard Dobbins in 1874 and has been in the hands of the executors of the Richard Dobbin’s estate.  The buildings were constructed for the accommodation of the workmen who came here from Philadelphia with the Tasker Tube Company, and the houses have been idle for several years on account of the closing of the works and the removal of the people from this city.

The same newspaper reports on January 5, 1907 that:  The candidacy of Colonel George Nebeker for the magisterial nomination from the twentieth ward on the city party ticket has been unanimously indorsed by the members of the twentieth ward city party club. Colonel Nebeker is in the real estate business and is a veteran of the Civil War. (There is no evidence that he was a Colonel in the army, rather he was supposedly a sergeant at his time of discharge.)

The Philadelphia Inquirer for February 9, 1917 reports:
Nebeker-Feb. 8.  George Nebeker at 1802 N Mervine St., Philadelphia, age 81.  Relatives and friends, also Lafayette Lodge, F and AM of Wilmington Del invited to interment Sat. 4 PM at Wilmington and Brandywine cem. Wilmington Del


Name:        Samuel A. Nebeker
Number:    1.4.3
Birth:        1841
Death:       Mar 20, 1874

Born about 1841, died March 20, 1874 in a railroad accident. Lived in Philadelphia, served in Union army in Civil War.   According to the Civil War Muster Rolls database, he served in company G of the 5th Regiment, Delaware Infantry, entering and being discharged as a private at the same time his brother George joined.  Owned brewery in Wilmington Delaware with brothers George and Aquila.  He is listed in the 1860 census as a resident of Newcastle County Delaware.  He was living with Mary and Abraham Boyes, 68, a gentleman. Aquila, a clerk, and Sarra Allen, 82 (Probably Mary’s mother) lived with them. The Delaware Gazette of 27 March 1874 says that Samuel A Nebeker was killed in an accident at Schenk’s Station on the NY division of the Pennsylvania railroad, 15 miles above Philadelphia on 20 March 1874 in the 34th year of his life.  He is buried in the Brandywine cemetery in Wilmington Delaware. He was living with George, his brother at the time.  S. A Nebeker and Company opened a brewery in 1859 that was closed by 1871.  This was Wilmington’s first large commercial brewery and was located on the corner of 5th and Morrow Streets.  It was sold to A Bickta and company, enlarged, and improved, and became the Diamond State Brewery.  According to the Nebeker file at the Historical Society Library, he had no children. He is listed in the 1860 census as living at Newcastle County, Wilmington 2nd Ward. 

Samuel A. Nebeker, lager beer brewer, is listed in the 1862 Wilmington City Directory at 410 E 4th (See George, previously).  S. A. Nebeker & Co, lager beer brewers, is located at W fifth Street, corner of Murrow. 

In 1860, he was living with Mary and Abraham Boyes, 68, a gentleman, and Aquila, a clerk.  Sarah Allen lived with them. 


Name:        Aquila Nebeker
Number:    1.4.4
Spouse:      Mary Emma Talley 
Birth:         April 23, 1843
Death:        28 May 1912

Druggist or physician in Philadelphia, married Mary Emma Talley, daughter of William Grubb Talley and Mary A. or Margaret Ann Bell Talley.  She was born April 23 or Aug. 25, 1848 and married on 19 June 1866. Katherine Harkness Research File at the Delaware Historical Library lists his wife’s name as Mary Emma Talley, which appears to be correct and agrees with the 1880 census. According to those notes, he was born on April 23, 1843.   He was a druggist, sometimes listed as a doctor.  Philadelphia city directories for this period list him as a physician, druggist, and as selling patent medicines. His house was at 1122 South 12th. His office was at 1201 Ellsworth. (South 12th at Ellsworth). He is listed in directories from 1874 through 1912. Earlier directories (1872-73) list him as Aquilla J. Nebeker.  In 1913, the directory shows Mary E. Nebeker as a druggist at the same address.   In 1896, the directory starts to show Jno. Nebeker, a motorman living at 2642 Coral.  This could be his son, but he has not been identified beyond this.  He appears in 1896 and 1897 and then disappears until 1920 when he appears as a laboror and truck driver living with George E. Nebeker, a hatter. In 1915 and 1916, there are references to Mary E., widow of Aquila, living at 252 S. 41st Street.  His daughter Edna died in Philadelphia on April 28, 1884, age one month and is buried in the Riverview cemetery in Wilmington. 

In 1860, he lived with his mother and Abraham Boys and his brother Samuel.  He is listed in the 1870 census at Philadelphia as being 27 years old and a druggist.  Mary Emma is listed as being 22 and keeping house. Mary B is listed as being three years old.  In 1880, he is listed as being 37, Mary E., his wife was 32, Mary E, his daughter was 13 and born in Delaware.  Aquilenia, his daughter, was nine (born in Pennsylvania, Emma T was seven, born in Pennsylvania, and Myrtle D, age 2, born in Pennsylvania.  The 1880 census lists Mary Boys, 74 years old and born in Delaware, as living with them as his mother-in-law.  In reality, she was his mother, who had remarried after Aquilla Sr. died. See 1.5.  She was born about 1806 in Delaware.  John Koller, born in Darmstadt, Germany age 29 was living with them as was Mary Ryan, a servant from Ireland, age 28.  The 1900 Pennsylvania census shows he was born in April 1843 and was 57 years old.  He was born in Delaware and was living at 1201 Ellsworth in Philadelphia.  His wife Mary was born Aug 1848 in Delaware, and their daughter, Myrtle lived with them along with Mary Ryan, born Oct. 1849 in Pennsylvania, a border. He is listed as a druggist and Myrtle is listed as a school teacher. In the 1910 census, he is listed as a physician.  He was 66 and Mary was 61. 

He served on Philadelphia’s Council of 100 for city government in 1880.  See Talley, George A., “A History of the Talley Family on the Delaware and their Descendents”.

Birth dates for their children are:

Mary Boys, b 6 May 1867
Aquilina Allen, b 17 May 1871
Emma Talley. b 4 June 1873
Myrtle L., b 29 Mar 1878
Edna, born 4/28/1884 and died at age one month
A Daughter, premature, buried Sept 17, 1886

A Mary Nebeker, age 53 is listed in the 1910 Delaware census.  She was born in Pennsylvania and lived in New Castle County, 6th ward, Wilmington with an adopted daughter, Helen, age 14.  Mary is a widow whose parents were both born in Pennsylvania.  Helen was born in Delaware, as were her parents.  Mary is a cook to a private family.  Note that this age does not agree with the age of Mary Emma. See the list of unknowns including Charity Nebeker. See also Talley data base on internet.

Aquila is listed as a physician in the 1910 census.  His age is listed as 66 and Mary is listed as being 61. He apparently became a doctor by buying a medical license and practicing long enough to learn how to treat people. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer for May 31, 1912 reports:  Dr. Aquilla Nebeker Dies.

Funeral services for Dr. Aquilla Nebeker, a well-known physician and druggist, who died at his home, twelfth and Ellsworth Streets last Monday will be held tomorrow afternoon in the Church of St. Luke and the Epiphany, Thirteenth and Spruce streets.  Rev. David Steele, the rector, will officiate.  Dr. Nebeker was one of the best known and most prominent men in South Philadelphia.  He is survived by a widow and four daughters.

A further notice states:

28th inst.  Aquila Nebeker MD husband of Mary Emma Nebeker (nee Tally).  Relatives and friends invited to funeral services.  Fri. 8 P. M.  residence northwest corner 12th and Ellsworth Sts.  Interment at convenience of family.  Friends will omit flowers.

ME Nebeker is listed in the 5/4/1875 Philadelphia Inquirer in an advertisement for patent medicines and drugs. 

Some pictures of the family members are available from Robert Nebeker.


Name:        Mary Boys Nebeker
Spouse:     William Volkhardt
Birth:         6 May 1867
Death:       1946

William Volkhardt was born June 5, 1867 in Chester, Pennsylvania.  A biography appears on page 25 of “Staten Island and Its People”.  They were married on April 30, 1894. See Robert Nebeker for a copy of the biography.  They had a son Aquilla, born on November 25, 1897 in Chester PA, a daughter, Myrtle, born Oct. 9, 1898, also in Chester, a son William Tally, born on Staten Island, and a daughter Mary Nebeker, also born on Staten Island.  Mary was married on December 31, 1928 to Richard A. Haines.

She is listed as Mary E. in the 1880 census, living at home in Philadelphia.  

See also Talley, George A., “A History of the Talley Family on the Delaware and their Descendents”.

William is listed in the 1920 census for Richmond County New York.  He is 52; Mary is 48, born in Delaware. Their son William is 16, the daughter Mary is 14.  Mary Nebeker, a boarder, age 70, born in Delaware with parents born in Delaware, single, is living with them.  He lists brass manufacturing as his occupation.  

Mary Volkhardt Haines, the daughter, was born 21 Aug 1905 in New York and died 13 Sept. 1987 in San Mateo, CA. 

Mary Boys and William were married at her father’s residence in Philadelphia by Dr. S. D. McConnell of the St. Stevens Protestant Episcopal Church

Mary was born in Delaware and raised in Pennsylvania.  She was president of the Women’s club of Staten Island in 1928.


Name:        Aquilina Allen Nebeker 
Spouse:     Paul Eno35
Birth:        May 17, 1871 (or 17 Mar)
Death:       1950

Born on 17 May, 1871 in Pennsylvania. 

Paul Eno was born in 1869 in Staten Island New York and died 1 June 1924.  They were married on 31 Oct 1894 in Philadelphia.  

She is listed as Aquilesia, at school, in the 1880 census

The Philadelphia Inquirer for Nov. 4, 1894 reports under matrimony notices:
Eno-Nebeker-on the evening of Wednesday Oct 31 1894 in the Holland Memorial Presbyterian Church by J. R. Miller, D.D.  Mr. Paul Eno and Miss Aquilena A  Nebeker, both of Philadelphia.

After their marriage, they lived at 3412 North Seventeenth Street in Philadelphia. 


Name:        Emma Talley Nebeker
Spouse:     William Preston Craig.35 /Daniel Compton Sanders
Birth:         June 4, 1872/73
Death:       10 Mar 1915

They had a son William Lynam Craig, born July 21, 1890.  They lived in Middleton, Delaware in 1892. She was born in Pennsylvania and died in Rochester New York. She is listed as at school in the 1880 census, living at home in Philadelphia. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer for Feb. 21, 1896 reports the following marriage:  

Craig-Nebeker--on Tuesday, Feb 18, 1896 at the residence of the bride, No 1128 South Twelfth Street by the Rev. S. D. McConnel, William Preston Craig and Emma T. Nebeker, both of this city

The Philadelphia Inquirer for March 13, 1915 reports:

Sanders-Nebeker--At Rochester, NY March 10, 1915.  Emma T. Nebeker wife of Daniel C, Sanders and daughter of Mary E and late Dr. Aquila Nebeker.  Relatives and friends are invited to attend funeral services on Saturday at 2 PM precisely at residence of her brother-in-law, Paul Eno.


Name:        Myrtle L. Nebeker
Spouse:     Eugene Landenberger
Birth:        March 29, 1878. 35
Death:       May 1951

She was born in Pennsylvania and was living with her parents in Philadelphia at the time of the 1900 census. They had two daughters, Edna Nebeker who was born and died in 1905, and Mary Emma who was born in 1906.

She is listed as being at home in the 1880 census. 

Eugene Landenberger was born 18 Nov. 1877 and died 1 Nov. 1925. 

Mary Emma married Richard Brown Scandrett and had four children:

Nancy who married Robert Ross
Eugenie, who married Daniel Robins
Dwight, who married Julie,
And Alexander who married Patricia

Mary Emma died in December 1991. She was a journalist.
(See note in Robert Nebeker files from Patricia Maniscalco and for pictures of Myrtle and Mary Emma)

M. L. Nebeker graduated from high school in Philadelphia in1895 according to the Philadelphia Inquirer of 6/13/1895. She was a teacher in Philadelphia in 1902.


Name:         Edna Nebeker
Spouse:      None
Birth:         27 Mar. 1884
Death:       28 Apr. 1884, age one month. 

Born in Philadelphia and buried in Newcastle County Delaware. 


Name:        Female
Spouse:     None

Premature Birth, Female Buried 17 Sept. 1886. 

Family living at 12th and Ellsworth in Philadelphia at the time. 


Name:        Rachel Nebeker
Number:    1.5
Spouse:     Elijah Massey
Birth:        About 1797

Rachel married Elijah Massey15  on 27 Oct. 1814.  One of their sons, John Nebeker Massey, went to Indiana where he stayed with John Stidham.16  John was a surveyor and married Matilda Rowles, daughter of David H Rowles and Rebecca Clark. Rachel is listed as a widow of Elijah Massey in court records regarding her father’s estate in 24 Feb. 1834.  The Roots Web internet site lists a birth date of 1797.   Note that Rachel may have been born before Aquila based on the listings in the Orphan Court records. 

John N. Massey was born 30 Nov. 1820 and died in 1906.

A daughter, Sarah A., married Joseph Hamilton and moved to Iowa where they apparently lived near John N. 

According to Family Search, Elijah Massey was born about 1792 in Wilmington Delaware and died in Delaware. 


Name:  	John Nebeker Massey
Number:	1.5.1
Spouse:	Matilda Rowles/ Eleanor (Kimble) Humphrey
Birth:		30 Nov. 1820
Death:		1906

John went to Indiana and stayed with John Stidham.  He was a surveyor.  Matilda was the daughter of David H. Rowles and Rebecca Clark.

He had the following children:

Rachel Elmira Massey who married W. C. Burns on 15 Oct 1868 at Monroe, Iowa.  According to Family Search, she was born 1842 in Fountain County Indiana and died about 1892
George Massey (died young) 
Orestus H. Massey who married Catharine Mathews.  Per Family Search, he was born in Jan. 1853 in Albia, Monroe County Iowa and was married on 29 Oct 1885 in Monroe, Iowa
They had the following children
Edith M. Massey
Matilda Ruth Massey
Blanche M. Massey
John T. Masssey
Edna E. Massey
Rosella Rebecca Massey who married Lewis Cass. Rouse.  Per Family Search, she was born 14 July 1855 in Albia, Iowa and died 16 Nov. 1918 in the same place. . She was married on 10 Jan.1878 in Monroe, Iowa
They had the following children:
Ester M. Rouse
Albert M. Rouse who married Harriet Matthew and had a son Warren A. Rouse.
Lewis Cass Rouse Jr. who married Sarah Alice Coulson.  They had a son Alvin Lewis Rouse.
Earl E. Rouse 
John T. Massey, born 1848 at Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana

John N. Massey moved to  Iowa in 1844. Matilda died in 1896 and John remarried Eleanor Kimble Humphrey on 30 Nov. 1899. Both John and Matilda are buried in the Oakview Cemetery in Monroe County , Iowa.  

See information from Marla Gray, 1020 Blue Spruce St., Woodland Park, CO, 80863


Name:  	Sarah A. Massey
Number:  	1.5.2
Spouse:  	Joseph Hamilton
Birth:		1818
Death: 		31 Aug 1897

Sarah was born in Newport Delaware and died in Monroe County Iowa.  Sarah married Joseph prior to 1839.  In 1850, they were living in New Castle County, Delaware where Joseph is listed as a stone mason.  The family apparently moved to Iowa about 1855. They were the parents of six children:

George W.
Courtland C.
John Quimby
Franklin Pierce
William (died at age 5)

This information comes from Marla Gray, 1020 Blue Spruce St., Woodland Park, CO  80863.  She is the great granddaughter of Franklin Pierce Hamilton. 


Name: 	Mary (Polly) Nebeker
Number: 	2
Spouse:        _________ Springer
Birth: 	26 Nov. 1757
Death:	Before 1797

The Old Swedes Church records show her birth as Child Mary, born November 26, 1757, baptized May 10, 1758; parents, Hans and Mary Neighbucher.9 Godparents were Sebastian Mongold and Cathrina Mingel.  The comment sometimes found that she had no children and probably died single is not correct.1 The will of George Nebeker5 lists bequeaths to the children of his late sister Mary Springer to be coordinated by John Nebeker, but he doesn’t list them by name. This shows she did indeed live long enough to be married and have children.  The balance of his estate was to be given to his surviving brothers and sisters, and she is not listed with those.  It appears she therefore married into the Springer family and died prior to May 30, 1797.  The ledger sheet also lists her as Polly Springer. Her husband has not yet been identified nor have her children.

	The Mongold name is common in the area of Switzerland where Hans Nebiker is believed to have been born.  Bastian Mongold arrived in America on 4 Oct 1751 on the ship Queen of Denmark from Rotterdam and Crewes with others from Switzerland including Hans Suter, Friedli Saleda, Hans Schneberger, Werner Tschudi and Johannes Strub.  These people need to be checked for in lists of Swiss emigrants to find where they lived.  A Casper Mingel lived at this time in Berks County Pennsylvania at Tulpehaken.  Also, an F. Mingle, age 48, arrived in Philadelphia on Sept. 3, 1742 on the ship Loyal Judith. 


Name: 	Anna (Nancy) Nebeker
Number: 	3
Spouse: 	Robert Robinson
Birth: 	26 Oct. 1759
Death: 	After 1797

Anna Nebeker was born on Oct. 26, 175915 and was baptized on November 4th, 1759 with parents listed as John and Maria Newbueker.   Godparents were Conrad and Barbara Gray.  She married Robert E. Robinson. Delaware Genealogies lists three children: Aquilla (born 8/30/1780, died 8/6/1819, married 4/21/1803 to Elizabeth Tripp), Thomas (born 3/4/1783, died 12/11/1833, married 3/13/1806 to Catherine Naff, and Ebenezer (born 10/26/1785, married Margaret Catherwood).1  She was his third wife; he had previously married Sarah Pyle and Mary French.16  The will of George Nebeker5 lists her as his sister Nancy Robertson (spelled out twice as Robertson rather than Robinson), showing she was alive in May of 1797.  The ledger sheet lists her as Nancy Robinson.  
Her husband Robert was the son of Robert Robinson (1707-1738) and Catharine Derickson.  Robert Senior was the son of Edward Robinson and Anna Walraven, and Catherine was the daughter of Zacharias and Helene Vanderver, so this all ties into earlier ancestors. (See the report on the Swedish ancestors of George Nebeker by Dr. Peter Craig.)  Conrad and Barbara Gray are listed in the Old Swedes Church records, but it is not clear what their relationship was to Hans and Maria and why they were chosen as Godparents. They had a child (Henry) christened on 15 June 1752 at  the church.

The history of Robert Robinson is somewhat confusing with various contradictory information.  Revolutionary Patriots of Delaware 1775-1783 (975.1M2ph) lists his birth as 1734 and death as 1787.  He subscribed to the Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity in1782.  He is buried in the Old Swedes Cemetery in Wilmington.  This source says his will lists his wife Ann, sons Aquilla, William, John, Thomas, and Ebenezer and daughters Betty Porter (wife of John), Rebecca Moore, wife of William, and Sarah Robinson. Some of these may be children from prior marriages.  


Name: 	Aquilla Robinson
Number: 	3.1
Spouse: 	Elizabeth Tripp
Birth: 	30 August 1780
Death: 	6 August 1819

Aquila married Elizabeth Tripp on April 21, 1803.  She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Tatnall Tripp and was born October 20, 1780 and died October 31, 1868.  See Delaware Genealogies.1

Their children were:

John Tripp Robinson, born 10 Feb. 1804 and died 20 Dec. 1867.  He married Martha Carey

Robert Randolph, born 15 Dec 1805 and died 17 Feb 1886. He married Sarah Morris

Louis Henry, born 26 Dec. 1807 and died 1845.  He married Elizabeth Hilton.

Elizabeth A., born 29 Dec. 1809 and died 25 November 1891. She married William Mchanna and James H. Burnham

Edward Penrose, born 22 Sept 1812 and died 2 Dec. 1852.  He married Hannah Ann Painter.

William Jackson, born 14 August 1816 and died 27 July 1895.  He married Mary Jane Calhoun and Sarah Jane Start.

Aquila Gilbert, born 17 Dec. 1819 and married to Susan Amelia  Metz.

See letter from Charles Alfred Rudolf in the Early Delaware file. 


Name: 	Thomas Robinson
Number:	3.2
Spouse:	Catherine Neff
Birth:		4 Feb 1783	
Death:	11 Dec 1838


Name:	Ebenezer Robinson	
Number:	3.3
Spouse:	Margaret Catherwood
Birth:		26 Oct 1785


Name: 	George Nebeker
Number: 	4
Spouse: 	None Known
Birth: 	14 Dec 1761
Death: 	Aug. 1797

Page 139 of the Old Swedes Church records shows “George, born December 14, 1761, baptized  March 29th;  (1762) parents, Hans and Mary Nebukar.9  Godfather was George Sikler. Delaware records say he went to sea and was no more heard of by the family.  However, he later appears in Virginia. He supposedly was in the Whig Battalion on Dec. 29, 1777.16   (This appears to be a Revolutionary War unit functioning in New Castle County since several people buried at a church in Pencader Hundred and listed as Revolutionary War soldiers are listed as members or Captains in the Whig Battalion.  However, no evidence of his participation in the Revolutionary War has been found.)  George Nebeker’s will can be found in Petersburg, Virginia.5  The will is dated August 1794 but was signed finally on May 30, 1797,and gives a lot of information about the family.  The will was executed on the 8th day of August 1797. George apparently was not married and was a merchant in Petersburg.  He lived in Petersburg as early as April 1, 1793 when is name appears on a list of the rules for the Bolling Brook Fire Company.  On March 22, 1792, he witnessed a deed between William Clark Jr. and David Buchanan and was a witness even earlier in the 5th of February 1791.  He also appears on the 1787 Virginia tax list as George Nebucar as being over 21 and living in Caroline County, where his brother William later lived.  At that time, there were no other family members, slaves, horses or cattle listed with him. (The original tax lists are essentially illegible for this year on the film in the library.)  George left an inheritance to each family member, and left his gold watch to his nephew George and his silver watch and clothes to his brother William.  He freed his manservant. His brother John received no inheritance, but his share went to John’s son George.  John was left to be responsible for his sister’s children. 


Name: 	Hance Nebeker
Number: 	5
Spouse:	 Elizabeth Wetzel
Birth: 	Abt. 1763
Death: 	After 1816

          Hance Nebeker was born about 1763, based on Shirley Swenson’s data. He was married to Elizabeth Wetzel around 1805.  She was born in 1780 and died in 1856.  Delaware family records say he was in the War of 181215, but no confirmation of this has been found. In 1816 he is listed as owning one house and lot in Newport and one horse.12 (Nebricar).   His wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Nebeker, died at the residence of her son-in-law, Peter Torbert, (Ann’s husband, see number 5.2) in Newport 9 July 1856, in her 77th year(18 Jul 1856)17  Hance received an inheritance from his brother George when he died. Although Dr. Craig records the name as Hans, the will and the census both show Hance, implying that spelling for his name although both spellings appear to be used in this area at this time.  Edna Mott copied the following from a death notice in her bible: (dated 1856)

Elizabeth Nebeker- Departed this life at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Peter Torbert, Newport, on the night of July 9th in 77 year of her life.  The deceased had been subject to attacks of cramps which she was taken about 10 o’clock on the night of her death.   The usual remedies which had always given relief heretofore was given, but without the usual effect and at about two o’clock she expired, calmly, and we believe peacefully.  Such is human life, in the midst of which we are in death.  Deceased has left a number of children and grand children, besides many friends and acquaintances who mourn her loss, but they mourn not as those without hope, for we verily believe that she is now singing with the redeemed, around the throne of the great I Am.  

He is listed in the 1800 census as head of household and aged 16-25 (which puts his birth as being somewhat later) although other census data puts his birth as being before 1770.  Also in the household were three females, one 0-9, another 10-15, and a third 16-25.  One is probably his wife, but the other two are not known since his daughters were born later.  The 1801 Christiana Hundred tax list shows him as owning property valued at $162.  The 1804 assessment list shows him as owning a house and lot valued at $100 and having personal property valued at $30. He also is listed in the 1810 census of Delaware.  The census shows a family of one male 16 to 26 (Hance), three females less than 10 (Eliza, Ann, and Maria), and one female greater than 25 (Elizabeth). He is also listed in the 1820 Delaware census at Pencader Hundred where the family consists of one male less than 10, one greater than 45, two females less than 10 and one female greater than 45.  By the 1830 census, the family consists of one male 15 to 20, and one 60 to 70, one female 20 to 30, and one 50 to 60.  In 1840, one male is listed as 20 to 30, one female as 20 to 30, and one female 60 to 70.  One is engaged in manufacturing and trade. 


Name: 	Eliza S. Nebeker
Number: 	5.1
Spouse: 	Jehu Yarnall
Birth: 	1802
Death: 	7/25/1883

Eliza was born in 1802 and married Jehu Yarnall 16 of Delaware on 12/25/1834 according to the Asbury ME church records.  J. Rusling performed the ceremony.  See also film 0006420, Delaware Marriages.  She died on 7/25/1883 at the age of 81.  She had a son, Theodore Torbert Yarnall, born Jul. 1844 whose daughter Bertha Yarnall married Harry Briggs.  Edna Mott of Wilmington is their daughter.  She has the marriage license for Eliza and Jehu and also has the Yarnall Family Bible. 

According to the Yarnall family Bible belonging to Edna Mott, formerly of Newport, Jehu and Eliza had the following children:

Charles Wesley, b 8/10/1835, died Sept 19, 1903, married Lovinga Hopkins
Sarah Ann Yarnall, b 2/8/1838, died 7/28/1843
Theodore Torbert Yarnall, b July 19, 1844, died 1 Jan 1922.  His wife, Emma Yates or Yeates Yarnell, died 12/1/ 1931.  Their only child, Bertha Louise Yarnall was born Nov. 11,1885 and died in 1954. 

She and Jehu are listed in the 1880 Delaware census.  He was born in 1799 in Delaware and was infirm.  They lived in Newport.  Theodore worked in a woolen mill and was single in 1880.

Eliza S. Nebeker had a letter remaining at the Wilmington Post Office on 12/31/1830.


Name: 	Ann Robinson Nebeker
Number: 	5.2
Spouse: 	Peter Torbert
Birth: 	Abt 1808

Listed as Ann Robinson on ledger sheet.24  She was born about or in 1810 and was married about 1831. 

Anna E. Torbert, born in 1832
William Torbert, born in 1833
Elizabeth Torbert, born in 1839
Franklin Torbert, born in 1844
Rebecca Torbert., born in 1847


Name: 	Maria Nebeker
Number: 	5.3
Spouse: 	None
Birth: 	1810

Mentally unsound, single. Never married 15  See also Delaware Genealogies for reference to this. 


Name: 	Sarah Webb Nebeker
Number: 	5.4
Spouse: 	James R. Drummond
Birth: 	Abt 1813

Sarah married James R.  Drummond15 on 1/20/18421 at the Asbury ME Church.  R. Gerry performed the marriage.   Middle name may have been Webb24 although sometimes listed as “N”. See film 0006420, Delaware Marriages, for confirmation of the wedding date. She was born in or about 1813. They had a daughter, Rachel N. Drummond who married Isaac N. Flinn.

Sarah Nebeker is listed in the 1840 Delaware census as a resident of Christiana Hundred. The census reports two females, age 20 to 30. 

Their daughter, Rachel, born in 1846, married Isaac N. Flinn, farmer, both of Newport, on Dec 24, 1866 in Newport. (But see 5.5).  They had a daughter Sarah Flinn, born in 1861 (but see marriage date).

James was the son of John Drummond and Hester Rezoe and a brother to John who married Rachel. 

Sarah is listed in the 1880 census as being born in 1817.  She is widowed and living with Joseph Flinn, her son in law in Christiana, New Castle, Delaware.  Joseph or Isaac was a farmer, born about 1846.  Rachel N. Flinn is Joseph’s wife.  Saddie Flinn, born 1867, is also living there, their daughter. 


Name: 	Rachel M. Nebeker
Number:	 5.5
Spouse: 	John Drummond
Birth:		 6 Dec. 1814
Death: 	15 Apr. 1895

Rachel married John Drummond on Jan. 19, 1847 at the Asbury ME Church.25 A. Atwood performed the ceremony.  Middle name may have been Massey, or this may be confusion with the other Rachel (1.5) who married Elijah Massey. 24 See also Delaware Genealogies. They had three daughters: Sarah N, born 25 Oct 1849 and died Aug. 1905, Rachel W, and Mary C, born 11 Nov 1851 and died 28 Oct 1881. Sarah N or Sallie married George Norman Gill, farmer, on Dec 11, 1877 or 78.  She was born 25 Oct 1849 and died in Aug. 1905.  They had the following children: Mary Chandler Gill, Florence Gill, Ethel Gill, John D. Gill and George Norman Gill.  Mary Chandler Gill Married Harvey Voshell, and they had a daughter Maria Arlene Voshell.  Florence Gill married Edger Clayton Ellison.  John D. Gill married Harriet Rogers Collen.  

A daughter Mary was born 11 Nov 1851 and died 28 Oct 1881.  She married Wilmer J. Ellis.  

A third daughter is sometimes listed as Rachelle who married Issac. N. Flinn, but see 5.4.1.  It is not clear which family she belonged to.  It is interesting to note that Rachel’s name is spelled Nebiker on the Delaware Historical Society Card. 

Rachel’s husband John was a brother to James who married Sarah. He owned the Willow Grove Mill in 1847.  She is buried in the Bethesda Methodist Church at Middletown Del.  She died from a fall down some stairs and is buried in the Bethesda Methodist Church at Middletown, Del. 

Rachel M. is listed in the 1880 census as living with John Drummond in St. Georges, Delaware.  John is a retired miller, she is “lady house”.

See R. L. Nebeker files for computer internet address for more information. 


Name: 	John M. Nebeker
Number: 	5.6
Spouse: 	Mary Ann Nebeker (See 1.2.1)
Birth: 	1820
Death: 	Abt 1891

John M. married Mary Ann Nebeker, see number 1.2.1.  He was born in 1820 and worked as a coachsmith.37  He and his family lived in Newport Delaware.  He was a member of the Newport City Council, and his name can be found often in the council minutes available at the city hall in Newport.  He is buried in the church cemetery near his home in Newport.  The small triangular park at Newport is in front of his house and was used by him as a pigpen in earlier days. The History of Newport26 says “In the last house, on the way up over Indian Hill lived John M. Nebeker and family with quite a bit of property surrounding his home.  He was a carpenter, had a big garden, raised chickens and pigeons.  His pigs were his most profitable business.  The triangle lot across the Highway from his house was the “Pig Lot”, with a rail fence on all sides and the feeding troughs along the fence on the Market Street side of the pen.  In the Nebeker family were one son and five daughters, Annie, Lizzie, Martha, Sallie, Ellie, and the son Hance. The Grandfather’s name was Hans and he had seven sons, only John remaining in Newport.  The son Hance married but had no children…. It (the house) had wonderful big boxwood bushes on either side of the walk leading to the front door.  In the front yard is still standing the big Buttonwood or Sycamore tree, which History says was planted in 1803.  One hundred and fifty years later the girth of the tree was twelve feet and ten inches in circumference three feet above the base.”  She may have copied this from Scharf who says the same but seems to have counted John M. as a son rather than a grandson.  The house was still standing when I first went to Delaware (see picture file), but had been torn down when I returned.  The tree was cut down to make way for a new road in the area. According to Edna Mott, John M died in 1891.  The St. James Church near his old home has two “altar vases” with the words “in memory of John M. Nebeker” on them that I was shown when I was back there. 

John M ran for treasurer of Newport in Aug 1875 and lost 29 to 2.  In 1876 and 1877 he received one vote for commissioner.  In 1879, he received 39 votes for commissioner and was elected.  He was elected President of the council in 1881.  He apparently didn’t run in 1882.  He received money for working on the streets in 1879, 1885, and 1886.  In 1885, John M is listed as a clerk living in Market Street. 

The Treasurer’s book for the Newport church contains an entry about cash of John Nebeker sent for lot in Newport April 24, 1852, and John Nebeker, rent of a lot in Newport April 16, 1853.

The 1860 census lists John, age 41, clerk, real estate value of $1200, personal property worth $200, Mary age 35, Elizabeth, 15, Ann, 12, Hance, 11, Martha, 5, Sarah 2, and Ella.  The 1870 census shows John M, age 51, foreman at a flour mill, real property worth $1500, and $150 of personal property.  Also there are Mary A, 45, keeping house, born in Virginia, Elizabeth, 24, dresssmaker, Ann J, 22, at home, Hance W, 21, carpenter, Martha A, 15, at home, Sarah W, 12, at home, Ella C, 10, at home. 

John M. and Mary were married about 1843. 

The 1885 Newport Directory lists John M. as a clerk living in Market Street. He is listed as a coachsmith in the 1880 census, being 61 years old.  Mary is listed as being 57 and keeping house at Newport.


Name: 	Elizabeth Rachel Nebeker (Lizzie)
Number: 	5.6.1
Spouse: 	Robert H. Frist
Birth: 	Oct 21, 1844 
Death: 	2 Oct. 1924

Married Robert H. Frist on December 25, 1875 in Newport by W. D. Hanson.  Died October 2, 1924 in Newport, born October 21, 1844. Buried in Newport, Delaware. The History of Newport26  says “A record in the St. James Church, Newport under the date of Dec.25, 1875 states that Robert H. Frist and Elizabeth R. Nebeker were married and that they were the first couple to be married in that church.  They had a son and a daughter John (Nebeker) Frist) and Annie.  John Frist (b 30 Mar. 1881) married Carrie Currinder and their son Robert Frist (b1905) now lives in the family home” See p 119.  The “R” is apparently for Rachel as shown on the ledger sheet.  Anna (b 1878) married John Foard, and they had a daughter Roberta Foard Smith (Mrs. J. Henry Smith whose husband was president of Equitable Life Assurance Co., 36 Crescent, Maplewood, New Jersey.)  I wrote to her, but received no response.  This information comes from Edna Mott of Wilmington, since deceased. 

Elizabeth and her husband are buried at the St. James Episcopal Church in Newport.  The gravestone shows Hance W. Nebeker on one side (see No. 5.1.1) and on the other side: Robert H. Frist, born 3/24/1847, died 6/30/1903 and Elisabeth R. Frist, born 10/21/1844, died 10/2/1924.  See Robert Nebeker files for picture. 

She is listed in the 1870 census as a dressmaker, living at home, 24 years old. In the 1920 census, she is listed as living with Hance, her brother (see 5.6.3), on Justis Street in Newport. Robert Frist was a pattern maker living in Wilmington in 1880. 


Name: 	Ann Jane Nebeker
Number:	 5.6.2
Birth:		 about 1847

Of Delaware, died single. 1
Ann Jane, born about 1847 based on the ledger sheet 24  and about 1851 according to the 1880 census and about 1848 based on the 1860 census. This could possibly be the Carrie A. or Anna D. or Annie H. who married J. D. C. Hanna at Newport. (See Unknown list).

She is listed as being 29 and single in the 1880 census (Annie I.), living with her parents.


Name: 	Hance W. Nebeker
Number: 	5.6.3
Spouse: 	Not Known
Birth: 	Jan. 21, 1848
Death: 	Dec. 9, 1926

Of Newport, no known children26. In 1885, he is listed as a carpenter, living in Justis Street.  He also worked as a clerk in the general store at Newport.

A gravestone at the St. James Episcopal Church in Newport shows: Hance W. Nebeker, January 21, 1848-December 9, 1926.  The gravestone shows the Frist family on the other side.  (See Elizabeth Nebeker, No. 5.6.1)

A Mr. Ingram of Newport, who lived across the street from him, described him as tall and then said he had been a ship carpenter.  The Newport house (built around 1803) was supposedly made of shipwood.  The tree planted in 1803 was cut down when a new highway was build near the house.  According to the history of Newport, he married but had no children; however, no record of a wife has been found. 

The 1880 census lists him as being born in 1853 in Delaware and being a carpenter. .  The 1870 census lists him as being 21 years old and being a carpenter living at home.  The 1900 census says he was born in June 1851 and was living with his sister Martha at that time. (See 5.6.5).  The 1910 census lists him as being 54 and living in Newport as a boarder with Elizabeth Frist (his sister) and working as a carpenter.  The 1920 census says he was 60 at that time and living on Justis Street in Newport with his sister Elizabeth R. Frist. (See 5.6.1)  He is listed as a house carpenter. 

He is listed as being divorced in the 1900 census. 


Name: 	Mary (Ellen?) Nebeker
Number:	5.6.4
Spouse: 	None. 
Birth: 	2/28/1852
Death: 	12/30/1853

Of Delaware; died single. Born 2/28/1852, died 12/30/1853.  Buried at St. James cemetery in Newport Delaware.1

Sometimes referred to as Ellie. 


Name: 	Martha H. Nebeker
Number: 	5.6.5
Spouse:	None
Birth:		November 1856
Death: 	1900

Single, of Delaware; died single.1
Martha H, born about 1849, based on the ledger sheet, born in 1857 according to the 1880 census, and born on Nov. 1856 according to the 1900 census.  However, the 1900 census appears to misstate the birth of her brother Hance W. so it may be wrong.  She was living with Hance W. in the house on Justis Street at the time of the 1900 census. 


Name: 	Sarah W. Nebeker
Number: 	5.6.6.
Spouse:	None
Birth: 	About 1858
Death:	9 Mar 1900

Single1, of Delaware
Sarah W, born about 1858, based on the ledger sheet and about 1860 based on the 1880 census. (Note that her sister Ella was supposedly born in 1860 also.)  She also went by the name of Sallie, according to Edna Mott.  The W is for Walmsley. (Where does this come from?  Is it her mother’s maiden name?) She was living at home in 1880. She was listed as being 2 years old in the 1860 census. 

Sarah Nebeker, age 43, died 9 Mar 1900 in Newcastle County Delaware of pulmonary hemorrhage . She was single. 


Name:	Ella C. Nebeker
Number: 	5.6.7
Birth: 	1860
Death: 	4 Sept 1882

Of  Delaware. Born 4/30/1860 (or March 30), died 4/9/18821
Her funeral announcement says:

Yourself and family are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral of 
from the residence of her father, John
M. Nebeker, on Wednesday Afternoon,
at 3 o’clock.  Interment at St. James’
Newport, April 10th, 1882

See Robert Nebeker for picture of grave.

The 1880 census lists a birth date of 1862. The 1860 census says she was 3/12.. 


Name: 	Martin Nebeker
Number: 	6
Spouse:	None Known
Birth: 	17 Mar. 1765
Death: 	After about 1814

Martin Nebeker (Nabior) was born March 17, 1765 and baptized 24 May 1765, with parents listed as Hance and Mary Nabior.   He had no children 15 and died single.   He is mentioned in George Nebeker’s will,5.  He enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1804.  He is listed in the 1798 Christiana Hundred tax list as owning property valued at $250.  

The military record for Martin Nebeker is available on as part of the “Records of Men Enlisted in the US Army” database.  According to that record, he enlisted in the 1st U. S. infantry as a private in September 1804.  He reported his age as 36, making him born about 1768, a slight difference from his birth record.  He enlisted in Detroit and is described as a shoemaker by profession born in New Castle Delaware.  He was 5ft 7in. tall with hazel eyes, light hair, and a fair complexion. He enlisted for five years and reenlisted on July 1, 1809.  He appears to have been stationed at Point Coupee in Louisiana, at Fort Adams near Newport,, Rhode Island (although that supposedly operated only after 1824), and at Fort Stoddart in what is now Alabama. Army life was apparently difficult for him. He was charged with being drunk three times.  He was acquitted the first time, sentenced to 40 lashes the second time, and sentenced to 30 lashes the third time.  It appears he remained in the army at least until 1814. 


Name: 	Henry Nebeker
Number:	 7
Spouse: 	None Known
Birth: 	1767?
Death: 	1816

No children are known, and no firm birth date is available. Stidham family information and the IGI says he was born in 1767, and Dr. Craig estimates the birth at 1778. The 1800 census shows him as head of household and aged 16-25.  There is also a female, aged 26-44, a female aged 10-15, and a male aged 0-9 in the household.  This appears to be Henry, his sister Elizabeth (See Number 10), her daughter Mary Stidham, and her son, John, implying that her husband died before 1800 and that they were living in the same house, which seems to be in agreement with the terms of his will.  A copy of the will is available in the R. L. Nebeker files.

His property was left to Mary and John H. Stidham, children of his sister Elizabeth. In 1816-1817 his estate owned one house and lot in Newport in tenancy of F. Smith. (Nebricar) 12  He died in 1816 in Wilmington. He is also listed in the 1810 census of Delaware as a resident of Newport. He apparently died single. 

He is listed as being in Christiana Hundred on the tax list for 1790, the 24 Sep 1790 list for 1791, the 25 Sep 1791 list, the 1793, 1794, and 1795 lists, and the 1798 list (property value $400), the 1801 list (value of $169.67), and the 1804 list ( House $100, other $37, other $134, total $271).


Name:  	William Nebeker
Number: 	8
Spouse: 	Britta or Biddy
Birth: 	Abt. 1769-1775
Death: 	Abt. 1820

William Nebeker was born in 1769 according to the Stidham Family Tree and in 1767 according to the IGI.  He lived in Virginia, perhaps originally with his brother George and later in Caroline County.  He is mentioned in George Nebeker’s will and was appointed to help administrate the estate when George died. He is listed in the 1810 census of Virginia, and his wife Biddy or Brita is listed in the 1820 census. In the 1850 census of Caroline County, Breta Nebaker is listed as being 75 years old and living with Elizabeth Pear, 57 and Elizabeth, 25.  She is listed as having been born in Pennsylvania. Shirley Swenson lists him as being born in 1769 and gives 1820 as his death date.  A Lydia Anderson Nebeker was married to William Newman on 11 July 1832 in Fredericksburg Virginia. Need to see if she fits into this family. She could possibly be the widow of one of the sons. 

The 1800 tax list for Caroline County shows two white males, tithable, two horses owned, and one slave over 16. The 1810 census lists  two males, 0-10, one male 10-16, one male 26-45, one female, 0-10, one female 26-45, and one slave.  The 1820 census shows Biddy Nebecor as the head of a family with two males 10 to 16 and one male 26-45.  William lived near Bowling Green VA in 1805 where he had an account due on Jan 1, 1806. (975.5362E8f).  He appears on the tax list as early as 1796 and is more or less consistently listed through 1825.  In 1820, both he and Biddy are listed.  William Nebeker continues to be listed through 1825, but whether this is he or his son is unclear.  In 1826, Henry starts to be listed and is listed intermittently through at least 1835. In 1836, both Henry and Henry Jr. are listed.  Henry continues to be listed through 1842, but it is not clear if this is Henry or Henry Jr.  Two “tythables” (males between 16 and 60) are shown for 1800, 1801 and 1804.  Henry appears to be William’s son, and Henry Jr. appears to be the son of Henry, but no further mention of either can be found in the census or other records. 

A claim for criminal prosecution was certified to Caroline County for him on Oct. 14, 1820. The court ordered that he be paid $4.87 for the claim he submitted.

A Christian Neberger is listed in the 1810 census of Monongaha County as head of household and needs to be checked to see if this is related to him.  Shirley Swenson says they had three sons and a daughter.  Elizabeth Pear appears to be her daughter, born about 1793 per the 1850 census but perhaps 10 years later per the 1810 census.  Perhaps Lydia Anderson Nebeker is the widow of one of the sons.  A John Nebacher born in Virginia appears in the 1850 and 1870 Ohio censuses in Dayton that may be one of his sons. See the unresolved list. John is listed as 43 in the 1850 Ohio census and as 58 in the 1870 Ohio census, placing his birth as around 1807. 

In addition to Elizabeth, there apparently were the sons John and Henry and one other son, possibly also named William.  John Nebeker is listed in Caroline County Marriage records as a witness and appears to be William’s son.  When Gary Goulware and Harriate Terrell were married on 2 Jan 1821, John Nebeker and Fleming Terrell were witnesses or bondsmen for the bride.  See Marriages of Caroline County 1777-1853, call Number 975.5362v2f.  Henry appears in the tax rolls for Caroline County as does William although it is not clear if this William is the son or the father. 

The Caroline County order book is film 030853, and tax rolls can be found in film 030859, 030860, 030861, 030862, etc. 


Name:  	John Nebeker
Number:	8.1
Spouse: 	Elisabeth
Birth: 	Abt 1807  or 1812
Death: 	11Mar 1886

John served as a witness at a wedding in Virginia in 1821: this would imply an earlier birth than 1812.  He was born in Caroline County Virginia and married there about 1838.  His wife, Eleanor (note inconsistency with spouse’s name above), was born about 1817 in Caroline County.  He died in Van Wert Ohio.

In 1800, 1801, and 1804, William Nebeker is listed in the Caroline County tax records with two tithable males.  One is presumably William, and the other could be John who then would have been 16 in 1800 and possibly no longer listed in 1805 because he has married and moved from his home. 

John is listed as a shoemaker age 43 in the 1850 Ohio census.  His wife, Elis, was born in Virginia and is listed as being 33 years old. In the 1870 census for Dayton Ohio he is listed as being 58 years old and being a match man. 

They were parents of :

Aaron W., born about 1839 in Caroline County
Nimrod, born about 1844 in Xenia, Greene County, Ohio.  Appears to be the N. E. Nebeker born 1845 in Ohio listed in the 1880 census.  He works on the railroad and is married to Matilda, age 29.  Her father was born in Vermont, and her mother in New York.  N. E.’s parents reported to have been born in Ohio.  He was living in Delphos, Allen, Ohio in 1880.
John M., born about 1846 in Xenia.  John Nebicar is listed in the 1870 census, 7th ward, City of Dayton as being 23. He is listed as a journey machinist, born in Ohio and married in October.  Mary, age 18, is involved in housekeeping.  She was born in Ohio, and Charles H., 1/12, was born in April in Ohio.  Mary cannot read or write. John M. Nebecar, age 18, from Ohio, joined the Union Army on 14 Jan 1865
George W., born about 1849 in Xenia, died before 1860 in Dayton Ohio
Frances M, born about 1851 in Xenia and died 1894 in Washington, Van Vert County Ohio.  Buried in the Westside Cemetery, Delphos, Ohio

A Charles A. Nebeker is listed as serving in the Civil War from Xenia Ohio.  He was a Sergeant in Company F, Regiment 1, infantry.  He has not been identified but appears to be from this family.

J. Nebker served in the Civil War in the 54th Virginia Militia (Confederate) and probably is related to the William Nebeker family.


Name:	Elizabeth Nebeker	
Number:	8.2
Spouse:	…Pear (Paar, Pare, etc)
Birth:		 About 1802

Breta Nebaker is listed as living with Elizabeth Pear, 57, and Elizabeth, 25, in the 1850 census for Caroline County.   This would appear to be her daughter and granddaughter although it has not been definitely linked together. 


Name: 	Henry Nebeker
Number:	 8.3
Birth: 	abt. 1810

Henry is listed on the tax rolls for Caroline County Virginia.   This apparently shows him to be one of the sons of William Nebeker.  Birth date is estimated from the time he first appears on the rolls, (1826).  He is assumed to be a tithable, or taxable person at that time, the age of 16 being the time when one first becomes a tithable.  He shows up on the 1835 list.  Further checking for later times is needed.  He does not appear on the census for this time period.  The birth order for the children of William Nebeker has not been determined. 

A Henry Nebeker Jr. also appears on the records in this period.


Name:	Lucas Nebeker
Number: 	9
Spouse: 	Hannah Morris
Birth: 	16 May 1772
Death: 	10 Sep 1839

Lucas Neubeuker was born on May 16, 1772 and baptized 19 August 1772. 9  (Note that the church records incorrectly state that his father was Lukas Neubeuker rather than Hans). He married Hannah Morris in 1801 in Pickaway County, Ohio and moved to Indiana in 1824 where he settled in Fountain County 18   and claimed 580 acres of land in Section 12, Troy Township. He participated in the Whiskey Rebellion (see biography of his son and also reference on being a judge) and moved west to Ohio, living in Pickaway County on 10 Sep1816. He died on Sept 10, 1839. 16  Supposedly he was apprenticed out as a shoemaker and ran away.  On 3 April 1806, a newspaper notes that letters are available at the Post Office in Chillicothe (Ohio) for George and Lukes Nebeker. A similar note occurs on 9 Oct 1806 and 4 April 1808 for Lucas Nebeker.19  This appears to be Lucas, but the George is confusing.  His brother George supposedly died in Virginia before this, his nephew George supposedly didn’t go west until later, and his son George wasn’t born until 1813.  It would seem that it must be his nephew George who perhaps went west early with him and then returned to Delaware.  More information is needed here.  He moved to Fountain County Indian in 1824 and became an associate judge of the Fountain County Circuit Court in 1826.  He is regarded as a man of justice and humanity who applied criminal law with a judicious hand that few contemporaries could equal.20 He “entered” at the land office in Crawfordsville for 160 acres of land in Fountain County on August 4, 1823. Much of the improvement and prosperity of Fountain County is due to the energy, enterprise, and perseverance of a few of the early pioneers, and there were none, probably, who took a more active part in the building up of all institutions pertaining to the general welfare of the pioneers than Mr. Lucas Nebeker.21

The 1810 tax list shows Lucas Nebeker in Ross County Ohio and J. Lucas Nebeker in Pickaway County. The 1820 census shows Luke Nebeker in Pickaway County, Ohio, and he also appears on the 1816 Pickaway County Ohio tax list.  Lucas Nebeker and his family are described on various pages of the book History of Fountain County, 1881, available at the Salt Lake Family History Library.22  In 1827, he was living in a two-story building in the Covington area.  He filed for land in the W 1/2 of the SW ¼ of Section 14 and also the E 1/2 of the SE ¼ of Section 14 in 1823.  He had come west with some of the family to plant crops and then brought the rest of the family west in the fall of that year (1823).  See Richard M. Nebeker biography. He then returned to his family, and in the following year became a permanent settler in Troy Township in Fountain County.  He later added more land to his first entry, eventually claiming 580 acres in Troy Township.  He became one of the first men of the county and figured largely in the county organization.  He was also prominent in the early church. He is described as an ardent Methodist, yet a liberal Christian.  He opened his door to all religious service.  

He claimed land in Fountain County on 2 April 1829 (E fraction of NW ¼ , Section 12, T20N R 9W. Lucas and John (his son?) claimed the W fraction of the SW ¼, Section 7, T20N R8W on 1/11/1830.  On 10 Apr 1824, Lucas (of Pickaway County Ohio) claimed 80 acres: the W1/2 SW ¼ , Section 14, T20N R9W and the E1/2 SE1/4 S 15 T20N  R9W (another 80 acres) , the E ½ SW1/4 Sec 12 T20 NR9W.  On May 25 1824 he claimed the NE fracton of S 15 T20N R 9W (66.7 acres)and on April 15 1825 he claimed the W fraction of the NW ¼ S12 T20N R9W.  He is listed as living in Wabash County Indiana at that time.

In 1824, Lucas and many of his neighbors in Ohio moved to Indiana where he claimed 580 acres of land in Fountain County, Troy Township, Section 12. 

He is buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Covington. 


Name:         John Nebeker
Number:     9.1
Spouse:      Margaret Bishop/Delila Morris
Birth:         17 April 1806
Death:        19 Nov. 1863

John was born in 1806 in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio.  According to the Pickaway County Ohio Marriage Records of 1810 to 1862, John Nebeker married Margaret Bishop on September 7, 1826 and Delila Morris of Fountain County but born in Ohio on Nov. 12, 1845. 

The 1830 census for Indiana lists one male under 5, one male 5-10, one male 20-30, two females under 5, one female 5-10, and one female 20-30.  

The 1840 census shows that there are five people employed in agriculture.  Listed in the household are: one male 5-10, one 10-15, one 15-20, two 20-30, and one 30-40, two females 10-15, and one female 30-40. 

The 1850 census lists John Nebeker, 44, farmer, $10,000 farm, born in Ohio.  Delilah, 33, born in Ohio, Isabel 8, born in Indiana, John 5, Indiana, George 3, Indiana, Margaret E. 2, Indiana, and William 4 months, Indiana.  Also listed are Joseph Hardesty, 20, farmer, Mary Herbert, 17, Ohio, and John Green, 23, farmer, Kent Eng.

The 1840 census shows that there are 5 people employed in agriculture.  It shows 1 male, 5-10, one 10-15, one 15-20, 2 20-30, and 1 30-40, 2 females 10-15, and 1 female 30-40.

John Nebeker was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board of Commissioners in Dec. 1855 at Fountain County.  He continued to serve off and on through November 1861.  He died in Covington, Ind. 

John Nebeker (this one?) bought land in Indiana on May 1, 1833. This was located at the SE fraction of Section 1, T20N R9Wand on 4/10/29, he and Lucas claimed the W fraction of the SW1/4. Section 7, T20N R8W

He died in Covington. 


Name:           Mary Nebeker
Number:       9.1.1 
Spouse:         John Steely/Henry Freeman
Birth:            1827

Mary Nebeker married John Steely of Fountain County Indiana on June 20 or 29, 184328. She also may have later married Henry Freeman. 

Their Children included:

Mortimer Steely, born 1847, who married Viola and had a son Joseph
Marcellas L. Steely, born 1850, died 1860
John Steely, born 1852
Viola Steely, born 1854
Margaret Steely, born 1856 and married 15 July 1885.
Carrie Steely, born 1859, who married Henry Freeman Knapper on 18 Aug 1904 in Fountain County and had a daughter Mary Knapper

Name:          Hannah Nebeker
Number:       9.1.2
Spouse:        Oliver Steely Shelby
Birth:           About 1829
Death:          3 Nov. 1906

Married Oliver Steely Shelby of Covington, Indiana on November 13, 1845 in Fountain County Indiana.28
Their daughter (Sarah) Emily Shelby married Lewis Nebeker (See 9.4.2), and they had a son, Frank Nebeker.  Emily also later married David Ferguson.  She was married on Oct. 30 1866 where her name is given as Emma.  Hannah and Oliver also had a son named John Wallace Shelby who married Mary Frances Yeager.  John and Mary had the following children:

Viola       (1876-1877)
John        (1881-1881)
Oliver      (1881-1881)
Maggie    (1883-1883)
LeRoy     (1885-1972)
Sara Hannah     b1871, married Levi Bolton Pead
Edgar         (1890-1974), married Viona Jackson
Lenard H   (1892-1974)
Lora Belle  (1899-1940)
Frank Yeager   b 1900

Hannah was 77 when she died in Covington.  Oliver died 21 Mar. 1898 at the age of 72 in Covington.

She is listed in the 1870 census as living with Oliver.  Her siblings Charles, Elisabeth and Albert are living with them as is John their son, age 19.


Name:          Andrew Jackson Nebeker
Number:       9.1.3
Spouse:        NA
Birth:           1831
Death:          1832

Born in Fountain County Indiana


Name:          Isabell Nebeker
Number:       9.1.4
Spouse:        John H. Crane
Birth:           1842

Married on January 3, 1861 in Fountain County Indiana. She is listed as being eight years old in the 1850 census. 

Their son, Charles Crane born about 1872, married on 17 Jan. 1901 in Fountain County.

John H. Crane died 19 Dec 1909 at the age of 74 in Covington. 


Name: 	John Nebeker
Number: 	9.1.5
Spouse: 	Louisa Deegans
Birth: 	Feb 28, 1845

John Nebeker married Louisa Deegans of Fountain County Indiana on Sept 6, 1867 in Iroquois County Illinois.  He was born on Feb 28, 1845 in Indiana and Louisa was born about 1847.  They had at least four daughters: Louisa, Lula (possibly same as Louisa), Hannah, Maggie, and Jessie.  See Robert Nebeker for a picture of this family. The 1870 census for Illinois lists John Nebeker, 28, a farmer born in Indiana. His wife, Liza, age 24, born in Indiana and daughter, Louisa, 3, was also born in Indiana. 

Louisa was born about 1847 in Indiana.  John was a farmer living in Ash Grove Illinois in 1880. The 1880 census for Ash Grove Illinois lists John, 35, Louisa, 38, Lulu, 11, Hannah, 9, and Maggie, 2.  The parents were born in Indiana, the children in Illinois.

The 1920 census lists John and Louisa in Jefferson County Nebraska.  He is 74, she is 72.  He was born in Indiana and his parents born in Ohio.  She also was born in Indiana with parents born in Ohio.  They own their home but are not employed.

In the 1930 census, John is living with John and Madge Greenwald (See as a widowed father in law, age 84.  

He is listed in the 1895 census of Republic County Kansas as being 50 years old.  L. A. Nebeker is 48, Maggie is 16, and Jessie is 12.  They moved there from Nebraska.  It appears that Louisa could be the oldest daughter who died young. 

Information and dates for children’s births are based on personal information available in Robert L. Nebeker file from granddaughter, Ruth Kamp.

See Illinois marriage records for marriage information. 


Name: 	Louisa Nebeker
Birth: 	About 1867

Some confusion on who this is.  The family picture shows only four daughters.  This could be Lulu Belle, no. Family member who furnished picture was unaware of this person. May have died young or may be Lulu.  She is listed with her parents in the 1870 census. 


Name:        Lulu Belle Nebeker
Spouse:      Ellis Leslie Jimison (originally Jamison)
Birth:         July 8, 1868
Death:        June 28, 1958

Born in Ash Grove, Iroquois County, Illinois and died at Joliet Ill.  She was married on Sep 2, 1890 in Watseka, Iroquois County Ill. They had two children, Lela Jimison, born 14 Mar 1892 in Cowden Ill, married to Dr. Charles Eldred, and (2) Ellis Leslie Jimison, born 14 May 1894, Cowden Ill. who married Arlene Alesandria Kekhoefer.  The family changed their name from Jamison to Jimison.  Listed in 1880 census as a daughter of John and attending school. 


Name:       Hannah Nebeker
Birth:         About 1871

Listed in 1880 census as attending school. 


Name:        Maggie (Madge) Nebeker
Spouse:      John Greenawalt
Birth:         About 1878

Listed in 1880 census in Ash Grove.  

Listed in the 1930 census in Jefferson County Nebraska.  Maggie is 52.  They have a daughter, Marguerite, age 21, another, Madeline, age 19, and Mary Lou, an adopted daughter age 1 4/12 living with them. John Nebeker, father in law, age 84, widowed, is living with them.  John is an automobile salesman. 


Name:        Jessie Nebeker
Spouse:      Mr. Roe
Birth:         About 1881


Name:       George Nebeker
Number:    9.1.6
Spouse:     Loretta Bilsand
Birth:        Apr. 1847
Death:       27 Nov. 1897

George Nebeker married Lauretta Bilsand on 30 Sept 1869 in Fountain County Indiana. See obituary in possession of Robert Nebeker. According to the obituary, there were only two surviving children, James Albert and Mrs. Elizabeth Ben.( Actually Lizaben).   He died of typhoid fever, but the date is not given. 

The 1870 census lists him as George Jr., 22, a farmer.  Loretta is 30 years old and was born in Indiana. Her father was born “at sea” and her mother was born in Vermont.  The 1900 census lists Loretta as born in Jan. 1839.  She is listed as married and the mother of two living children.  She is listed as a farmer. In 1910, she was living with her daughter Lizaben and Jacob Norris, and in 1920, she is listed as being 80 years old and still living with Jacob and Lizaben Norris. (Lizaben is listed as being 49 years old.)  Ruth, 16, and Nellie, 29, are also there. Note that the Mrs. Elizabeth Ben listed in the obituary is apparently an error from the name Lizaben. Loretta was born in Indiana and died on 22 June 1920 in Troy Township. 

Loretta in one case is spelled Lorelia.  She was the daughter of John Bilsland and Belle Cooper.  Loretta B. Nebeker died 2 June 1920 in Troy Township.


Name:        Liza B (Lizaben) Nebeker
Spouse:     Jacob Norris 
Birth:        Abt 1872
Death:       1960

Married on 4 Dec. 1888 in Fountain County Indiana.  In the obituary, her name is listed as Elizabeth Ben. She is listed in the 1910 census with her husband Jacob Norris.  Lizaben is 39 and Jacob is 48.  Their children include Nellie, 20, Sibyl, 17, Lynn (Male), 16, Mary, 13, and Ruth, 6.  In 1920, Ruth, 16, and Nellie, 29, are still at home as is Lizaben’s mother, Loretta. 

Jacob’s name is incorrectly listed as “Harris” in the Indiana marriage database. 


Name:         James Albert Nebeker
Spouse:      Lydia L. Hunt
Birth:         Aug 1, 1876

He was born in Indiana and married on January 10, 1904.  They had the following children: Eva Louisa, Freda Dosia, Mildred Addis, Ethell May, Louisa, and Lucille.  A son also may have died shortly after birth.  They lived in Covington in 1920 where they owned a farm and rented another 55 acres. (See Vermillion County Indiana Index of Names of Persons and Firms, 977.2462H22w).  He had been in the county since 1876 and lived at Covington, RR2 in 1920. 

The 1900 census shows him living with his mother and gives a birth date of Aug. 1876.  He is listed as a farm laborer.  The 1910 census shows him as 32 years old and lists Lydia as being 28.  Their children are listed as Eve L., 5, Frieda D, 3, and Mildred A, ½.  He is listed as a farmer.  In the 1920 census, he is listed as being 43 years old and Lydia is listed as 38.  Eva Louisa, 15, Freda D, 13, Mildred A, 10, Ethel May, 5/12, and Lois L., 1 7/12, are living with them.  The 1930 census shows James A., 53, Lyda L. 48, Frieda 23, Mildred 20, Ethel M, 14, Lois L., 11, and Bettie L, 5.    Freda and Mildred are also listed separately in Covington.  He is a farmer, Frieda and office clerk, and Mildred a stenographer at a law office.

They were married on 10 Jan 1904.  He is listed as a  farmer on his WWI draft registration. He lived in Covington at that time.  Their children were:

Ethel M., born 13 July 1915
Lois L. born June 14, 1918
Mildred, born 20 Oct. 1909
Ralph E., born 17 Oct 1907 (died 27 Oct. 1907)
-born 27 Dec, 1904 (Eva Louise)
-born August 2, 1906 (Frieda D.
(Note that some of these dates are inconsistent with the census data)

Mildred married Elven L. Fitzsimmons on 11 June 1933 at Bloomington, Ind.


Name:          Margaret Ellen Nebeker (Ellen)
Number:      9.1.7
Spouse:        Josiah or Joseph Rhodes
Birth:           About 1848
Death:          26 July 1907

Married on January 15, 1865 in Fountain County Indiana. Born about 1848 according to the 1880 census.  Margaret Rhodes, age 63, died 26 July 1907 in Covington. Josiah was born in 1828 in Pennsylvania and died 3 Aug190x in Covington.  They were the parents of two children:
	Georgeanna (Anna), born 23 April 1867 in Covington Indiana, died 30 Sept 1944 in Covington.  She married Oliver Jacob Bantz, born 19 Jan 1866 in Fountain County Indiana and died 20 Mar 1948.  They were married on 11 July 1888 in Fountain County, Indiana.  They had one daughter, Hanna Belle, born 1894 in Illinois.  Hanna Belle married Nelson J Gallaway on 28 January 1915 in Fountain County and had a daughter, Georganna and a son Paul Galloway. Their other daughter was Emma E Himebaugh had a son named Gilbert Himebaugh,  Emma was born in 1918 in Indiana

	Lewis Wallace Rhodes, born 13 September 1865 in Covington, Indiana and died 14 September 1946 in Middlefork, Vermillion Co. Ill.  Wal Rhodes married Minnie Louella Zigler, born 25 Dec. 1869 in Covington and died 19 Mar 1942 in Danville, Il. They were married on 12 Jan. 1890 in Fountain County Indiana.  They had three children:

	Hanna Wauneta, born 20 Jun 1908 in Illinois, died 11 Sept 1982 in Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky.  She married Charles Marion Hamilton, born 4 Aug 1906 in Rossville Illinois, died 23 Jan. 1976 in Hume, Edgar County, Illinois. They had four children, one living male, two living females, and Shirley M, born 11 Oct 1930 in Hume Illinois and died 30 Jan 1984 in Bowling Green. 

	Mary, born 1899 in Illinois, died 15 May 1969 in Brighton, Jersey County Illinois.  She married Earl Pierce in 1922.  They had one male and two female children. 

	Carroll Hershell, born 6 Oct 1890 in Covington and died 23 Oct 1967 in Covington.  He married Ethel Blanch Talbott, born 16 Oct 1902 in Gilford Indiana and died 20 May 1973.  They had five children, 2 males and 3 females

This information comes mainly from Dwain Hamilton from internet correspondence.  See Robert Nebeker files. 


Name:        William Nebeker
Number:     9.1.8
Spouse:      NA
Birth:         About 1850
Death:       1851

Birth was about the time of the 1850 census. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Name:        (Ellen) Jane Nebeker
Number:    9.1.9
Spouse:     George W. Ritchey
Birth:        1851
Death:       1 March 1890

Born in Fountain County Indiana and married on October 17, 1867.  Son David Ritchey born about 1874 was married on 4 Dec 1899 in Fountain County. George W. Ritchey died 13 Aug. 1904 age 59 in Covington.  Jane Ritchey, age 53, died March 1, 1890 in Covington. (Note inconsistency with birth date)


Name:       Charles Nebeker
Number:    9.1.10
Birth:	       Aug 1854
Death:      1938

The Nebeker Family Article in the Utah Genealogical Society Magazine says he married a De Haven, but this is apparently incorrect.  (See Elizabeth 9.1.11).  The 1880 census shows him being born about 1854 in Indiana and working as a servant or farm laborer for Scott Lovejoy or Theo. Scott in Iroquois County Ill.  Reference 39 lists Charles A. Nebiker as serving in the Civil War as a sergeant from Greene County, Ohio, but ages don’t agree well for this. 

The 1900 Indiana census lists him as 46 years old, born Aug 1854.  He is living with Henry and Elizabeth De Haven, his sister (See 9.1.11) and working as a day laborer.  In the 1910 census, he is listed as a farmer, and in the 1920 census, he is lodging with Row Pettyard and is listed as being 60 years old and single. 

In 1870, he is shown living with Oliver Shelby and Hannah (his sister, 9.1.2) and is living in Troy Township. He is listed as being 16 years old. 

The 1880 census says both parents were born in Indiana. 


Name:       Elizabeth Nebeker
Number:    9.1.11
Spouse:     Henry Mann DeHaven
Birth:        Nov. 1855
Death:       5 Dec 1918

Born and died in Fountain County.  Married Henry Mann De Haven on 25 Nov 1875 in Fountain County.15

They had two children, Jesse L and Audrey E.  The 1900 Indiana census lists her birth as Nov. 1855, and lists Henry as born in April, 1851.  Jesse L, a daughter, was born in Nov. 1878.  Audrey E., a daughter, was born in April 1891.  Henry is listed as a farm laborer and Jessie as a teacher.  Her brother Charles (See 9.1.10) was living with them. 

The 1870 census shows her living with her sister’s family, Oliver and Hannah Shelby, in Troy Township. She is listed as being 15 years old. 

Elizabeth C. DeHaven, age 67, died 5 Dec. 1918 in Covington. (Note inconsistency of dates.)


Name:        Albert Nebeker
Number:     9.1.12
Birth:         1857
Death:        1881

Born and died in Fountain County.  The 1870 census shows him living with his sister, Oliver and Hannah Shelby, in Troy Township. He is listed as being 12 years old. 


Name:        Sarah Emarilla Nebeker
Number:     9.1.13
Birth:        1859
Death:       1860

Born and died in Fountain County. 


Name:        Mary (Polly) Nebeker
Number:     9.2
Spouse:      None Known
Birth:         21 Mar. 1808
Death:       1869
Single15 .   Born in Circleville Ohio on 21 Mar 1808 and died in 1864 or 69. See Portrait and Biographical Record, page 617. Never married. 


Name:        Charlotte Nebeker
Number:     9.3
Spouse:      John McKinney
Birth:         16 Sep 1809
Death:        21 Apr 1835 

Charlotte married John McKinney of Fountain County Indiana on 29 Jan. 1830.28 Her husband’s name is sometimes spelled McKenna, but McKinney appears to be correct.  See Delaware Genealogies.  Born in Circleville Ohio in 1809 and died in Pickaway County.  They had a son named Lucas McKinney.


Name:        Richard Morris Nebeker
Number:     9.4
Spouse:      Lucinda Long
Birth:         July 29, 1811
Death:        1 Dec 1893

Known as Uncle Dick of Covington, Indiana.15  Richard M Nebeker was married to Lucinda Long of Fountain County Indiana on 4 Aug 1836 at Covington28. He was a postmaster at Covington. See History of Fountain County, page 28.   Shirley Swenson lists his middle name as Morris, being named after his mother.  He was born in Circleville, Pickaway County Ohio on July 29, 1811, (Sometimes listed as 1810) and came to Fountain County Indiana with his father in 1823 to plant crops.  They then returned to Ohio and moved to Fountain County in 1824. He was a representative for the State of Indiana for Warren County where he moved in 1850.29  He worked in mercantilism and farming and built the Wabash River Bridge at Covington. An article on R.M. Nebeker appears in 1893 in the Warren County Indiana Newspaper.  Mrs. Richard Nebeker died on March 25, 1884 age 71 in Covington. 

The 1840 census lists two employed in agriculture and lists two males, 20-30, one female under 5 and one female 20-30. The 1870 census of Warren County lists Richard, 59, an attorney at law, Lucinda 56, and Melissa, 25.  Melissa was born in Indiana, the others in Ohio.  The 1880 census shows Richard Nebeker, 68, born about 1812, in Ohio and Lucinda Long, 66, born about 1814 in Ohio, and Melissa, 40, born about 1840 in Indiana. It would appear that Melissa never married.  Richard was postmaster at this time and Melissa was a teacher, and they were living in Troy, Fountain County, Indiana.

Lucinda’s father was born in Nova Scotia according to the 1880 census. 

On June 10, 1859, he bought the following at Williamsport Ind. from the estate of John Salts, Sr.:

1 Mowing Scythe ($.45)
1 Stand bees, $3.00
1 Stand bees, $3.25
1 Stand bees, $2.50

See Walter Salts, “The Salts Genealogy”

The St. Louis Republic of December 2, 1893 Reports:

Hon Richard M. Nebeker
Covington, Ind. Dec. 1—Hon Richard M. Nebeker, aged 82 years, died at his residence in this city at 10:30 a. m. today.  The deceased was one of the oldest citizens in Western Indiana.  He served in the Indiana Legislature several times, representing Fountain and Warren Counties.  He was an uncle of ex-United States Treasurer E. H. Nebeker

The 1850 Indiana census lists a Richard R. Nebeker, 39, a ferryman born in Ohio.  He is married to Mary, age 37, born in Ohio and has two daughters, Elizabeth, 10, born in Indiana, and Hannah, 8, born in Indiana.  This appears to be a different, unidentified person although the ages are approximately the same. 


Name:        Melissa Nebeker
Number:     9.4.1
Birth:         Aug 1838
Death:        1 Mar 1914

She is listed as a teacher in the 1880 census of Troy Township, Fountain County.  At that time she was single and living with her parents.  She was 40 years old.  In 1900, she is reported as living with Minnie Harris, born in May 1877.  In the 1910 census, she is listed as being 70 years old and living with Lewis (9.4.2) and his family.  Apparently she never married.  She was born and died in Covington. She taught school in Troy Township shortly after 1862. 


Name:         Lewis Nebeker
Number:      9.4.2
Spouse:       Sarah Emily Shelby (See Darling
Birth:          Nov. 1841

Lewis married Emma or Emily Shelby (see on 30 Oct. 1866 in Fountain County.  He married Matilda Darling on 14 May 1876 in Fountain County, Indiana.   His daughter, Eva M. D. Nebeker married Charles M. Kennedy.  The 1870 census lists him as a 28-year old farmer.  Emma is listed as being 21.  Elizabeth White, 12, lived with them.  Lewis (Lew) is listed in the 1880 census in Troy, Fountain County Indiana, age 38, born about 1842 in Indiana.  Other family members are Matilda, wife, age 18, born abt 1862 in Indiana, Richard, son, 10 months, born abt 1880 in Indiana.  He worked as a clerk in the post office.  The 1900 census shows a birth date of Nov. 1841. Matilda’s birth date is listed as Jan. 1862.  His occupation is given as a grocer.  In the 1910 census, he is listed as being 68 years old, and Matilda is 48.  Children are Anna, 23, and Dorothea, 8.  His sister, Melissa, is living with them.  He is listed as a grocery store worker.  In the 1920 census, he is living in Camden, Carroll County, and is 78 years old.  He is listed as a widower at this time, and his daughter Dorothea lived with him.  

The Indianapolis Star  for March 17, 1914 states that Mrs. Matilda Nebeker, 54 years old, wife of Lewis Nebeker, former postmaster and merchant of Covington, is dead of cancer at the home of her daughter, Dr. Eva Kennedy at Camden, Ind.  The husband and three daughters survive.


Name:        Richard Nebeker
Birth:         abt 1879
Death:        1900

Richard M., age 10/12, is listed in the 1880 census as having been born in Indiana. He is listed as Richard’s son.  


Name:         Eva M. D. Nebeker
Spouse:      Charles M. Kennedy
Birth:         30 Jan 1882

Married on November 25, 1908 in Fountain County Indiana.  She is listed in the 1900 census as having been born in January 1882 and being 18 years old. She and Charles are listed in the 1920 census for Carroll County, Indiana. Lewis and Dorothea  (See are living with them at that time.  Eva is 37.  Charles is a physician. 


Name:       Anna Nebeker
Birth:         April 1886

Her birth is listed as April 1886 in the 1900 Indiana census.  She was not married and living with her parents in 1910.  Her occupation is listed as a milliner. 


Name:       Dorothea Nebeker
Birth:        1902

She is listed as being eight years old in the 1910 census.  In 1920, she was living with her father and her sister Eva and her husband ( See in Camden, Carroll County, Indiana. 


Name:        George Nebeker
Number:     9.5
Spouse:      Mary Steely/Louisa Moore
Birth:         20 Aug 1813
Death:        16 or 18 Oct. 1890

A banker and farmer of Covington Indiana.  Served in Civil War, Union army15 according to Wm. G. Nebeker although his name has not been located on the Civil War Muster Rolls database of Ancestry. com.  A biography of George Nebeker appears in “Biographical History and Eminent and Self-Made Men of the State of Indiana”. 30 His picture also appears in that Book.  According to that article, he was born in Pickaway County Ohio on August 20, 1813 and lived there 11 years (In or near Circleville). In 1824, his family moved to Indiana and settled in Fountain County.  He married Mary Steely, daughter of George and Elizabeth Steely on 27 Dec 183228 in Troy Township,  Fountain County Indiana, and following her death in 1870,  he married Mrs. Louisa Moore, widow of Captain William Moore on November 15 1871.  She died on 24 Sept 1886 and is listed in the Woodlawn Burial Records, Terra Haute, Vigo County Indiana and was born in 1830.  See also the History of Fountain County for more information about him.  He was a member of the Covington Chapter, No. 93 of the Royal Arch Masons. He was active in politics and served as collector of internal revenue and commissioner of enrollment for the draft and served in other judicial positions.  He also was a director for the Indianapolis, Bloomington and Western Railway Company

The 1840 census shows three people employed in agriculture and lists two males under 5, one 5-10, one 10-15, one 15-20, and one 20-30.  One female 5-10 and one 20-30 are listed.  The 1850 census lists George Nebeker, 36, farmer, born in Ohio $9000.   Mary is listed as being 35 and being born in Ohio.  Children listed are Reuben S, 16 farmer Indiana, Enos H, 13, Indiana, Alonzo, 11, Indiana, Lucas 5, Indiana, and Hannah 1, Indiana. The 1860 census lists George and Mary, George as a farmer.  Reuben S. is 26 and a farmer, Enos H. is 24 and a stock trader, Alonzo is 21 and a college student, Lucas is 15 and a farm laborer, Hannah is 12, and Lizzy is 7.  He was still alive in 1888 when the Warren Count Indiana newspaper says he was visiting his son Alonzo.  He died on 18 Oct, 1890, age 77 years, one month and 20 days.  His funeral was in Covington. The 1870 census shows George, age 57, banker and farmer, Mary, 56, Reuben 35, stock dealer, Alonzo, 31, Hannah, 20 and Elizabeth, 17.

At his death, he left an estate of $50,000 in real estate and bonds, which apparently was considered to be a significant sum at that time. The biography of his son Reuben mistakenly says his father’s name was Lewis.  He also served as commissioner of conscript officers of the Eighth District for drafting of soldiers for the Civil War.

A picture of Oak Grove farm residence where he lived is available in R. L. Nebeker files. 


Name:        Rueben S. Nebeker
Number:     9.5.1
Spouse:      Almarinda Walker (Arista or Rinda)
Birth:         Jan. 1834
Death:        4 Apr 1914

Rueben was a farmer living near Covington.  Married to Almarinda Walker (Sometimes listed as Montgomery) on 27 November 1879 in Fountain County Indiana. Whether he had two wives or whether this is an error is unclear. Born about 1834 in Troy Township, Fountain County, Indiana according to 1850 census. According to his published biography (See Robert Nebeker Files), he married Miss A. L. Walker, daughter of James and Adaline Walker in 1879.  She was born in 1862. Her father was in the civil war (76th Illinois Regiment).  Rueben bought and sold mules to the U. S. Government, along with his brother Enos. He also worked as a farmer and took over his father’s farm.  
He is listed as a 26-year-old farmer in the 1860 census, living with his parents.  In the 1870 census, he is listed with his parents and shown to be 35 years old and a stock dealer.   In the 1900 census, his birth date is given as January 1834.  Almarinda is listed as being born in Dec. 1845 and is shown as being the mother of one child, living. (Ada R, born in Mar. 1881 in Indiana).  In 1910, Rueben S. and Almarindah are listed as being 76 and 64 and having one child living.   The 1920 census lists “Alma R” as a widow owning her own home.  Ada Hersberger, her daughter, age 38 and her husband. Clarence Hersberger live with her.  Also living there are Glenn Kelley, a grandson age 12, Rose Kelley, a granddaughter age 11, and Pruitt Kelley, a grandson age 10 . 
Rueben died in Troy Township Indiana at the age of 80.  The Indianapolis Star of April 6, 1914 states: Covington-Reuben Nebeker, a brother of the late United States treasure E. H. Nebeker and prominent farmer and native of the county is dead at his farm home north of this city.  The widow, one daughter and a brother, attorney Lucas Nebeker of this city survive.
The data base for Indiana marriages lists his wife as Almarinda Montgomery, married 27 November 1879 in Fountain County.  Another site lists her as Rinda Brown, daughter of John C. Brown and Sarah J. Ainsworth.  She is also listed as Arista Walker, daughter of James Walker and Adaline Ainsworth. This needs to be resolved. 


Name:        Ada Rogers Nebeker
Spouse:      John A. Kelley/Clarence Hersberger
Birth:         March 1881 

Married on 27 Feb 1907 to John A. Kelley in Fountain County, Indiana. 

The 1900 census lists her birth as March 1881.  The 1920 census shows her living with her mother and Clarence Hersberger.  At that time, she had the following children:

Glen Kelley, age 12 (born 24 Mar 1907)
Rose Kelley, age 11 (b 20 Mar 1908)
Pruitt Kelley, age 10.( b 2 July 1909)


Name:        Enos H. Nebeker
Number:     9.5.2
Spouse:     Mary E. Sewell
Birth:        26 June 1836
Death:       6 Jan. 1913

Born June 26th, 1836 on a farm near Covington, Indiana.  United States Treasurer for Presidents Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison.  He was confirmed by the senate on 22 Dec. 1891 and submitted his resignation as treasurer to President Cleveland on March 11, 1893.  Married Mary E. Sewall, daughter of William Sewell, on October 3, 1865 in Fountain County Indiana.  She was born in 1843 or 45 and died on November 11, 1919 in Covington. He is also listed as a contractor and capitalist in his father’s biography. He was elected as an auditor in Fountain County in 1870. As a contractor, he built the new school in 1862 in Fountain County.  A picture and a biography can be found in the reference.34 (See Robert L. Nebeker for copy).  He was president of the Farmers and Merchants bank in Covington.  He lived at 603 Liberty Street in Covington.  His house was built about 1894.  See Robert Nebeker for a picture.  The 1860 census lists him as a 24-year-old stock trader living with his parents.  In the 1870 census, he is listed as a mule dealer and Grace E. is listed as being 2 years old.  Inez M. is listed as being 6/12.  The 1880 census lists his occupation as a farmer and lists his age as 35.  Mary is listed as being 34. In the 1900 census for Covington, he is listed as being born in June 1836, and Mary E is listed as having been born in March, 1845.  Grace Torres, daughter, was born 1 February 1870 and is living with them.  Enos is listed as a capitalist.  Enos and Mary were both still alive at the time of the 1910 census and are listed as being 73 and 65 years old respectively.  See Robert Nebeker for various biographies. 

The 1910 census lists him as being 73 and Mary is listed as 65.  He is living on “income”.  The Indianapolis Star of January 7, 1913 tells of his death.  Two brothers and one sister were still living at the time of his death.  Mary was a sister to Homer Sewell. 

He served on the Northern Prison Board of Indiana in1897 and several otoher years.

According to the Chicago Herald of April 20, 1891:  Nebeker, the new treasurer of the United States, is a short, stout man with a round and rather florid face, marked by a black moustache.  He is about 40 years old. 


Name:        Grace E. Nebeker
Spouse:      Frank L. Torres
Birth:         28 Feb 1868
Death:       1930

Married on 10 April 1900, buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Covington. The 1900 census lists her birth as February 1870.  She was living with her parents in Covington at that time. In 1880, she is listed as living in Troy, Fountain County. She apparently lived in Mexico at one time since a 1910 newspaper says that Sewell visited her there.  She lived in New York at the time of her father’s death.  (1913)

She apparently had at least one child (listed as –Torres) born 19 Feb 1902


Name:        Inez Nebeker
Spouse:      None
Birth:         1870
Death:        age 3

Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Covington. 

Although listed as Inez in the census, the tombstone at the Mt. Hope Cemetery (see shows the name as Inos, born 1868 and died 1872.  Further work is necessary to clarify this. 


Name:         Sewell A. Nebeker
Spouse:      Nell Harrison
Birth:          Abt 1875
Death:        1931

Sewell is listed in the 1920 census as being 45 years old and living in the Indianapolis 8th Ward, Marion Co. Indiana.  Nellie is listed as being 41, and son Harrison is 12, and son Enos is 10.  Sewell works in manufacture, railroad. He is listed as being 8 years old in the 1880 census. 

He is listed as living alone in Marion, Indianapolis at 1124 Monument Place in 1900.  

In the 1930 census, he is listed as 56 and Nellie is 53.  Enos is 22 and single.  He is a manufactor, railway ties. database lists wife as Nellie Quick.  They were married in Madison County, Indiana. She was apparently from Michigan and is listed as Nellie Clare Nebeker.  A picture of him appears in the Indianapolis Star for February 5, 1911, and he is mentioned several times in that paper in that time period.  The lived at 3935 North Meridian Street and later at 1023 North Delaware Street.  The Indianapolis Star for 2/14/1914 lists Mr. Quick of Anderson as Mrs. Nebeker’s father.

Sewell made ties for the railroads.


Name:        Alonzo Nebeker
Number:     9.5.3
Spouse:      Laura Ordner
Birth:         9 Sep 1838
Death:       1892

According to his Father’s biography, he was a druggist.  Born Sept 9, 1838 in Indiana near Covington.  Articles on Alonzo Nebeker appear in the Warren County Indiana newspapers.  He had a brother-in-law named Kinnaman who fell to his death in1891 and he may also have been a teacher.  His wife was Laura Ordner, and he died in 1892.  His wife remarried on 23 July1894 to Francis D. Yates in Illinois.  He lived at Williamsport, Jasper, and Newton Ind. He attended Asbury University and also worked as a teacher and was superintendent of the Public Schools of Warren County.  

The 1860 census lists him as a 21-year-old college student living with his parents. The 1870 census lists him with his parents and show him as being 31 years old.  In the 1880 census, he is listed as being a druggist in Williamsport, Warren County, Indiana with a birth date of 1845.  He was single at that time.  He apparently married in 1888.


Name:        Emeline Nebeker
Number:     9.5.4
Spouse:      NA
Birth:         1840
Death:        Infant 


Name:        Lucas Nebeker
Number:     9.5.5
Spouse:      Mary Ferguson/Elizabeth McGeorge
Birth:         May 1845

Born in Fountain County near Covington Indiana.  His father’s biography says he was an attorney.  
Lucas Nebeker is listed in the Civil War Muster Rolls of Ancestry. com as serving in F company of the 134th Illinois Infantry with the rank of Corporal.  Records show him enlisting at age 19, on May 6, 1864 and being mustered out on 25 Oct. 1864.  At that time he is listed as being 5ft 10 inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes and a fair complexion.  His residence is listed as Covington, Indiana.  He was single and a student at that time. He was mustered in in Evanston, Ill and mustered out in Chicago. Mary F. Nebeker died 17 Dec 1921 in Danville according to the Illinois Statewide death Index. 

Born about 1845 in Indiana according to 1850 and 1880 censuses.   Mary is shown as being 35 in the 1880 census. The 1860 census lists him as 15 years old and a farm laborer.  The 1870 census shows him as 25 yers old, and having the profession of an attorney.  Mary F is also listed as being 25 and is keeping house. In the 1900 census, he is listed as being born in May 1845 in Covington.  Elizabeth’s birth is given as May 1863.  His occupation is that of a lawyer.  In the 1910 census, he is listed as being 63 years old and Elizabeth is 45.  She lists no children.  In the 1920 census, he is listed as being 74 years old, living in Covington.  Elizabeth is 56, and he owns his own home. 

The 1880 census shows them living in Troy, Fountain, Indiana. 

The 1920 census lists Mary F., 75 years old, living in Los Angeles and listed as an inmate.  She is a widow, born in Indiana.  Lucas and Mary were married on 10 June 1869 in Vermillion County, Ind.  A Mary E Nebeker died on Nov. 11, 1919 at age 74 in Covington. 

The Indianapolis Star for 11/22/1913 says he is an attorney for the county council in Covington.  On October 11, 1914, he was painfully injured by being run down by his own auto while cranking it. 

A Lucas Nebeker moved to Kansas in 1887. (Doesn’t appear to be this one.)  A Lucas Nebeker was there in 1890.  

In 1873, he owned $3000 of stock in the Indiana National Bank according to the Indianapolis Sentinel of 1/17/1873.


Name:        Elbert F. Nebeker
Spouse:      Annie
Birth:         Dec 1870

Birth of 1871 appears in 1880 census. Listed in 1900 Illinois census as living at 4950 Vincennes Ave, Chicago.  Annie was born in Oct 1870 in England and came to America in 1877.  He is listed as a pharmacist.

He was married on 4 Aug 1898 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Anna Nebeker, age 38, born in Wales is listed as a Widow living with F. H. and Elizabeth A. Crosley in Danville in 1910.  She is listed as a sister in law.  

E. F. Nebeker was treasurer of Boyd Insurance Agency and Loan Co. in Denver in 1892. 
 Elbert F and Mrs Mary F lived at 1022 Washington Ave. at that time.  Mary F is listed in the 1900 census as living in Chicago.  She was born in Dec. 1864 in Indiana. (If this is his mother, the birth date is inconsistent with her age in previous data sheet.) She was living with Wm. Barett, a cousin and is listed as a widow and the mother of one living child. 

The 1893 Chicago directory lists him as living at 397 42nd.  The same address is given for. Mary F Nebeker, apparently his mother. 

The 1898 Chicago directory lists him as a druggist. In 1911, hi is listed as Albert F, a clerk in the St Louis directory. A.  Nebeker is listed as a cooper in the 1904 directory, Albert F is listed as a laborer in the 1903 directory, as a clerk in the 1906 directory, and as a clerk at the Simmons Hardware Company in 1907.


Name:        Hannah Nebeker
Number:     9.5.6
Spouse:      Thomas M. Rinn
Birth:         1849

Of Covington, Indiana.  According to her Father’s Biography, she married Thomas Rinn on 16 May 1872 in Fountain County. The Rinn family lived in the Enos Nebeker home in Covington. Their daughter Hannah married Fred McLear.  

Margaret Rinn became owner of the Enos Nebeker home in Covington, and her daughter, Mrs. Ruth Hadaller also lived there.

Born about 1849 according to 1850 census. She is listed as being 12 years old in the 1860 census 

Thomas Rinn died 7 March 1913 in Covington, age 69.  Hannah is living with her parents and listed as being 20 years old in the 1870 census. 


Name:        Elizabeth (Lizzie) J. Nebeker
Number:     9.5.7
Spouse:      John Partlow
Birth:         13 June 1853
Death:        1 Sep 1946

Married John M Partlow, of Los Angeles California in Fountain County Indiana on 7 April 1874.15  George’s biography lists her as “Lizzie”.  He was of Danville, Illinois. Not listed in 1850 census, but listed as Lizzy, age 7 in the 1860 census. 

She died in Los Angeles.  Georgeine Partlow, b 20 Oct. 1877 in Illinois died 7 Oct. 1959 in Los Angeles.  Henry Graydon Partlow, b 6 Sept. 1875 in Indiana died 6 Aug 1955 in Los Angeles. 

She is listed as Elizabeth, 17 years old and living with her parents in the 1870 census. 


Name:        Ann (Nancy) Nebeker
Number:     9.6
Spouse:      John Adamson
Birth:         17 Mar 1816/2 Dec. 1816
Death:        21 Aug 1897

Nancy Nebeker was born on Mar 17, 1816 in Circleville, Pickaway County Ohio and Died on Aug. 21, 1897 in Covington, Ind.  She married John Adamson of Fountain County Indiana on 12/1/3428.  They were married by Rev. Ignatius Morris. She is buried in the Nebeker plot in the old cemetery in Covington. They had the following children:

	Henry, born Oct 29, 1835 and died July 14, 1839
	George, born April 11, 1837 and died Sept 22, 1838
	Franklin, born March 8, 1839 and died Jan 23, 1849
	Oliver, born Sept 27, 1841 and died April 5, 1888, married Mary Moore
John Malcolm, born Mar 23, 1844 and died Nov. 24, 1917, married Eleanor (Nellie) McDonald. on 8 Sept. 1887 in Vermillion County. Eleanor died 11/18/1883. 
	William, born Nov. 7, 1846 and died June 21, 1857
	Julia Miram, born April 19, 1849 and died Feb 20, 1852
	Joseph Lucas, born Aug 27, 1851 and died Mar. 2, 1852
	Mary Hannah, born June 12, 1853 and died Jan. 22, 1856
	Ada Casandra, born April.9, 1856 and died Nov 15, 1931, married Mark Rogers. 
Hortense N, born July 16, 1858 and died July 30, 1941, married Challen Ward Spinning

Oliver had three children, Clarence, Bess and Isak.  Bess married a Lumpkin. They had one son, Richard, who was not married.

John Malcolm’s son John McDonald Adamson (Don) was born Oct 13, 1870.  He married Cardine (or Caroline) Bell (Aunt Callie).  They had the following children:

	Frank, born 1891
	George, born 1892
	Malcolm, born 1893
	Ruth, born July 15, 1895, married Claude Lucas

John M. was married 8 Sept 1887 in Vermillion County Indiana at age 43. 

Ada Casandra married Mark Rogers and had two children, Nellie, who married Henry M. McGurk,  and Roy (1883-1916) who married Alma Board although this family is not mentioned in the Adamson history. Roy and Alma had a son, Roy Rogers Jr. (1905-1967). 

Hortense was born in Warren County Indiana and was married on Sept 3, 1878 to Challen Ward Spinning. Their children, all born in Covington, Indiana were:

Lynn, born June 4, 1879, died Aug 1929, married Julia Luke and had a daughter Jean
Maud, born 24 May 1881 and died April 9, 1963. She married Roland Smith in 1903. 

		Her children were: 
Dorothy Hortense Smith, b 29 July 1905, married Lawler Reeves (divorced).  Children were: 

Judith Margret Reeves, (Judi), born Dec 29, 1933, married Kenneth Kerri.  Son Christopher born Mar 28, 1961				Daughter Kathleen born Oct 4, 1962

Sarah Elizabeth Reeves (Sally) born Sept 14, 1939

Betty Elenor Smith, born Dec 25, 1915 married Marshall Webster Weir III and had the following children:
Marshall Wesbster Weir IV (Mike), born Oct 30, 1942, married Judi Jones (divorced), married Kristen Smith and  had children:

	Tara Elizabeth, b Aug 28, 1973
	Katherine Shea, b Oct 14, 1976
Morton Vincent Weir, b May 6, 1950, married Barbara Radke (divorced), had daughter Lori Michelle Weir, b Dec 19, 1974

James McMannony, born March 29 1883, died Sept 1936, married, no children
Lura Spinning, b April 20 1885, died Feb 21 1968
Mary Nina, born Aug 21, 1891
John Adamson Spinning, born Oct 18, 1898 and died Dec 16, 1963, married Mary Elizabeth Smith (Marie)
Son John Norman Spinning (Jack), born Feb 18, 1934.  Married Irene Helen Bonacorci, on June 21, 1961 and had children:

Mark Edward Spinning, born May 18, 1968, 
Brett David Spinning, born June 22, 1971 (adopted) 
Jason John Spinning, born Mar 21, 1972

John Adamson was bon 12/18/1808 in Pickaway County Ohio.  In 1837, he and George and Richard Nebeker bought the ferry at Covington and operated it.  They owned 1200 acres of land and 800 acres in Iowa.  He died on 14 Nov. 1866 of typhoid fever.


Name:        Elizabeth Nebeker
Number:     9.7
Birth:         17 Mar 1816	
Death:       Apr 1816

Birth and death dates are from information available at Roots Web internet site. According to that source, she was born and died at Covington. She was a twin to Nancy. 


Name:        Lucas Nebeker
Number:     9.8
Spouse:      Abigail Hall Gilbert/Margaret J. Leach/Miriam E. Insley
Birth:         25 Feb 1819
Death:        22 Nov 1888

Methodist minister in Indiana. 15  The Nebeker Family article in the Utah Genealogical Society Magazine says he was born in New Castle Co. Del. On May 16, 1772 but this is his father’s birth date and place. He was born in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio.  He was a councilman in 1870 in Covington Indiana. He married (1) Abigail H. Gilbert on Aug 15, 1841 in Warren County according to Indiana Marriages database28.  She was born in 1821 in Connecticut, daughter of Asa Gilbert. He also married (2) Margaret J. Leach, daughter of Joshua Leach, and he married (3) Miriam Elizabeth Insley, daughter of Ellis and Rebecca Stafford Insley, born 29 July 1832, died 24 June 1899 at home of Mrs. Rogers in South Bend Indiana, according to the History of Fountain County on December 23, 1862.  He and Miriam were married on 23 Dec. 1862 in Fountain County Indiana. He had a total of fifteen children. He was a doctor in Crawfordsville in 1857-59. 

The 1860 census lists Lucius N Nebeker, 42, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church, and wife Margaret, 32.  Asbury is 4, Martha 2, and Clara 8.  The 1880 census lists Lucas, age 61, born about 1819 in Ohio, Miriam E, wife, 47, born about 1833 in Indiana, Nelson G (Single), 37, born about 1843 in Indiana, Mattie J, daughter, 22, born about 1858 in Indiana, Lucas J, son, 18, b abt 1862 in Indiana, Annie R, daughter, 9, born abt 1871 in Indiana.  Lucas is listed as a clergyman; Miriam is his 3rd wife.  Nelson G(ilbert) is a son of his first wife, Abigail Gilbert. According to the 1880 census, he was born at the Tippecanoe Battle Grounds, Tippecanoe Township, Ohio.  Roots Web internet site lists this as his death location.

The stained glass window in the Methodist Church in Covington was given by the family to the church in his memory.  See Portrait and Biographical Record. 

He should not be confused with Lucas Nebeker 9.5.5. 

He was a chaplain in the Civil War, serving from 9 Aug 1862 until 1 Jul 1863.  He settled in Boone County Indiana in 1873. 


Name:        Nelson Gilbert Nebeker
Number:     9.8.1
Spouse:      Emma Lydia Knapper
Birth:         September 1842
Death:        5 Sept 1922

Nelson Nebeker is listed in the Civil War Muster Rolls Database of Ancestry. com as serving in the 63rd Indiana Volunteers Infantry as a Sergeant and exiting as a 1st Lieutenant. He enlisted on 16 May 1862 from Indiana. He was mustered out of the army on May 3, 1865.  He enrolled in Green Castle College at the age of 15 and stayed there from 1858 to 18 6 when he enlisted in the army. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Knights of Pythias, and a republican.  He was elected Superintendent of the Poor Farm in Fountain County Indiana.  He was married in 1885 to a daughter of NF and Morris Knapper. She was born in 1855 in Fountain County.  He fought in the second battle of Bull Run and was with Sherman in the Atlanta Campaign in 1864. He went to Kansas in 1870 to obtain 160 acres of land and returned to Indiana five years later.  He died in Danville, Indiana.  

In the 1900 census, he is listed as being born in Fountain County in September 1848.  He is listed as a farmer.  In the 1910 census, he is listed as 67 years old and Emma L is 57.  This is her second marriage.  Emma was born in May 1855.  Harry E. Diffinderfer, a son-in-law, widowed, is living with him as is Gracie Diffinderfer, a granddaughter age 9, George, a grandson age 7, and Harry E, a grandson age 4. In the 1920 Illinois census he is listed as being 77 years old and living at 1231 Walnut, Chicago.  He was born in Danville, Vermillion County Indiana, and his wife Emma is listed as being 64 years old. Harry Diffenderfer, age 14,his grandson, also born in Indiana is listed as living with them at this time. (See 9.8.10)

The Illinois Marriage Index lists his wife as Emma L. Conover and gives a marriage date of 1/8/1885. Emma L. Knapper married Mahlon B. Conover on 18 Oct. 1874 in Fountain County.  Harry E. Diffenderfer married Kate Conover on 4 Apr. 1900 also in Fountain County.  It appears that Kate was Emma’s daughter by her first husband, and that she died young.  Her husband and their children apparently lived with Nelson and Emma. The 1880 census lists him as a single farmer, 37 years old, living in Tippecanoe, Indiana. Nelson Gilbert Nebeker died 9/5/1922 in Danville, Illinois.  Mary died 12/17 1921, also in Danville. 


Name:        Hannah Flora Nebeker
Spouse:      Leslie Snell
Birth:         August 4, 1886
Death:       1982

Married on 2 Nov 1908 in Fountain County.  A birthdate of Aug 1886 is given in the 1900 census. 

The 1930 census lists Leslie as 44, and Hanna N as 43.  Emma, 74, mother in law, lives with them as well as Charalotte, 19, Robert N., 13, Emma Katharine, 8, and Richard L., 6.  Hannah was born in Indiana, and the children were born in Illinois. 


Name:        Charlotte Nebeker
Number:     9.8.2
Spouse:      None
Birth:         1844
Death:        1852


Name:        Charles Wesley Nebeker
Number:     9.8.3
Spouse:      None
Birth:         1846
Death:        1851

Born in Fountain County Ind. 


Name:        Edna Jane Nebeker
Number:     9.8.4
Spouse:      None
Birth:         1848
Death:        1851

Born in Fountain County Ind. 


Name:        Almira Nebeker
Number:     9.8.5
Spouse:      None
Birth:         1850
Death:        1851


Name:        Clara Josephine Nebeker
Number:     9.8.6 
Spouse:      William Crapp
Birth:         1852
Death:        1931

They had two children, Leverett Crapp 1874-1938) and Edith N. Crapp (1880-1970).  She is listed as being eight years old and having been born in Indiana in the 1860 census. He was a minister, living in Illinois. 


Name:        Susan Nebeker
Number:     9.8.7
Spouse:      NA
Birth:         abt. 1854
Death:        1854


Name:        Asbury Coke Nebeker
Number:     9.8.8
Spouse:      Etta Freedom Birch
Birth:         Jan. 1856
Death:       15 Sep 1927

The Illinois marriage index shows that they were married in McLean County Illinois on August 27, 1883.

He lived in Decatur Illinois and his name appears several times in the newspapers there in the 1892 period.  He worked for the E D & W railroad as an operator.  He also worked as a stenographer at Decatur. The Feb 18, 1891 issue of the Decatur Daily Republic of Decatur Illinois reports that “the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Nebeker died last night at 12 o’clock at the residence of the parents, 453 East Condit Street aged 23 months.  She was an only daughter.”  

He is listed as being four years old in the 1860 census. The 1900 census shows he was born in January 1856 in Indiana and that his wife was born in Oct 1863. At that time, they were living at 449 Garfield Blvd in Chicago where he worked as a telegraph operator.  .  He is listed as being 64 years old in the 1920 Illinois census and living at 600 W 61st Street in Chicago.  Etta was 52 at the time.  She was born in Indiana, and Albertas R Staley, a roomer, is living with them in both censuses. In 1920, he is a clerk at a ticket office. He also worked as a stenographer in Decatur. 

Etta’s father is listed as S. E. Burch in a newspaper from Decatur. 

He is listed in the 1880 census as a driver, living in the 2nd Ward, Omaha Nebraska with Enos Weian.  A A. Nebeker, born 1855 is also listed in Omaha with John I. Adams and appears to be the same person. He also is listed as being a stenographer. 

Other information notes that “the inf. Boy Nebeker, 3 month, d. Aug. 6, 1896. B/d Tipton County Ind.  Son of A. C. Nebeker, b. Rossville IN. and Etta F. Birch, b Oxford IN. 

Asbury C. Nebeker died 9/15/1927 in Chicago.  Etta Freedom Nebeker died 4/24/1931, also in Chicago.

Name:  	Infant son
Spouse: 	NA
Birth		June 1896
Death:		Aug. 6, 1896
Name: Homer B. Nebeker
Spouse: Emma Kramer
Birth: 23 May 1887
Death: 3 Dec. 1961

Born in Lafayette Indiana according to the 1900 census. Also listed in 1920 census as living at 52 West 67th in Chicago.  His wife, Emma H. is 33 years old and was born in Michigan, and he is 32 and is a train agent for a transfer company.   They had the following children:

Una K, age 6, born in Illinois
Homer  E, age 4 4/12, born in Illinois
Emma R, age 8/12, born in Ill.  

Edward DeHoff, age 39, born in Kentucky also was living with them at that time as a lodger.  

Homer B is listed in the 1930 census for Chicago where he is 42 years old.  Emma is 43, daughter Una K is 16, son Homer E is 14, and daughter Emma R is 4.  He is a clerk, tickets, for a railroad. Homer B. died in Orange County California. 

Homer E. Nebeker, born 1915 from Cook County Ill. enlisted in the air corp on 3 Feb. 1941.  He had completed 4 years high school, was a lab technician in motion pictures and a shipping clerk, single, height 67, weight 120. 

Homer Earl Nebeker, age 77, born 13 Aug 1915 died 31 Aug 1992 in Sarasota, Florida.  Lorraine Marie Nebeker, b 13 Feb 1917, died 2 June 1987 in Sarasota Florida.

His draft registration card lists a wife and two children.

He was married on 3 Sept 1912 in Grand Haven, Michigan. 

An Emma Nebeker, apparently Emma R, was born 19 Apr. 1919 in Cook County, Ill. 

Homer H. is listed das a transfer agent in the 1916 Chicago directory


Name:	Lizzie Nebeker	
Spouse:	N/A
Birth:		Abt. March 1889	
Death: 	Feb 17, 1891

The February 18, 1891 issue of the Decatur Daily Republic of Decatur Ill reports that “the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Nebeker died last night at 12 o’clock at the residence of the parents, 453 East Condit Street aged 23 months.  She was an only daughter.”  The Indiana Statewide death index pre 1916 lists Nebeker, Lizzie, 2/18/1891, I year old, Macon County.


Name:        Alma Nebeker
Birth:         Aug 1891

She was born in Illinois according to the 1900 census. At that time, they lived in Chicago. She maiy be the Mrs…. Kesla who is listed as a daughter at the time her mother died. (See Chicago Daily Tribune)


Name:        Martha J. Nebeker
Number:     9.8.9
Spouse:      Anderson Brugh
Birth:         1858
Death:        1923

Listed in the 1880 census as Mattie J, living with her parents in Tippecanoe, Indiana. 

Listed as being two years old in the 1860 census. She was born in Indiana. 

Married on 8 Dec 1880 in Tippecanoe County. 

Minnie, a daughter, born about 1883 married 27 Feb 1900, also in Tippecanoe County. 

They lived in Lafayette, Indiana. 


Name:        Joshua Lucas Nebeker
Number:     9.8.10
Spouse:      Ada Vienna Wildermuth
Birth:         Oct. 1861
Death:        8 Oct. 1924

The 1880 census lists him as Lucas J., born in Indiana, a farmer, living at Tippicanoe Indiana. He is listed in the 1900 Illinois census as born in Indiana and living at 6649 Greenwood Avenue in Chicago.  Ada was born in Sep. 1868 in Indiana. She was the daughter of George F and Carolina Cotner (or Beckley)  Wildermuth.  They were married on 26 Oct 1886 in Montgomery County Ind.  They had two children: Ethel and Raymond Lucas.  He is listed as being a railroad guard.  The 1910 census for Yakima Washington lists him as being 49 and Ada as being 39.  They had been married for 23 years at that time.  He is listed as a fruit farmer.  They also are listed in the 1920 census, and the 1930 census lists Ada as a 62-year old widow, living in Yakima.  Harry Diffendorfer, age 21, is a border living with her at that time. (See 9.8.1)

Lucas J. Nebeker, probably Joshua Lucas, is listed in the Chicago City directory for 1900 as a signalman.  An L. Nebeker is listed in the 1890 directory as a tel. opr. 

Joshua L. Nebeker, born about 1861 in Indiana enlisted in the army on June 2, 1883 at Kansas City.  His age was 21 ½  at the time.  He was from Rockville Indiana and was a tel. operator. He had gray eyes, a fair complexion and was 5ft 7 1/2 inches tall.  He served in the 5th Cavalry, Co. L and was discharged March 11, 1884 at Fort Clark.  His character was “good”.

Joshua Lucas died in Yakima, Washington, and Ada died 24 Feb. 1945, also in Yakima. Ada married John Long after Joshua died.  

Their daughter Ethel, or Georgia Ethel, was born 14 Dec 1887 in Chicago and died 1 Aug 1954 in Yakima.  She married Loran Ellsworth Pearson on 30 June 1915.  They had two children:

Delmar Loran, b 3 Aug 1919 in Yakima, Washington, and married 6 Mar 1943 to Ellen Louise Boyd.  They had four children:  Karen, Lori Lorinda, Ardith Lynn, and Delmar Loran Jr. 

Ruth Mirian, born 14 Aug 1921 and married 24 Nov. 1945 to William Henry 

She is listed in the 1911 Chicago directory as a stenographer. 


Name:        (Georgia) Ethel Nebeker
Spouse:      Loren E. Pearson
Birth:         6 or 14 Dec 1887 
Death:       1 Aug. 1954.

Born in Illinois according to the 1900 census. Born in Chicago and died in Yakima Washington.  Married on 30 June 1915 to Loran Ellsworth Pearson.  They had two children: 

Delmar Loran, b 3 Aug 1919 in Yakima, married 6 Mar. 1943 to Ellen Louise Boyd.  They had four children: Karen, Lori Lorinda, Ardith Lynn, and Delmar Loren, Jr. 

2) Ruth Miram, born 14 Aug 1921 and married 24 Nov. 1945 to William Henry Alcorn.


Name:        Raymond Lucas Nebeker
Spouse:      Dorothy Swindell/Golda Pearl Mitchell
Birth:         1 May 1890
Death:       26 Dec 1969

Born in Illinois (Chicago according to his wife’s passport application) according to the 1900 census. Married 26 June 1912 to Dorthy Swindel who died in June 1935 and on 11 Apr 1942 married  Golda Pearl Mitchell. They had one son, Gregory Lucas, born 27 April 1914 married on 29 Aug 1937 to Mary Glendoris Miller. Gregory L had three children: Timothy Lucas, born 27 Apr 1940, Gregory Robertson, b 2 Feb 1945, and Kathleen Virginia, b 6 Feb 1948. 

He is listed in the 1916 Chicago directory as a salesan. 

Raymond is listed in the 1920 census in Yakima Washington.  He is 29, and Dorothy’s age is unknown, and Greg is 5.  Greg was born in Illinois, and Dorothy in Minnesota. Raymond is a farm laborer on a fruit farm, and Dorothy is a clerk in a railroad office.  The family also appears in the 1930 census in Yakima.  Dorothy is age 38, Gregory L is 16, and Raymond is 39.  Raymond is listed as a fruit farmer. 

Raymond L. died in Yakima, as did Golda P.  She was 91 years old and died on 7 Jan. 1990. 

Gregory L. died on 1 Jan. 1994, age 79, in Yakima.  

Louise R. Nebeker, age 59, died 5 Oct. 1991 in Tacoma, and Lyle L, age 51, died 9 June 1994 in Renton, Washington. These appear to be a different family. 

He was a salesman living in Chicago when he registered for the draft. He served in the military during WWI.


Name:	Gregory Lucas Nebeker
Spouse: 	Mary Glendoris Miller

They were the parents of three children

Timothy Lucas, born 27 April 1940
Gregory Robertson, born 2 Feb 1945
Virginia born 6 Feb. 1948

Mary died on Nov. 28 2006 at the age of 94 in Yakima.  She was the daughter of Henry and Grace Miller. According to her obituary, Timothy Lucas died on 5 Sept 1957 in Yakima.  The obituary lists the other children as Greg Nebeker and Kathleen (John) Owen.  
Name: Maria Nebeker
Number: 9.8.11
Spouse: NA
Birth: abt. 1864
Death: 1864


Name:        Ellis Insley Nebeker
Number:    9.8.12
Spouse:     NA
Birth:         abt. 1866
Death:       1867


Name:        George Quinn Nebeker
Number:     9.8.13
Spouse:      NA
Birth:         abt. 1867
Death:        1867


Name:        Edgar Allen Nebeker
Number:     9.8.14
Birth:         30 June 1870

Twin to Anna Rebecca.


Name:        Anna Rebecca Nebeker
Number:     9.8.15
Spouse:      Emil Reyer
Birth:         30 June1870
Death:        April 4, 1951 At South Bend. 

They had a daughter, Miriam Constance , born 1895, who lived at South Bend.  She was the only child.  Anna Rebecca was the only surviving child of Lucas and Miriam Elisabeth.38

She is listed as being nine years old and born in Indiana in the 1880 census. 

Anna and Emil were married on 5 July 1894 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. 


Name:        Hannah Nebeker
Number:     9.9
Spouse:      William N. Thompson
Birth:         6 Feb 1821
Death:        25 Apr 1904

Hannah was born in Circleville Ohio and died in Crawfordsville, Indiana.  She married William N. Thompson of Crawfordville, Indiana on 28 Dec 1841 in Warren County Indiana15   He was born 28 July 1802 and died  Nov 4 1877.  In addition to their son, Charles, who was a lawyer in Indianapolis, they had a daughter, Mary, 28 who married Francis Dice (sometimes listed as Ferdinand Dill)16of Crawfordsville. Hannah was born in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio in 1821 and settled in Fountain County in 1823.  See Pioneer Ancestors of Members of the Society of Indiana Pioneers. She was married on December 28, 1841 according to the Indiana Marriages database.   The 1840 census lists Hannah as head of household with one person employed in agriculture.  It shows one male, 5-10, one male 20-30, 1 female 10-15, one female 15-20, one female 20-40, and one female 60-70.  Marguerite Dice applied for membership in the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution based on the false assumption that John Nebeker was really Hans.  Consequently, she really didn’t deserve membership based on that ancestry.  Hannah is buried in the Nebeker plot of the old cemetery at Covington. 

Their children were all born in Covington and include:

Mary Frances, born 3 Sep 1847
Emily Jay
Willie, born 1852, died 1861
Charles Nebeker, b 1861, d1949 (no children)

Mary Frances Thompson married Francis M. Dice on Dec 28, 1871.  He was born in 1845 and died in 1906 and was a reporter for the State Supreme Court and also a member of the Indian Senate from Fountain and Warren Counties from 1876 to 1879.  Their children were:

Edna Mary Dice, born 1873, married Charles M. Robertson
	Charles M. Robertson Jr married Alice Kimmel of Cincinnati
		Mary Alice, married Robert Jenning
		Ann Married Charles Thompson
Florence, born 1882, married Ford Carman
	Frances M. Carmen Agnew of Pittsburgh
		Phoebe, married Ed Bradford of Tampa
		Jane, married Tom Bradford of California
Marguerite, born June 19, 1884, died Sept 24, 1969.  She never married. 

Charles Nebeker Thompson married Julie Conner and lived in Indianapolis.  They had no children. (See Indianapolis Star for occasional references to them)

See information from Covington in Robert Nebeker folder. 


Name:        Elizabeth Nebeker
Number:    10
Birth:         26 Dec 1774
Death:       25 August 1812

Elizabeth was born 26 December 1774 according to the Stidham genealogy and died on Aug.25, 1812.  She married Captain Jonas Stidham on Feb. 25, 1794 at the Old Swedes Church.  (See film 0006420, Delaware Marriages) and, according to some sources, later married Aquila Robinson. 15 There is, however, a question as to whether the second marriage is true or if this is a mixup with her sister Ann’s marriage to a Robinson and their son Aquilla. Stidham history is available in the Salt Lake City Library and an extensive history is available on the internet which has been used for the discussion of her descendents.  She lived in Christiana Hundred and died in Newcastle County Delaware.  She is thought by some to have preceded her husband in death since she had no part in the settlement of his estate.16 This appears to contradict her second marriage mentioned above.  George Nebeker mentions her in his will as Elizabeth Stedman and leaves money for her, so she was still alive in 1797 and apparently had not remarried at that time.  Henry Nebeker’s  will (see No. 7) lists Mary, her oldest child, and her son John.  John apparently went west and settled in Covington, Indiana with some of the Nebeker family.  She was married to Jonas on 2/25/1794 at the Old Swedes Church by Joseph Clarkson.  Her daughter Mary married John H Boys.  His brother, Abraham, married Mary Allen, widow of Aquilla (No. 1.5).  John and Mary’s son, John, were married 18 Feb 1819 at the Old Swedes Church.  Note dates appear to be in error.  The Harkness file information could be a birthdate.  Their children are listed on the index. The information on this family is often contradictory, and the information on the Stidham Website has been used here extensively without trying to verify the information. 

She died on 25 Aug 1812 in Newcastle Delaware. 

Jonas as the son of Jon Johan Stedman and Catharine Henrickson. 


Name:        Mary Stidham
Number:    10.1
Spouse:     John H. Boys
Birth:        28 May 1795
Death:       12 June 1829

Mary Stidham was born May 28, 1795 and died 12 June 1829.  She married John H Boys on Feb. 18.1819.  He died in Philadelphia. See Delaware Genealogies and Stidham website. John was born on Dec. 22, 1795 and died in Pennsylvania. 

Their children were:

Jonas Stidham Boys, born 2 Nov. 1819 in Newport Delaware and died 6 June 1872 in Dayton Ohio.  He married Sarah Taylor,  and they had the following children:

Mary Etta, Anna E., Sarah, and Carolina (Nelly)

Nathan Hiland Boys, born 10 Mar. 1822 at Newport  or possibly Darby Pennsylvania and died 8 Feb 1902 in Indiana.  He married Sarah Maple Shaffner and they had the following children:

Franklin, Matilda, John Finley, Susannah, Benjamin Franklin, Harriet H., Sarah Elisabeth, and Morton (1865-1949) .  Morton’s daughter Edna Maple Christina Boys (b 1898) married Robert S. Hurtt.  She was the author of the Nebeker article printed in the Utah Genealogical Society Magazine. 

  3. Joseph Henry, born 6 Sept 1824 in Newport.  And married to Matilda Shaefer on 17 Apr. 1843.

Isaac Elleolery, born 26 Nov. 1826 and died in 1826 in Newport.

Mary Elizabeth, born 27 April 1831

Sarah Jane, born 3 Dec 1832 and married to Lewis Henry Talley.  They had the following children:

Laura Virginia, Harriet L, Harry, and Lewis Henry

Priscilla, born 18 Sept 1834 and died 29 Sep 1835

8.  Isabella, born 18 Sep 1834 and married to Benjamin Douglass on 1 Jan 1851


Name: 	William Stidham
Number:  	10.2	
Spouse:	NA
Birth:		21 Dec. 1796
Death:	17 Nov. 1797

See Stidham Website. 


Name:        Joseph L. Stidham
Number:     10.3
Spouse:      Elizabeth Reynolds
Birth:         30 Sep 1798

Joseph was born on 30 Sep 1798 and married Elizabeth on 4 Feb 1824.  See Delaware Genealogies and Stidham Website. 

His children were:

Jonas Benjamin, born 26 Mar 1827 in Delaware and died 24 Nov. 1876 (See Holy Trinity Church Records).  He married Eleanor Brynberg Forman on 4 Mar. 1851.  They had the following children:

Elizabeth Reynolds, born 30 Jan. 1853 in Delaware.
Anna Brynberg, born 20 April 1854 in Delaware.
Mary, born 25 April 1857 in Delaware, died young
Sarah Robinson, born 20 Oct. 1858 in Delaware
Joseph, born 23 Nov. 1862, died young

Rebecca, born about 1830 and married to Wilson Hilyard.


Name:        John H. Stidham
Number:     10.4
Spouse:      Lydia Donough Pennington/Matilda …/Mrs. Cecilia Bonbrake.
Birth:         4 Jan. 1800	
Death:        Jun 1878

John was born in Newcastle County Delaware and died in Cissna Park, Ill or near Covington Indiana. Records regarding him are often contradictory. . Some records show he married Lucy Donaough Pennington as his first wife and later Lydia, although this may be an error.  He apparently moved to the midwest with some of his Nebeker relatives. See Delaware Genealogies and Stidham website for more information. Children from each family were:

Married to Lydia McDonough Pennington 15 Jan. 1822 in Newport:

Hannah McDonough, b 12 April 1823 in Newcastle County Delaware and married to Theodore Monroe Gilbert on 22 Apr 1843 in Covington, Indiana. 


John Stidham Gilbert, Evaline Jane Jones Gilbert (See 10.5), Caroline Gilbert, Hannah Jane Gilbert, Erastus Perry Gilbert, Abigail Gilbert, Charles Pusey Gilbert, Phoebe Francis Gilbert, Nancy Alice Gilbert, Dwight Munsen Gilbert, Edwin Stanton Gilbert, and Homer Monroe Gilbert. 

Elizabeth Jane, born about 1825 and married on 13 Sep. 1848 in Fountain County Indiana to Amos Bishop. 

	Children:  John S., Hannah L., and Ida Melissa

Edmond, born about 1826 and married to Carolyn Hawkins. 

Children:  John Hawkins, Emma, Thomas, Jane (Jennie), Jonas Pusey, Elmer Nebeker, and Fowler Bishop

Married to Matilda in Cissna Park Ill.  She married (2)….Hawkins

Married Cecila Bonbrake in Cissna Park Ill. 


Name:        Ann Robinson Stidham
Number:     10.5
Spouse:      Charles Pusey
Birth:         3 Dec 1802
Death:        31 Jan 1875

Ann was born in Wilmington Delaware in 1802 and died in 1875.  She married Charles Pusey on 1 Feb.1827.  The spouses and children of their people are listed in Delaware Genealogies, the Stidham Website, and correspondence from Mrs. Fannie Lewis of Pocatello to the Delaware Historical Society available in the Robert Nebeker file. 

Children are: 	
Caleb Joshua, married Harriet and had a son William H b1849 who married Mary Stevens and had a daughter Minerva.

Jonas Stidham, born 12 Feb 1831 in Chickester, PA. Married to Sarah Worrall in 1858 in Philadelphia.  They later moved to Illinois. They had a daughter, Anna Stidham , born 4 Oct. 1862.  Anna Stidham Pusey married Byran G. Lane.  Their daughter, Fannie F. Lane, born in 1893 married Charles Leslie Lewis of Pocatello Idaho.  Various letters from Mrs. Lewis regarding Stidham family history are available in the Delaware State Historical Library.  See Robert Nebeker for copies. Another daughter, Fannie, was born in 1863, and a third daughter of Jonas and Sarah, Mary L, was born on 17 May 1860 and died 11 Sept. 1860. Fannie was a twin to Annie.  The twins were born in Ill. Other children wereJohn Pusey, who married Adelaide Crandal, Grace and Joseph. 

Charles Henry, born about 1832/33, married to Evaline Jane Jones Gilbert in Dec 1863. (See 10.4)  She was born in Covington, Ind.  They had no children.  She was his cousin.. 

Anna Wickersham (1833-18 Mar 1904), married Lou Larkin.  They had three children:  Charles, b 9 Apr 1865 and married to Anna Marge Osborn; Lewis M. b 10 Feb 1868 and died 16 Mar 1921; and Susan  (12 July 1871-15 May 1957).  Susan was not married. They lived in Pennsylvania. 

Susan Parvin (1840 to after 1908), who married Benjamin Rogers and lived in Texas.  They had a daughter, Susan Rogers.

Charles Pusey was born about 1798 in Wilmington. 


Name: 	Jonas Stidham
Number:	10.6
Spouse:	NA	
Birth:		8 Aug. 1805
Death:	17 Mar. 1806

See the Stidham Website for this information.


Name:	Jonas Stidham
Number:	10.7
Spouse:	NA
Birth:		7 Aug. 1807
Death:	24 Aug. 1807

See the Stidham Website for this information.


Name:  	David George Stidham
Number:  	10.8
Spouse: 	Esther Ochetree/Susan Winager
Birth:		29 June 1808
Death:	18 Aug. 1879

David was born in New Castle County Delaware and is buried in Wheeler Grove, Pottawattamee County, Iowa.  He married Esther Ochetree about 1834 and Susan Winager on 24 Dec. 1846. David and Esther had three children whose names are unknown, and also William and Esther Ann.  See Delaware Genealogies and the Stidham Website. 

Their known children were: David and Ester Ochetree: 

William M. born 18 Feb 1835 in Wilmington and died 2 Dec. 1916
Ester Ann, born 28 Aug. 1839 in Indiana.  Married (1) Oliver Hopkins, (2) Benjamin Denton, and (3) Socrates Williams.  She and Benjamin had children named Matilda Ann, Mary Bancheta, and Hannah J. She and Socrates had a child named David George.

Children of David and Susan Ann Winager were: 

Rhoda Ann, born 31 Jan. 1848 in Utah.  Married George Washington Gallop on 12 Mar. 1865. Their children were.  George William, David O, Frank E., Annie, Hattie, Luella, Kittie, Blanche, Clarence Stidham, and Percy.

Ruth Elizabeth, born 3 Oct 1849 in Monroe County, Iowa.  Married (1) William Henry Osler on 7 May 1868 and had the following children: Clara Ann, Ida Mae, Alda Jane, Florence Rosalie (Rose), Elizabeth, Susan E., and William Charles.
Married (2) John Ashton Wickersham on 5 Sept 1880 and had the following children:  Mayme, Grace Alverta, and Ralph McKinley.

Matilda M. born 23 April, 1851 in Wheeler Grove, Iowa and died 31 August 1853. 

Sarah Caroline, born 21 May 1853 in Wheeler Grove.  Died 20 Jan. 1935. Married John Wesley Johnson and had the following children: Rosetta Ann, Edyth L., John D., Franklin E., George W, Frances C, and Suzie. 

Ellen Elmira, born 13 June 1855 in Wheeler Grove and died 9 Feb 1929. Married Solomon Dillared on 22 Dec 1876. 

Mary Melissa (Nancy), born 21 Oct. 1858 at Wheeler Grove and died 3 Nov. 1950.  Married (1) Lealander McCullough in 1874.  Children were. John W. and Algernon L. Married (2) Finis Ewing Pershall about 1880.  Children were Susan Alma, Alice Evelyn, Bertie, Vernon Garrett, Married (3) Charles Berry about 1938.

Johanna Mae, born 7 Apr 1859 in Macedonia, Iowa, died 21 April 1927.  Married James William Hartness on 23 Dec 1879.  Children were: Arthur Elisha, Wilford E., Bertha Evelyn, Susan Jane, Walter Samuel, Floyd John and Edna Alice. 

Cordelia Jane, born 9 Feb1863 in Wheeler Grove and died 19 Feb. 1930.  Married to Asa Franklin DeHart.  Children were Lura Mae, Charles Wesley, Irwin Raymond, Lillie, Irene, Arthur David, Albert Benjamin, Edward Carl, and Hazel Evelyn.

Alice Loretta, born 14 Mar. 1864 in Wheeler Grove and died 19 Feb. 1909.  Married William Riley McDowell on 29 June 1884.  Children were Samuel Glen, Susie Olive, John Leonard, Ross Elmer, Ruth Isabel, a son, and Vera Hazel.

Samuel Jonas, born 12 Dec. 1866 and died 19 Aug 1877, buried in Wheeler 

David moved to Fountain County about 1842-44.  He went to Utah with the Nebeker brothers but supposedly wouldn’t obey Mormon laws and was threatened with death.  Consequently her returned to Monroe County Iowa where he lived.


Name:  	Elizabeth R. Stidham
Number: 	10. 9
Spouse: 	Samuel Goodley
Birth:		8 Oct. 1810
Death:	9 Dec1882

Born in Christiana Hundred in Delaware, and died in Chickester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. 

They had the following children:

Charles Pusey Goodley, born 19 Oct 1834
Ann Pusey Goodley, born 21 Nov 1836
William Slater Goodley, born 13 Nov 1838
Mary Phillips Goodley born 13 Oct 1840
Elizabeth Goodley, born 12 May 1844
Samuel Goodley, born 8 Oct 1845
Samuel Goodley, born 28 Aug 1847
Jonas Goodley, born 3 June 1850
Lewis H. Goodley, born 7 Aug 1851
Sallie Belle Goodly, born 12 Aug 1853

See Stidham Webpage for this information. 

See number 10.5 for the name Pusey.


Carrie A Nebeker (or Annie D or H) was married, probably in Newport, on December 11, 1887 to J. D. C. Hanna.  They had a son, Clifford Reed Hanna, born 10/28/1896 and died Jul. 1962.  She died in 1932, according to the Kelso Methodist Church.  She had gone to the Episcopal Church.  Her funeral was at St. Paul’s Church in Wilmington.  It is not clear who she is. Her husband, John, was a minister in the Newport area. Is she a daughter of John M? 

Lucy Nebeker, born 1868 in Virginia (Black), servant to Edwin Grubb, Banister, Halifax Virginia. Grandson William Hedderly also living there along with Jane Wood, cook, see 1880 census where she is listed as being 12 years old.  

NE Nebecker, born 1845 in Ohio. Works on railroad. Wife, Matilda Nebeker age 29. NE’s father and mother both born in Ohio.  Wife’s father born in Vermont, mother in New York.  See 1880 census.  He is living at Delphos, Allen Ohio.  She was born in Indiana

Richard R Nebeker, wife Mary, daughters Elisabeth and Hannah.  Age 39 in 1850 census, with Mary being 37, Elisabeth 10, and Hannah 8.  Parents born in Ohio, children in Indiana.  Living in Warren County Indiana in 1850 where he worked as a ferryman.  Also living there were, Joseph Colton, Farmer, 25, b PA, Elias Murphy, 25, day laborer, age 25, born Ind, Sarah Butler, 18, born in Ohio. See film 442956

Charity Nebeker, listed in 1900 Delaware census, widow born Jan or June 1856, age 44, single.  Born in Pennsylvania, living in Wilmington.  Others in household are Maud Johnson, born May 1875, age 25, Helen Nebeker, born Aug 1895, age 4, born in Delaware, relationship, adopted daughter.  Maud born in Delaware as was her mother, her father born in Pennsylvania.  Maud is a bookkeeper.  Helen’s parents were born in Delaware. The 1910 census seems to correct this to Mary Nebeker, age 53, widow, with Helen, an adopted daughter age 14.  Mary and her parents were born in Pennsylvania.  Mary is a cook for a family.  Could be widow of Philadelphia Aquila, Mary Emma Talley, but dates don’t totally match.

Nebeker, Maurie,  age 38, born Iowa living at 6436 Bosworth Ave, Chicago.
Ilvina Nebeker, wife, age 25, born Michigan, Eileen, daughter, age 4, born Ill. See 1920 census.  He was born in Iowa, as was his father.  She is Polish.  He works as a salesman.

John Nebeker who purchased 72 acres of land for $2000 from John Patterson and wife as recorded in June 30, 1888 Denton Journal of Denton Maryland.

Jno. And George E Nebeker of Philadelphia.  See Aquila descendents. 

Kiah Kahava Nebeker, married Mary Martha (Mattie) Grahm on 24 April 1903 She was born 8 Sept 1872 in Covington. He is listed in the 1910 census in Salt Lake along with his wife Mattie G. and children Mildred, 11, Adaline M, 7 and Leona, 3.  He is 65 (possible error, see below); she is 37.  They have been married 12 years.  He was born in the Sandwich Islands (i.e., Hawaii) and she is from Indiana.  The children were born in Utah.  He is a teamster, doing railroad work.  In the 1920 census, they are again listed in Salt Lake.  He is 57, wife Mary is 47, Adelaina is 16,Marabene is 12, and Winifrede is 8.  He died on 26 Dec 1931 and is buried in the Salt Lake cemetery. He was born on 15 Nov. 1862. 

Charles A. Nebiker, ( Nebacher, Nebachar, Nebacar, Nebacur, Nebuchar, Nebucker, Nebucar) Sergeant in Company F, Regiment I, Ohio Infantry in Civil War from Greene County, Ohio.  This is the Xenia Ohio area where William Nebeker descendents lived, but no Charles A. is shown. Not clear if he is part of our family.  Entered as sergeant, discharged as a private. 

Anna, 38 years old in 1910, born near Danville, Vermillion County, living with F. Hi Chisley, Wales, Indiana.  Possibly wife of Elbert,

Mary Nebeker, born Dec 1864 in Indiana listed in 1900 census and enumerated with William M. Barnet, her cousin. 

Frank Nebeker, b 2 Jul 1892, died Jul 1977 at Veterans home, Napa, CA

John Nebeker and wife Nelly.  John was born in 1858 and Nelly in 1869.  John’s father born in Wales and mother in Scotland.  Nelly’s parents born in England.  Elisabeth Brier? Sister in law, b 1876 in England living in Manhattan with them in 1900.

Elmer Nebeker, in the 1930 census for Diamond Ridge Colorado.  He is a lodging servant, age 29 and single.  Born in Nebraska, parents born in Nebraska.  Also works as a laborer on a farm.  

Howard Nibecker, living in Santa Clara California in 1920.  Wife Francis and son Howard A. also living there.  Howard Sr. born in Washington, 25 years old.  Father born in New York, mother in Tennessee.  Works in a distillery. Wife born in Washington, her father in Illinois and her mother in Wisconsin.  Howard A. is 2/12, born in California. 

Cornelius B., 24, Siskiyou, California.  Father born in Oregon.  Wife Bertha M., 21.  He was born in Oregon, she in California.  His father born in New York, his mother in Oregon.  He is a machinist in a railroad shop.

Lawrence Elmer Bower, b 19 Apr 1870 in Illinois.  Died 28 June 1940 in Kern, CA.  Mother’s maiden name Nebeker

Maude Keeny, b 14 Mar 1880 in CA, died 1 Mar 1959 in Sacramento.  Mother’s maiden name Nebeker

Ellen M , b 14 Sept 1877 in CA and died 2 April 1967 in Alameda, maiden name Murrie

Marie B Nebeker, b 25 Nov. 1890 in Minnesota, died 12 Jan 1969 in Los Angeles, mother’s maiden name Leduc

Ralph E. Nebeker, died 27 Oct 1907 in Troy Township age 10 days. 

Vena Nebaker, wife of John Burk, 1897, Monroe County Indiana. 

J Nebker, Civil War Confederate soldier from Virginia.  Served in Co. H, 54th Virginia Militia

Lydia Anderson Nebeker who married William Newman on 11 Jul. 1832 in Friedricksburg Virginia

Benjamin Nebeker died Nov 1905 in Philadelphia.  Born in Ireland, as were his father and mother.  Occupation, weaver.  Address 2032 E. Hazzard St., Philadelphia.  Buried 22 Nov. 1905 in the New Cathedral Cemetery. 

Miscellaneous Notes

The Old Swedes Church in Wilmington was built in 16 98.  Records were originally in Swedish, but by 1773, they were written in English.  It was placed under the jurisdiction of the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1791.  St. James at Newport was built in 1767.  It was abandoned before 1810 and burned in 1819.  Services began again in 1855.  The oldest legible tombstone is that of Harry Frist, who died in 1821.  St. James church in Stanton was started in July 4, 1677.  Church was held in 1716.  It was repaired in 1729 and burned in 1820.  A new church was available in 1823.  The oldest inscription is the tomb of John Armstrong who died on 11/23/1726.  The Episcopal Church in Newport is an off shoot of the Church known as St. James at White Clay Creek, erected as early as 1716, with an opening service of July 4, 1717.   It is now known as St. James P. E. Church of Stanton. During the process of the Newport Church, the Revolutionary War broke out and the building work was halted.  What there was of it, was used as headquarters for the Army and as stables.

The Swedes came to Delaware in 1638.  Two ships arrived in 1638.  Some of the immigrants were Finns, and Finland was part of Sweden at that time.  Some were also Dutch.  They were of the Lutheran Religion.  Those who came could either stay or return to Sweden.  In 1655, the Dutch took over New Sweden, and in 1667, the English took over New Amsterdam and the Dutch controlled area of America..  William Penn and other Dutch Quakers came to America in 1671.  Prior to coming, Penn went up the Rhein River as far as Kirsheim or Krisheim near Mannheim, trying to find settlers to come to America with him.  William Penn came to America in 1682 and settled near Newcastle, Delaware.  By 1681, the population of this area was about 1000.  About 3, 667 people landed at the port of Newcastle between 1729 and 1735.  By 1720, there were 500 houses in the City of Newcastle.  

The house on John Street in Newport was built in 1734 and is now (2000) owned by Frank Walker.  The other house by the church in Newport was built about 1803 when the large buttonwood or Sycamore tree was planted in the front yard.  It has since been destroyed. 


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