The Nebeker Family in America

The following document presents a list of descendents of Hans and Mariah Stillie Nebiker, originally of Newport Delaware.  Associated information regarding family members is presented where available.

Hans Nebiker is the first known person of that name to arrive in America.  Extensive circumstantial evidence ties him to Johannes Nebiker, born in Eptingen Switzerland on 5 October 1727.  He and his married sister, Anna Maria Schaffner, migrated to America.  A companion volume contains the existing information known about the Nebiker family in Switzerland.  

Hans lived in Newport and Stanton Delaware, where he died around 1782 or later.  He was the father of seven sons and three daughters.  Following his death, Mariah remarried a Justison, but little is known of that couple. Most of the Nebeker’s in America today, with the exception of those who retain the Swiss spelling of Nebiker, are descendents of Hans and Mariah. 

The information in this document is gathered from published histories, census records, church records and other sources as available.  There are noticeable errors and inconsistencies in the information that will have to be corrected as more information becomes available.  The listing of descendents is based on information assembled by Shirley Swenson who has done most of the research on the family here in Americas.  Additions to her information have been made where available.   In addition to the written history, pictures, biographies, special material, and other information for these family members is available in a set of files retained by Robert L. Nebeker.

The Nebeker Family Book, published by the Nebeker Family Organization, contains a wealth of information regarding the five Nebeker brothers who moved to Utah in 1847 with the Mormon pioneers and also some information regarding other family members.   Because of the readily available information in that book, information regarding the families of these five brothers is not included to a significant degree here.  Questions or corrections to the information should be sent to Robert L. Nebeker, 3833 Marlene St., Idaho Falls, ID  83406.

Nebeker Family Members

Hans Nebiker and Maria Stillie

1.John Nebeker/Mary Sinex

1.1George Nebeker/Susannah Meredith

1.1.1Mary Ann  Nebeker/Aaron Smith Smith/Levi McPherson McPherson McPherson/Tom Morgan Smith/James Guffey O. Guffey/Allie Jones E. Guffey/Mary Telford M. Guffey/Charles Willoughby A. Guffey Guffey/Gertrude… Smith Smith Smith Carlos Smith/Martha Boardman R Smith W Smith/Anna Bergener Smith/Ivy A. Smith/Hershey What… Smith/Allie Lee Hay… Smith Smith Smith Smith/Jacob Higgins (Nora) Higgins/Alden Davey Higgins/Mabel lHoward Higgins/Harlin Hadley

1.1.2 John Nebeker/Lurena Fitzgerald/Mary Woodcock* Perry Nebeker/Sarah Ivina McKean/Margaret McGarvey/Phoebe Tingey Nebeker/Delia Llane Nebeker/Jane Ann Smith/Jane Elizabeth Bunker Nebeker/Lucy Adelia Pratt/Elizabeth Theobald Nebeker/Christopher Stokes Nebeker Nebeker Jane Nebeker/Frederick Eldredge Nebeker Nebeker/Erastus Snow Richards Laura Lurena Nebeker/Elias Smith Jacob Nebeker Aquila Nebeker/Hortense Price Haight Richard Nebeker Encora Lurena Nebeker* William Woodcock Nebeker* Alfred Woodcock Nebeker*/Elizabeth Snowball Sara Ann Nebeker*/Alma Findlay Susannah Adelia Nebeker* George Washington Nebeker*/Annie Wilcox Mary Luella Nebeker* Zettie May Nebeker*/Manassa Kearl

1.1.3Aquila Nebeker/Naomi Wright Johnson (Nebeker)/ Henry Dana Washburn Washburn Washburn Washburn K. Nebeker Nebeker Nebeker/John Q. Washburn Marie Washburn Nebeker Washburn/Mary Melvina Hazelett Hazelett Washburn/Frances Fulton Nebeker/Nelson Crooks Anderson Sheldon Anderson/Florence Ann McWhinney Nebeker/Susan Staats Nebeker/Howard Livingston Louise Nebeker Nebeker/Charles Whitcomb Almira Nebeker/John Henry Bogart Bogart/DeWitt C Schaff B Schaff Melissa Schaff Nebeker Bogart/Mabel Emma Brown Elizabeth Bogart/James S Royse Royse S Royse III Isabel Bogart/Anthony G Blake G Blake Jr. Isabelle Blake Nebeker/Mary Ida Wilson Bassett Nebeker who died on birthday Edmond Nebeker/Edna L Newton Myrtle Alma Nebeker/Oscar T Bassett Nebeker Bassett/Myra Giles Powers Hathaway Bassett/Hal M. Daugherty Daugherty/ …Ellis Daugherty/…Tinucj Daugherty Jr. Giles Bassett/Mr. McGovern McGovern Wasserberger Avery Basset/Charles B. Hammond Anna Nebeker Byrd  Aquilla Nebeker/Ida Morehead/Katherine Acker Morehead Nebeker/Virginia Elizabeth Walsh/Mary… Morehead Nebeker/Henry Thomas Mudd/William Bayley Coberly Seeley Mudd II/Shirley G Wintersmith Mudd/Alexandria Rome Thomas Mudd Jr Kingston Mudd Bell Mudd/Palmer Brown Madden Morris (Queenie) Nebeker/Dexter Roundy Mapel SR Roundy Mapel Jr/Grace Ann Miller Morehead Mapel Miller Mapel/Jo Ellen Hertzler Jameson Mapel Lee Mapel Weber Mapel Mrris Mapel Mrris Mapel/Lecia Gwen Harber Ann Mapel/Chandler Brown Aquilla Nebeker /Ruth Larkin Young Byrd Nebeker/Rose Messina Habel Elizabeth Larkin Nebeker

1.1.4Henry Nebeker/Florence Wood/Ann van Wagoner/Rebecca Heaton* Havens Nebeker Henry Havens Nebeker/Selina Mary Boulton Henry Nebeker Jr./Emeretta Monk Ann Nebeker Halmagh Nebeker/Sarah Ellen Price Bert Nebeker Wiley Nebeker/Annie Helen Lindsay Franklin Nebeker/Annie Egbert/Della Eveland/Myrtle Schulenburg/Cora Lee Wesley Nebeker/Fannie Vincent/Lillian Kevern May Nebeker Edwin Nebeker/Rebecca Runolfson Nebeker/Leo Pettingill Nebeker Nebeker Nebeker Ann Havens Nebeker/Bradley Barlow Wilson Elizabeth Wilson Wilson/Minnie Christensen Jeppson Wilson/Charles William Cowley W. Wilson Bradley Wilson/Sarah Wall/Martha Hensen/Margaret Jensen Wilson/Edward Erickson Wilson Wilson/James Brindley Wilson/Clara Orrock Chase Wilson/Laura Emma Odgen Wilson/Lila Jensen Nebeker Nebeker Sr/Mary Adelma Dixon Jane Nebeker Nebeker Nebeker Jr./Miranda Shuler S. Nebeker/Melba Black Nebeker/Ron Kirk Lee Kirk Kirk Kirk Edward Kirk Kirk Nebeker /Nick Spencer Ammon Spencer Geoffrey Spencer George Spencer Lee Nebeker/Shirley Hansen Robert Nebeker Lee Nebeker Leonard Nebeker Ammon Nebeker Ann Nebeker Nebeker Robert Nebeker Nebeker Nebeker/Melvin Wilson Berkley Wilson/Geraldine Beck/Winnie … Wilson/Ben Toone Wilson/Francisus Voordeckers Wilson Wilson Volmer Nebeker/Minerva Bingham Nebeker/Clifford Christensen Nebeker Christensen Christensen Christensen Jane Christensen Christensen Jean Christensen Christensen Christensen Bingham Nebeker/Evelyn Hoskisson Nebeker Von Nebeker Thomas Nebeker Wayne Nebeker Bertram Nebeker/Ruth Peterson Nebeker/Mansford Oyler Evan Nebeker Nebeker Washington Nebeker/Lucinda Melissa Haws Washington Nebeker Jr./Emily Milett Nebeker/John Walter Fry Nebeker/Seth Ricks Blackburn Nebeker/John Emery Simmons Gay Nebeker/Clara Hanson Nebeker/Charles Dixon Douglas Nebeker/Willard LeRoy Robins Lynes Nebeker/Martha Alice Pope Nebeker/Henry Franklin Sargent Sargent/Charles Winward Sargent/Joseph Barnett Nebeker/William Henry Pickering Ann Pickering/Samuel Edward Taylor Henry Pickering/Ruth Matilda Pace Adelma Pickering Truman Pickering/Lola Wright Wesley Pickering/Martha Jane Cloward Inez Pickering Pickering Pickering/Wilford James Ellsworth Nebeker Jr/Mary Elizabeth Tanner/Mary Ada Bahr Emery Nebeker Nebeker Elizabeth Nebeker/Robert Kelsey Davis Zoe Nebeker Fern Nebeker/Lawrence Wall Rea Nebeker Lansay Nebeker/Jesse Boyd Hone Benair Nebeker Lavar Nebeker Fontella Nebeker Bernice Nebeker/James Neilson/William Donovan Nebeker/Elmer Oleson LaVeld Nebeker/George Cowley/Walter Petersen LaFawn Nebeker/Edmund Latey Jr. Nebeker Nebeker Glen Nebeker Lovina Heaton Nebeker*/Frank Murray Lauretta Murray/William McCarty Murray Murray Raymond Murray Murray Manning Murray Murray Samuel Meredith Nebeker/Mary Eliza Clark Clyde Nebeker/Dora Maude Fillmore Nebeker Nebeker/Allen Kirkman Henry Nebeker Nebeker/L. Talbot/William Horback Nebeker/Herman Wanman Nebeker Jedadiah Nebeker Wilford Franklin Nebeker/Cynthia Benson F. Nebeker/Marjorie Tucker H. Nebeker/Elizabeth Valentine Bates Nebeker/Evera Morgan B. Nebeker/Leona Bates Van Nebeker/Flossie Noffsinger Weldon Nebeker/Hannah Burton Nebeker/Asael Dilworth Nebeker/Reed Johnson K. Nebeker/Ina Stanger Nebeker/Garth Morrill Maggie Alberta Nebeker/Ole Dastrup Fern Dastrup/Samuel H. Chidester Henry Dastrup/Rhoda Taylor Hans Dastrup/Nellie Okerland Dastrup/Wilford Allen/Janes Sorenson Ole Dastrup/Bernice Cosgrove Daughter Nebeker Frances Maude Nebeker/Peter Wall Louisa Wall/George M. Benson Dora Selina Nebeker/August Malmquist Malmquist/Grover Snedeger Malmquist/William Barron Nebeker Malmquist/Florence Ray Malmquist/Carl Sevy Malmquist/Layfayette Gledhill Malmquist/Berkley Anderson

1.1.5William Nebeker

1.1.6Washington Nebeker/Susannah McClain/Emily Douglas* Nebeker/James M Bowen Elmer Bowen Nebeker Bowen Nebeker/John Nathan Beers G. Beers Beers Beers C Beers/Delia Lottie Nebeker (Daughter of Almira Nebeker/George Washington Davidson Davidson N Davidson Meredith Davidson/Norma Catherine Love Coulter Davidson Nebeker Aquilla Nebeker*/Mattilda H. White Layton John Nebeker/Gertrude Elizabeth McGregor Nebeker Nebeker/Margaret E. Kinkaid Kenneth Nebeker G. Nebeker Nebeker/John A. Stewart or Malcomb Stewart C Nebeker

1.1.7Peter Nebeker/Elizabeth Davis/Mary Maria Davis*/Elizabeth Knott Elizabeth Nebeker/John Redmond Conyngham/George Facer Alma  Nebeker/Lucy Ann Arnold/Esther Jane Owens Maria Nebeker*/Aaron Freeman Farr Davis Nebeker Nebeker/Joseph Gordon Nicholas Washington Nebeker Nebeker/Agnes Jane Perry Nebeker/Alice Adelaide Lowe Nebeker Naomi Nebeker/John Alfred Edwards Luella Elmira Nebeker Cloe Nebeker/William Sterling Mason Alfreda Nebeker George Washington Nebeker

1.1.8Samuel Nebeker/Permelia Jane Wilson Nebeker Ellen Nebeker/Samuel T. Rock L. Rock/Frank Bosley A. Rock T. Rock Rudolph Nebeker/Rosa Susie Towell Nebeker/Montgomery Auble D Auble/Ann Shepherd Auble Auble Auble Auble Auble Mable Auble/Jim Nagley Nagley Auble/Clarence Kenney Kenney Auble/Ivy Bath Auble Auble Auble Auble Auble Orilda Nebeker/Thomas L. Barnes A. Barnes Alton Barnes Barnes Barnes Langleydee Barnes Barnes Barnes M. Barnes/Fred Warshauer Warshauer/Eugene Grey Carson Nebeker/Elizabeth Price Ruth Nebeker/…Roush Harold Nebeker/Pauline Benson Nebeker/… Griffin L. Nebeker Nebeker Wilson Nebeker/Emma Summers Gladys Nebeker/William Barnes Irene Nebeker/Earl Simmons Mae Nebeker/Guy Moss Laverne Nebeker/Lorena Nett/Alice Bacon Nett Nett Marie Nebeker/Oran or Ogden Myers Myers/Nancy Strathern Myers Myers Bell Nebeker/Roy Nett Pearl Nebeker Darell Nebeker/Alma Fearrell Nebeker/Hereford Hicker Retta Nebeker/Jack Bolt Bolt/Eugene Mc?Comick/Eugene Geringer/Jess Kinser Geringer/John Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Geringer/Janet Chamblain Geringer Bolt/Joan Mathias/ Jennie Garrett Bolt Bolt Bolt Marion Nebeker/LeRoy Scott Jane Nebeker/Charles Hamblin Cutter/Ross House Hamblin Cutter Jr. Eastman Cutter J. Cutter (or Lola R)/…Fuller Jane Fuller Etta Nebeker/Charles Everett Mooers Mooers Beth Mooers Carlisle Mooers Douglas Mooers Mooers M Mooers Mooers Frank Orlando Nebeker/Ellen Majord Hamilton Nebeker Edward Nebeker Nebeker Nebeker/,,,Simonette Simonette H Nebeker/Harriet Cathcard Edward Nebeker Ellen Nebeker Elizabeth Nebeker/Robert Hoedel Hoedel Hoedel Mae Nebeker/James L Potter  Potter/William Wieking Wieking Jr Wieking Wieking Wieking Wieking Wieking Wieking JamesPotter/ Potter Potter

1.1.9Lewis Nebeker/Catherine White Thomas/Nancy Maria Gardner* Monroe Nebeker/Estella Huntsman Cyrena Nebeker/James Hyrum Hall Elias Nebeker*/Martha Jane Winn/Clara Electa Emmett Carlos Nebeker/Minnie Ardell Farnsworth Nebeker/Mary Ann Haun Henry Nebeker/Lillian Winnona Emery Almira Nebeker/Charles  Oscar Anderson/Loefwin Johnson LeNora Nebeker/Charles Peter Hansen

1.1.10George Nebeker/Elizabeth Dilworth/Maria Louisa Dilworth* Ida Elizabeth Nebeker/Abel Mosiah Preece George Dilworth Nebeker John Leonard Nebeker/Christina Graham Mariah Louise Nebeker Aurelia Nebeker/Isaac Archer Emery Anna Mary Nebeker Elizabeth Dilworth Nebeker Martha Luella Nebeker Vilate Kimball Nebeker/Harden Bennion Elwood Nebeker/Lucy Harriet Armstrong Dilworth Nebeker/Elizabeth Ann Whitlock George Nebeker* Dilworth Nebeker Maria Nebeker/Samuel White Stewart Leonard Nebeker/Harriet Ann Taylor Badger Dilworth Nebeker/Emeline Free Young Lucas Nebeker

1.1.11Jacob Nebeker

1.1.12Susannah Nebeker

1.1.13Almira Nebeker/William J. Hodge Bernard W. Hodge  Frances LeGore/Elizabeth Russel Charles H. Hodge/Jessie Curl Hodge/Ray Green Charles H Green Ray H Green/Jessie Wylie Hodge/Lloyd T Arthur Hugar L. Hodge/Alma Blanche Culbertson Walter Hodge /Adelia Cole Hodge/Harry Singer/David McNair Singer McNair/David Watts Watts Watts McNair/Sally McNair Hodge/Malcolm Hart Hart Jr/Virginia Hart/Douglas Breselin Breselin Hart Hodge/Herbert Smith/ralph Lampie Hodge/Howard Pehrson Christian Pehrson;ozabetj A,amda {ejrspmCraog Ja;eu Hodge/James Stanfield Jane Stanfield Ann Stanfield/Tim Young Young Cole Young Foster Stnfield Hodge/Robert William Hodge Joseph Hodge/Carolyn Brown Brown Hodge Brown Hodge Andrew Hodge Cole Hodge Lewis Hodge Hodge Hodge/Walter Curtis Hodge

1.2John Nebeker

1.2.1Mary Ann Nebeker/John M. Nebeker (See 5.6)

1.3Ann (Nancy) Nebeker/John Derrickson/Jonas  or Joseph  Derrickson

1.3.1John  Derrickson Jr.

1.3.2Katie Derrickson

1.3.3Mary Ann Derrickson

1.3.4Elizabeth Derrickson

1.3.5Deborah Derrickson

1.4Aquila Nebeker/Mary Allen

1.4.1John A. Nebeker

1.4.2George Nebeker/Clara…

1.4.3Samuel A. Nebeker

1.4.4Aquila Nebeker/ Mary Emma Talley Boys Nebeker/William Volkhardt Nebeker Volkhardt Volkhardt Talley Volkhardt Jr Nebeker Volkhardt/Richard A Haines Allen Nebeker/Paul Eno Talley Nebeker/William Preston Craig/Daniel Compton Sanders Lynam Craig L Nebeker/Eugene Landenberger Nebeker Landenberger Emma Landenberger/Richard Brown Scandrett Ross Robins Nebeker Premature birth

1.5Rachel Nebeker/Elijah Massey

1.5.1John Nebeker Massey/Matilda Rowles/Eleanor Kimble Humphrey Elmira Massey/W. C. Burns Massey H. Massey/Catharine Mathews M Massey Ruth Massey M Massey T Massey E Massey Rebecca Massey/Lewis C Rouse M Rouse M Rouse/Harriet Matthew A Rouse Cass Rouse Jr/Sarah Alice Coulson Lewis Rouse E Rouse

1.5.2Sarah Massey/Joseph Hamilton W. Hamilton C. Hamilton Quimby Hamilton Pierce Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton

2.Mary (Polly)Nebeker/   Springer

3.Anna Nebeker/Robert Robinson

3.1Aquila Robinson/Elizabeth Tripp

3.1.1John Tripp Robinson/Martha Curey

3.1.2Robert Randolph Robinson/Sarah Morris

3.1.3Louis Henry Robinson/Elizabeth Hilton

3.1.4Elizabeth A. Robinson/William Mahanna/James H. Burnham

3.1.5Edward Penrose Robinson/Hannah Ann Painter

3.1.6William Jackson Robinson/Mary Jane Calhoun/Sarah Jane Start or Short

3.1.7Aquila Gilbert Robinson/Susan Amelia Metz

3.2Thomas Robinson/Catherine Naff

3.3Ebenezer Robinson/Margaret Catherwood

4.George Nebeker

5.Hance Nebeker/Elizabeth Wetzel

5.1Eliza S. Nebeker/Jehu Yarnall

5.1.1Charles Wesley Yarnall/Lovinga Hopkins

5.1.2Sarah Ann Yarnall

5.1.3Theodore Torbert Yarnall/Mrs Emma Yeates Louisa Yarnall/Harry Briggs Mott

5.2Ann Robinson Nebeker/Peter Torbert

5.2.1Anna E Torbet

5.2.2William Torbet

5.2.3Elizabeth Torbet

5.2.4Frankliln Torbet

5.2.5Rebecca Torbet

5.3Maria Nebeker

5.4Sarah Webb Nebeker/James R. Drummond

5.4.1Rachel N Drummond/Issac N Flinn Flinn

5.5Rachel M Nebeker/John Drummond

5.5.1Sarah (Sallie) N. Drummond/George N. Gill Chandler Gill/Harvey Voshell Arline Voshell Gill/Edgar Clayton Ellison Gill D. Gill/Harriet Rogers Collen Norman Gill

5.5.2Rachel W./Issac N. Flinn (See 5.4.1)

5.5.3Mary C. Drummond/Wilmer J. Ellis

5.6John M. Nebeker/Mary Ann Nebeker (See 1.2.1)

5.6.1Elizabeth Rachel Nebeker/Robert H. Frist Eliza Frist/John  H Foard M Foard L Foard Roberta Foard/J. Henry Smith H Foard Jr W Frist/Carrie Currinder Nebeker Frist W. Frist

5.6.2Ann Jane Nebeker

5.6.3Hance W. Nebeker

5.6.4Mary (Ellen?) Nebeker

5.6.5Martha Nebeker

5.6.6Sarah W. Nebeker

5.6.7Ella C. Nebeker

6.Martin Nebeker

7.Henry Nebeker

8.William Nebeker/Birta

8.1John Nebeker/Elisabeth

8.1.1Aaron W. Nebeker


8.1.3John M/Mary H.

8.1.4George W.

8.1.5Frances M




8.3.1Henry Jr.


9.Lucas Nebeker/Hannah Morris

9.1John Nebeker/ Margaret Bishop/Delila Morris*

9.1.1Mary Nebeker/John Steely/Henry Freeman Steely/Viola Steely L Steely Steely Steely Steely Steely/Henry Freeman Knapper H. Knapper

9.1.2Hannah Nebeker/Oliver Steely Shelby Emily Shelby/Lewis Nebeker/David Ferguson (See 9.4.2) Nebeker Wallace Shelby/Mary Frances Yeager Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Hannah Shelby/Levi Bolter Pead Shelby/Viona Jackson H Shelby Belle Shelby Yeager Shelby

9.1.3Andrew Jackson Nebeker

9.1.4Isabell Nebeker/John H. Crane Crane

9.1.5John Nebeker/ Louisa Deggan Nebeker Belle Nebeker/Ellis Leslie Jimison Jimison/Charles Eldred Leslie Jimison Jr./Arlene Alexandria Kekhoefer Nebeker Nebeker/…Greenawalt Nebeker/…Roe

9.1.6George Nebeker*/Loretta Bilsland Nebeker/Jacob Norris Norris Norris/Ray Bodine Jake Bodine Bodine/Charlotte Louise McVey Kay Bodine Glen Bodine Ray Bodine Norris Norris Norris Albert Nebeker/Lydia L. Hunt L Nebeker D Nebeker A Nebeker May E.

9.1.7Margaret Ellen (Ellen) Nebeker/Josiah Rhodes Jacob Bantz Belle Bantz/Nelson J. Gallaway E.Gallaway/… Himebaugh Himebaugh Wallace Rhodes/Minnie Louella Zigler Wauneta Rhodes/Charles Marion Hamilton Male Female Female M Rhodes/Earl Pierce Male Female Female Hershell Rhodes/Ethel Blanch Talbott Male Male Female Female Female

9.1.8William Nebeker

9.1.9Ellen Jane Nebeker/George W. Ritchie Ritchie

9.1.10Charles Nebeker

9.1.11Elizabeth Nebeker/   Henry Mann DeHaven Jesse L De Haven Audrey E De Haven

9.1.12Albert Nebeker

9.1.13Sarah Emarilla Nebeker

9.2Mary (Polly) Nebeker (Single)

9.3Charlotte Nebeker/John McKinney

9.3.1Lucas McKinney

9.4Richard Morris Nebeker/Lucinda Long

9.4.1Melissa Nebeker

9.4.2Lewis Nebeker/Sarah Emily Shelby (see Darling* Nebeker* M. D. Nebeker/Charles M. Kennedy Nebeker Nebeker

9.5George Nebeker/Mary Steely/Louisa Moore

9.5.1Reuben S Nebeker/Almarinda Montgomery or A. L. Walker Rogers Nebeker/John A. Kelley/Clarence Hersberger

9.5.2Enos H. Nebeker/   Mary E Sewell E Nebeker/Frank L. Torres Nebeker Nebeker/Nell Harrison Nebeker Nebeker

9.5.3Alonzo Nebeker/Laura Ordner

9.5.4Emeline Nebeker

9.5.5Lucas Nebeker/Mary Ferguson/Elizabeth McGeorge F Nebeker/Annie… and/or Mary F….

9.5.6Hannah Nebeker/Thomas M Rinn Rinn/Fred McLear

9.5.7Elizabeth Nebeker/John M. Partlow Graydon Partlow Partlow

9.6Ann (Nancy) Nebeker/John Adamson

9.6.1Henry Adamson

9.6.2George Adamson

9.6.3Franklin Adamson

9.6.4Oliver Adamson/Mary Moore Adamson Adamson/…Lumpkin  Richard (unmarried) Adamson

9.6.5John Malcolm Adamson/Eleanor (Nellie)  McDonald McDonald (Don) Adamson/Cardine Bell Adamson Adamson Malcolm Adamson Adamson/Claude Lucas Adamson Lucas/Norm Tufford

9.6.6William Adamson

9.6.7Julia Miriam Adamson

9.6.8Joseph Lucas Adamson

9.6.9Mary Hannah Adamson

9.6.10Ada Casandra Adamson / Mark Rogers Nellie Rogers/Harry L McGurk Roy Rogers/Alma Board Rogers Jr.

9.6.11Hortense N. Adamson/Challen Ward Spinning (Oliver) Lynn Spinning/Julia Luke Maud Spinning/Roland Smith Hortense Smith/Lawler Reeves Margret Reeves/Kenneth Kerri Kerri Kerri Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth Reeves Ellenor Smith/Marshall Weir III Weir IV/Judi Jones/Kristen Smith Elizabeth Shea Vincent Weir/Barbara Radke Michelle Weir James McMannony Spinning Lura Spinning Mary Nina Spinning John Adamson Spinning/Mary Elizabeth Smith John Norman Spinning/Irene Helen Bonacorci Mark Edward Spinning Brett David Spinning Jason John Spinning

9.7Elizabeth Nebeker

9.8Lucas Nebeker/Abigail Hall Gilbert/Margaret J Leach*/Miriam E Insley**

9.8.1Nelson Gilbert Nebeker/Emma Lydia Knapper Flora Nebeker/Leslie Snell

9.8.2Charlotte Nebeker

9.8.3Charles Wesley Nebeker

9.8.4Edna Jane Nebeker

9.8.5Almira Nebeker

9.8.6Clara Josephine Nebeker*/William Crapp Crapp N Crapp

9.8.7Susan Nebeker

9.8.8Asbury Coke Nebeker*/Etta Birch Nebeker/Emma Kramer Nebeker Nebeker

9.8.9Martha J Nebeker/ Anderson Brugh Brugh

9.8.10Joshua Lucas Nebeker/Ada Vienna Wildermuth (Georgia) Ethel Nebeker/Loren E Pearson Loren Pearson/Ellen Louise Boyd Pearson Lorinda Pearson Lynn Pearson Loren Pearson Jr. Raymond Lucas Nebeker/Dorothy Swindell/Golda Pearl Mitchell Lucas Nebeker/Mary Glendoris Miller Lucas Nebeker Robertson Nebeker Virginia Nebeker

9.8.11Maria Nebeker**

9.8.12Ellis Insley Nebeker

9.8.13George Quinn Nebeker

9.8.14Edgar Allen Nebeker

9.8.15Anna Rebecca Nebeker/Emil Reyer Constance Reyer

9.9Hannah Nebeker/ William N. Thompson

9.9.1Mary  Frances Thompson/Francis Dice Mary Dice/Charles M. Robertson M. Robertson Jr. /Alice Kimmel Alice Robertson/Robert Jenning Jenning Jenning Robertson/Charles Thompson M Dice/Ford Carmen M. Carmen/…Agnew Agnew/Ed Bradford Agnew/Tom Bradford Dice

9.9.2Emily Jay Thompson

9.9.3Willie Thompson

9.9.4Charles Nebeker Thompson/Julia Conner

10.Elizabeth Nebeker/Jonas Stidham

10.1 Mary Stidham/John H. Boys

10.1.1Jonas Stidham Boys/Sarah Taylor Etta Boys E. Boys Boys (Nelly) Boys

10.1.2Nathan Hiland Boys/Sarah Maple Shaffer Boys Boys Finley Boys Boys Franklin Boys H. Boys Elizabeth Boys Boys/Laura Elizabeth Burgman Maple Christina Boys/ Robert Hurtt

10.1.3Joseph Henry Boys/Matilda Shaeffer

10.1.4Isaac Elleolery Boys

10.1.5Mary Elizabeth Boys

10.1.6Sarah Jane Boys/Lewis Henry Talley Virginia Talley Harriet Talley Talley Henry Talley

10.1.7Priscilla Boys

10.1.8Isabella Boys/Benjamin Douglass

10.2William Stidham

10.3Joseph L. Stidham/Elizabeth Reynolds

10.3.1Jonas Benjamin Stidham/Eleanor Brynberg Forman Reynolds Stidham Brynberg Stidham Stidham Robinson Stidham Stidham

10.3.2Rebecca/ Wilson Hilyard

10.4John H Stidham/Lydia McDonough Pennington/Matilda…/Cecilia Bonbrake

10.4.1Hannah McDonough Stidham/ Theodore Monroe Gilbert Stidham Gilbert Jane Gilbert/Charles Henry Pusey (See 10.5.3) Gilbert Gilbert Jane Gilbert Perry Gilbert Gilbert Pusey Gilbert Francis Gilbert Alice Gilbert Munsen Gilbertt Stanton Gilbert Monroe Gilbert

10.4.2Elizabeth Jane Stidham/Amos Bishop S. Bishop L. Bishop  Melissa Bishop

10.4.3Edmund/Carolyn Hawkins Hawkins Stidham Stidham Stidham (Jennie) Stidham Pusey Stidham Nebeker Stidham Bishop Stidham

10.5Ann Robinson Stidham/Charles Pusey

10.5.1Caleb Joshua Pusey/Harriet H. Pusey/Mary Stevens Pusey

10.5.2Jonas Stidham Pusey/Sarah Worrall Annie Stidham Pusey/Byron G. Lane Pusey Lane /Adelaide Crandell Lane Lane /C. L. Lewis Lane /Gilbert Bright Fannie Robinson Pusey/Samuel Mallory Mallory Mallory Pusey

10.5.3Charles Henry Pusey/Hannah Gilbert (See 10.4.1)

10.5.4Anna Wickersham Pusey /George Larkin Susan Larkin Lewis Larkin Larkin Larkin Larkin Charles Larkin

10.5.5Susan Parvin Pusey/Benjamin Rogers Susan Rogers /…Tempest Tempest

10.6Jonas Stidham

10.7Jonas Stidham

10.8David George Stidham/Esther Ochetree/*Susan Winager

10.8.1William Stidham

10.8.2Infant Stidham

10.8.3Infant Stidham

10.8.4Infant Stidham

10.8.5Esther Ann Stidham/Oliver Hopkins/Benjamin Denton*/Socrates Williams** Ann Denton* Bancheta Denton J. Denton George Williams**

10.8.6*Rhoda Ann Stidham/George Washington Gallop William Gallop O. Gallop E. Gallop Gallop Gallop Gallop Gallop Gallop Stidham Gallop Gallop

10.8.7Ruth Elizabeth Stidham/Henry Osler/*John Ashton Wickersham Ann Osler Mae Osler Jane Osler Rosalie (Rosie) Osler Osler E. Osler Charles Osler*Mayme Wickersham Alverta Wickersham McKinley Wickersham

10.8.8Matilda Stidham

10.8.9Sarah Caroline Stidham/John Wesley Johnson Ann Johnson L. Johnson D. Johnson E. Johnson W. Johnson C. Johnson Johnson

10.8.10Ellen Elmira Stidham/Solomon Dillard

10.8.11Mary Melissa (Nancy) Stidham/Lealander McCullough/*Finis Ewing Pershall/Charles Berry W.McCullough L.McCullough*Susan Alma Pershall Evelyn Pershall Pershall Garrett Pershall

10.8.12Joanna Mae Stidham /James W. Hartness Elisha Hartness E. Hartness Evelyn Hartness Jane Hartness/James H. Leonard Mae Leonard/Leslie Lorin Samuel Hartness Floyd John Hartness Alice Hartness

10.8.13Cordelia Jane Stidham/Asa Franklin DeHart Mae DeHart Wesley DeHart Raymond DeHart DeHart DeHart David DeHart Benjamin DeHart Carl DeHart Evelyn DeHart

10.8.14Alice Loretta.Stidham/William Riley McDowell Glen McDowell Olive McDowell Leonard McDowell Elmer McDowell Isabel McDowell McDowell Hazel McDowell

10.8.15Samuel Jonas Stidham

10.9Elizabeth R. Stidham/Samuel Goodley

10.9.1Charles Pusey Goodley

10.9.2Ann Pusey Goodley

10.9.3William Slater Goodley

10.9.4Mary Phillips Goodley

10.9.5Elizabeth Goodley

10.9.6Samuel Goodley

10.9.7Samuel Goodley

10.9.8Jonas Goodley

10.9.9Lewis H. Goodley

10.9.10Sallie Belle Goodley