Albert Raymond Morton

World War I

Canadian Army


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Although Ray was an American citizen, he was living and working in Calgary, Alberta in 1915.  He  traveled to Toronto to enlist and fight for Canada in World War I (or in “the Great War”, as it was known at the time).  Like many Americans, he wanted to join the effort to fight for the freedom of others even though the United States had not yet joined the war.  And, so he enlisted in the Canadian Army, but about six months later he was discharged for being medically unfit.  Attached are copies of the pertinent documents relating to his attempt to serve in the Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force.

Albert Raymond “Ray” Morton shortly after World War I

Albert Raymond Morton

Shortly after his marriage to Lillian Florence Bailey

Less than two years after his discharge from the Canadian military, Ray married Lillian Florence Bailey on 9 April 1918 in Tabor, Alberta, Canada.  He was still an American citizen, and when the US entered the war in 1918, Ray decided that he might again try to join the military.  To do this, he caught a train south to Spokane, Washington, where on 23 September 1918 he registered for the US army.  He stated that he was an American but was then living in Big Valley, Alberta, Canada, and working as a steam fitter on the Canadian Northern Railway.  He was married, and his personal description indicated that he was 5 feet, 11 1/2 inches tall, of a slender build, with brown eyes and dark brown hair.  He also listed his birth as 27 September, 1883.   (Ray was always consistent with his birth being given as 27 September, but the year of his birth ranged from 1883 to 1887.  It seems most likely, from other records, that his actual birth years was probably 1885.)

There is no indication of whether there was any medical concern noted by the Americans, but then the war ended within about six weeks of Ray’s application so it is unknown wether he even went to any basic training.  This concludes Ray’s efforts to enter the military for either country.