John Byam

“Byam, John, Chelmsford.  Drummer,

Capt. John Minot’s co., Col. Dike’s regt.  Service from Dec. 13, 1776 to March 1, 1777;

also, Capt. John Moore’s co., Col. Jonathan Reed’s (1st) regt. of guards; joined April 2 (also given April 1), 1778; served to July 8, 1778, 3 mos 2 days, guarding troops of contention (?) at Cambridge; enlistment, 3 months from April 2, 1778.”

From: Massachusetts Soldeiers and Sailors, p. 980.

John Byam was born in Chelmsford, Massachusetts on 7 Feb. 1730/31 and would have been almost 46 years old at the time of his first enlistment.  He had married Sarah Blanchard on 12 Sep 1758 and so already had a family before the war broke out, which included his 16 years old daughter, Susanna Byam (b. 18 March 1760 in Chelmsford, MA.) 

We don’t know very much about John’s military experiences other than what is shown above when he served to guard some of the captured British soldiers, but he survived the war and lived till age 83, dying in Chelmsford, MA on 3 July 1813.