John Nebeker

Private in 1st Battalion of Militia

New Castle County, Delaware

We have no actual record of any of the service performed by John Nebeker (son of Hans Nebeker, the original immigrant to this country, and the father of George Nebeker--our ancestor).  However, the following item was found in the book: Revolutionary Patriots of Delaware -- 1775 - 1783 by Henry C. Peden, Jr.

NEBUCHAR, John.  Private, Capt. William Robinson’s Company, 1st Battalion of Militia in New Castle County, in March, 1778, being between 18 and 21 years of age [Ref: B-753].

The above spelling of his family name was not unusual for our early Nebekers.  John was 22 years old and still single.  The war had been going on for almost three years.  We are not sure why John would have enlisted at this time, but two engagements occurred just north of Delaware near Salem, New Jersey on March 18th (Battle of Quinton’s Bridge) and again on March 21st (Battle of Hancock’s Bridge).  British soldiers, assisted by their American Tories were accused of murdering a number of Patriots, some being bayonetted even after surrendering.  This action induced a strong reaction by many young men in the area to join the military and may account for John’s determination to enter the fray immediately thereafter.  John mustered into the local county’s militia sometime in the month of March, 1778.  At this time, most enlistment terms were for one-year commitments. 

John may have served only one year.  He was home again where he married Mary Sennex sometime in about 1790.  We have no other record of any further service by this young man.