Perkins Wills

Will of Ute Perkins

       In the name of God Amen.

I Ute Perkins of the county of Hancock and State of Illinois being in feeble health but of Sound mind and memory do make this my last will and testament.

     First. I wish all my last? debts to be spedily settled.

  Second. I will and bequeth unto my beloved wife Sara[h] Perkins during her lifetime all my property of whatever name or nature or wherever found.

    Thirdly. After the decease of my wife It is my will and desir[e] that my son William G. Perkins shall have and retain to him and His and assigns forever all the following described lands To wit: The west half of lot No. Second and all of lot no. Third Block No. Eight in Town of Macedonia in the County of Han[cock] and State of Illinois.

    Fourthly. All the remainder of my property of whatso[ever] kind it is my will and desire shall be divided equally betwe[en] all my Children William G. Perkins not excepted.

    Fourthly. It is my will That my son William G. Perkins shou[ld] be and I hereby appoint him Executor of this my last will an[d] testament.

      Done at Macedonia this tenth day of November in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and forty three. In w[it-]ness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal the da[te] above written.


     Ab. Lincoln

     Samuel Miles Isom

     William G. Perkins

                                            Ute (his X mark) Perkins {Seal}

State of Illinois

Hancock County

Probate Court 19 April 1844

      This day came Ab. Lincoln and William Perkins two credible witnesses, and on there Oaths do say th[at] they were present and saw the above named Ute Perkins si[gn] the annexed and foregoing last will and testament and [ac-]knowledge the same to be his free act and desire and that [they] believed the same testator to be of sound mind and memory [at] the time of signing the said last will and testament.

{Seal} Witness David Greenleaf Probate Judtic[e] of the Peace.