Robert Guthrie

Private in the South Carolina Militia

Revolutionary War

Pension Application


Revolutionary War Pension Application for Robert Guthrie

It is hereby certified that Robert Guthrie (Hugh?) his s(____) lived in the Waxhaw congregation many years believed they (_______)  both been (_____) into past communion(?)  in the church & conducted them below as good members, leaves(?) without (______) or anything known to us that (____) justice (_____________) & going to (___________) may be treated as herein recommended by (____________________________________) Discharge of the duties of that important office.  Certified by this order of session, Sept 5th, 1788. 

Lancaster County.

S. Carolina.R. W. Linsey (?) 


West Tennessee

Robert  Guthrie

Of Wm. Sanks(?) in the State of Tennessee

Who was a private in the Company commanded

by Captain Adams of the Regt commanded

by Col. Cashaw(?) in the S. Carolina

line for 1 year and 3 months

Inscribed on the Roll of W. Tennessee

In the (___) of 50 Dollars ____ cents per annum

To commence on the 4th day of March, 1831

Certificate of Pension issued the 2 day of Augt

(_____) to the 4th of March 100.00

Semiannual allowance ending 4 Sept.   25.00


Revolutionary claim

Est. June 7, 1832.

Recorded by Dan’l Boyd, Clerk

Book 6Vol 7page 79

Order to (__) 8 letter to Pension

20 Jan’y 18(__)

Letter to (_______) 3 July 1838


Arrear case

Rep 29

Dec. 1843


Mary Guthrie, widow of Robert Guthrie who was a private in the South Carolina line

Inscribed on the roll at the rate of 50 Dollars – cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1843.

Certificate of Pension issued the 29th day of December 1843

And sent to T. Cooney.  Paris, Tennessee.

[Act of March 3, 1843]  Recorded in Book A, page 218.

State of Tennessee, Williamson County}  On this 1 day of Sept 1832, personally appeared in open court before me, Thomas Stuart, presiding judge, now sitting, Robert Guthrie aged 75, the 24th day of last October, a resident of said county and stated who being duly sworn according to law doth on oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision of the act of congress passed 7th June 1832. That he enlisted in  the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated, to wit, I was living in the Waxhaw settlement, Camden District, S. Carolina when I first entered the service being drafted to go down towards Charleston, where the British were epected.  I did not go on this expedition in consequence of a proposition that any who would go on an other expedition against the Indians who were doing great damage in the place called Fair Forest(?) might be exempted from the first expedition.  I (agreed?) to this proposition.  I was drafted for a tour of three months.  I entered in the company of Capt. James Adams in my nineteenth year in 1776.  We were marched to a place called (Poinser’s?) Fort, where we guarded the country from Indian depredations.  After putting down the Indians we were marched home.  I did not get a discharge for this 3 month tour.  I remained at home until the year 1778 when I was drafted again to go against the British who had possession of Savannah City, Georgia.  In this tour of three months I entered into Capt. Montgomery’s Company and he marched us from Camden district to Purysburgh where Gen. Lincoln commanded a division.  I was in Col. Joseph Cashaw’s regiment.  At Purysburgh we lay stationed in order to prevent the British from the Georgia side cropping over into S. Carolina. At the expiration of the tour of three months I returned home where I remained until Charleston fell into the possession of the British, on which event, taking place the whole state of S. Carolina was continually infested with the ravages and depredations of the Tories who rose on all sides and all places and being well acquainted with the country and sometimes under the mask of Whigs, done more damage than the British.  I was continually in the service from Charleston falling into the possession of the British until Sumpters defeat which was a few weeks after Gates defeat, which time I think was about 3 months.  I cannot recollect every circumstance at this time, which took place, but can state some of the events.  I was at the battle of Rocky Mount, where a considerable body of British and Tories under Col. Tumbul were posted.  I had entered Capt. Coffee’s company which was attached to Col. Cashaw’s regiment in which Robert Crawford was Major.  I was marched to Rocky Mount, and Gen. Sumpter commanded us in that engagement.  We were repulsed with considerable loss and from this place Gen. Sumpter marched to lands fork on the Catawby River where laying sometime with his men he crossed that river and marched to the Hanging rock where he was defeated.  I was not in the battle of the Hanging Rock being sick at that time.  After Sumpter’s defeat I was frequently in scouting parties against the Tories who still at every opportunity infested the country.  I was sometimes under Capt. Coffee and sometimes under, I think Capt.Kimbrel. We went about the country and prevented the Tories from doing damage.  I think the whole of my service after Sumpters defeat amounted to at least six months. 

I was born 1757.  I lived in Camden district until 1788, when I moved to Kentucky living two years in Lincoln County, two or three years in M(ason?) County, and in Madison (County) 8 or 9 years when I moved to  Williamson County, Tennessee, where I have been living ever since and now live.  I have a record of my age in my bible at home taken from my father’s family bible.  I am acquainted with Thomas Hardeman, Robert Dais, and George Nealy, who can certify to my character as a soldier of the Revolution and then (_____) of my service. 

I know of no person in this country except George Nealy who can certify to my service as stated.  I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declare my name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.  I was acquainted with Gen Sumpter, Col. Lacy, Major Branford &c who were with the troops when I served.  Sworn to (____) 7th September 1832.  P. Henry Clerk}       Robert Guthrie

State of Tennessee}

Henry County}  On this 20th day of January, a  (____) eighteen hundred and forty two, personally appeared before me, William, R. Harris, Judge of the court (_______________) of the state of Tennessee, in (___) court, Mary Guthrie, a resident of the said county of Henry, & state aforesaid aged about eighty one years, who first being duly sworn according to law stated and doth make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the pension (____) by the act of Congress, (__) July 4th, 1826.  That she is the widow of Robert Guthrie who was a private of Infantry in the Revolutionary War.  She further declared that she is unable to state the service performed by her said husband and for proof (___) to his declaration filed in his lifetime, and the (____) of the War Department at Washington City, when (__) informed proof unto.  She further declared that she was married to the said Robert Guthrie on the 9th day of March 1780 and states her husband, the aforesaid Robert Guthrie, died on the thirteenth day of April(?) 1838 and that she has remained a widow ever since that friend, as well (____) fully explain by (__________)   Mary Guthrie

Sworn to and subscribed before me … this day and (___) above written. 

  1. W.R. Harris.

Adam Guthrie was born first of October 1769

Mary Taylor was born the 2 of December Anno 1760

Robert Guthrie 83

Mary Taylor was married the 9th March in the year of our Lord Annodom 1780. 

David Houston Guthrie was born the nineteenth Day of October in the year of our Lord 1796

Jacob Finley Guthrie was born the fifteenth day of September in the year of our Lord 1803.

Elizabeth Guthrie was born the twentieth day of February annodomeny 1783

William Forguson Guthrie was born (___) day of September, 1783

James Guthrie was born the forth day of December in the year of our Lord 1787

Robert Guthrie was born the 2 of March Annodom 1790

Samuel Taylor Guthrie was born the 3d of June Annodom 1793