Supply Reed

Private in the Massachusetts Militia

Revolutionary War

Pension Application


Supply Reed – Pension application for service in the Revolutionary War

Duplicate certificate (_______) May 1842 and sent to (_______) Burke House of Representatives


New Hampshire

Supply Reed

Of Acworth in the state of N. H.

Who was a private in the company commanded by Captain Pollard of the Regt commanded by Col. Packson(?) in the Mass Line for (_________)

Inscribed on the roll of New Hampshire at the rate of 80 dollars _____ cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831.

Certificate of pension issued the 31st day of Dec. 1832 and Sent to Hon. W. Hubbard, H of Rep’s.

Arrears to 4th of Sept. 1832$120.00

(_____) allowance ending 4 Mar. 33$ 40,00


{Revolutionary Claim.  Act. June 7, 1832}

Recorded by  D. D. Avorson(?)  Clerk

Book D.Vol. 1st.  Page 180


In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress on the 7th of June, 1832

State of New Hampshire, County of Sullivan

On this thirtieth day of July 1832, personally appeared before the Judge of the Court of Revolutionary (____) Supply Reed, a resident of Acworth in the County of Sullivan and State of New Hampshire, aged 77 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress issued June 7th, 1832.  That he enlisted in the army of the United States July in the year 1789 in Captain Weld’s Company and served in Col. Michael Justason’s Regiment of the Continental Line of the Massachusetts line.  This enlistment was made at (Obeline Jacob? M__________?) and joined the regiment at Springfield, Massachusetts.  I was marched to West Point in state of New York.  I continued a short time at West Point.   Went down the (North?) River to Kings Ferry and was marched into the state of New Jersey first of (_____) and returned to West Point.  I was discharged about the ninth of January 1781.  I (_______) Lieut. Benjamin (______________?) 4 November (____) in the same regiment but I did not belong to his company.  I received a written discharge which I lost.  I have no documentary evidence of this service aforesaid.  I further saith that on the nineteenth day of April 1775 I entered the service and was at Lexington and Concord on that day.  I (______?) the service and (_____) for eight months.  I (________________) my duty under Capt. John Lord of Chelmsford, Lieut Isaac Parker in Col. Eli Bridge’s Regiment, Massachusetts Troops.  The service I performed during that eight months was performed in the vicinity of Boston.  I further say (_______________) my term expired, I again enlisted for one year first of January 1776 under Benjamin Pollard.  (____) after my enlistment I (___) ordered by General Washington to do duty as a carpenter in (assaulding? Rumarker?)  And I continued faithfully to serve until the expiration of the year.  A part of the time we were on the North River until the expiration of New Year.  I was at Fish Kill in New York after expiration of New Year.  I again entered the service for one month duty according to my contract.  I again enlisted (_______) October 1777 in Captain Ford’s company, Massachusetts Troops and present at the time of Burgoyne’s surrender, and continued in the service at that time for two months.  I attended the (___________) from Saratoga to near Boston where I was discharged.  I did not receive any written discharge from either of my services except for my (_______) Col. Jackson’s Regiment.  I was in the City of New York and on (evacuation?) Island a part of the time.  (____ing) my service in the year 1776.  General Washington was there with the army on the North River, or in the vicinity of New York.  I recollect in addition to those officers I have  named, Lieut Kenney, who acted at times as an adjutant.  At the time I was (_____) with I rec’d the pay of a private in the depr_____? Paper.  During my service as a private at Saratoga in Oct. 1777 I well recollect Captain Varnum of (Draccut?) and was present (____) him taken tho (______) of one of the officers belonging to the British army.  I can not now recollect the name of any other officers.  I was born in Woburn in Massachusetts in the year 1754.  I was living in Chelmsford, Massachusetts when I went first (____) into the service.  I have no record of my age.  Since the year 1781 I have lived in Acworth, N. H. and am now a resident in that town.  I entered the service as I have de______ in 1775 as a private in Captain Ford’s Company.  My neighbors, Deacon Levell(?) Schelby(?) and Lieut. James Campbell are well known to me and they can testify to my character for truth and their belief in my services as a soldier in the Revolution.  I do hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension as an annuity except the present and I do declare that my name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any state.  Sworn to and duly _______ this day and year aforesaid.}  

Supply Reed

Frederick A. Sumner

Judge of Probate

Brief in the case of Supply Reed of Acworth, Sullivan Co., in the State of N. H.  (Act 7th June, 1832)

1.  Was the declaration made before a court of a judge?  A Court

2.  If before a judge, does it appear that the applicant is disabled by bodily infirmities?   ______

3.  How old is he?77

4.  State his service as directed in the form annexed…

PeriodDuration of ServiceRankNames of General and Field Officers

1780 July to Jan 17816 mo.PrivateCapt. Mead(?)  Col. Jackson

1775 Apl8 mo______Lt. Larke           Col. Reed

1776 Jany1 yrCarpenterCapt. Pollard

1777 Oct2 mo.(____?)Capt. Ford

5.  In what battles was he engaged?Burgoyne’s surrender

6.  Where did he reside when he entered the service? Chelmsford

7.  Is his statement supported by living witnesses, by documentary proof, by traditionary evidence, by incidental evidence, or by the rolls?Tradition

8.  Are the papers defective as to form or authentication?  And if so, in what respect?Right

Certify that the foregoing statement and the answers agree with the evidence in the case above mentioned.

Wm. C. Easton

Examining Clerk

Drawing of Supply Reed

Grave marker of Supply Reed

Ackworth, New Hampshire