Private Thomas Wakefield

Pennsylvania Militia

6th Battalion

Captain Noah Abraham

In the Pennsylvania Revolutionary War Veterans site on the internet, one can select the military “muster rolls” and then search their records alphabetically by surname.  That record lists only three Wakefields in all of Pennsylvania--Thomas, John and James.   All three were from Cumberland Co. 

Our Wakefields arrived in Pennsylvania, from Aughrim, Co. Galway, Ireland, in about 1770—or just about five years before the outbreak of the American Revolution.  They first settled in Cumberland Co.  Pennsylvania.  The parents, David & Mary Wakefield, had five sons, the three oldest, who were old enough to serve in the war, were: Thomas (our ancestor, b. 1757); John (next oldest—born perhaps around 1760); and James (b. 1767—only nine years old at the outbreak of the war, but could have been old enough to enlist before the end of the war in 1784--at age 17 by that time).

The family had two younger sons: Jeremiah & David, who were too young to serve, even by the end of the war.  

The state’s militia roster rolls have been transferred onto cards, copies of which are inserted below for the three oldest Wakefield brothers.  These cards are primarily concerned with the payment records for service previously rendered so the dates do not necessarily give us a good idea of their period of service.

Notice an interesting comment on John Wakefield’s last card shown below stating that it is for “Wakefield, John and others”.  Who were these others?  Might they have included his two brothers who came with him to collect their pay for military service during the war?  

This record only confirms that these brothers served in the Pennsylvania Militia sometime during the war, but sadly we have no record that indicates what any of them did during their service, or even the length or location of that service.