Ute Perkins

Private in the North Carolina Militia

Revolutionary War

Pension Application


Ute Perkins – Revolutionary War Pension application 


Ute Perkins

The printed list of 1852 shows reasons for rejection

“Not six months” service

State of Illinois, County of Hancock}

On this first day of December, in the year, one thousand Eight hundred and thirty four, personally appeared in open court before the County Commissioners judiciously sitting as a Court of Records, and then & for the County and State aforesaid Uta Perkins a resident of Carthage in the said County of Hancock & State of Illinois aged seventy three years last July, who being first duly sworn on the Holy Evangalists of almighty god according to Law doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by this act of congress passed June 7th 1832.  That he was Drafted in the County of Lincoln & State of North Carolina and a private in the militia of said County for the season of two months & that he served the said two months in a company Commanded by Captain Joseph McDowell, that General Charles McDowell was commander in Chief, Hugh Porarard was Colonel and Francis McCartle (f. Major?).  That he was drafted on the ____ day of May in the year 1778 and that he was in the service under the command of the aforesaid officers two months, that he was not engaged in any battles, that after being Drafted he was marched from the County of Lincoln to the County of Burk, Davidson Fort,  ______ at which place he remained his full term of service & received his discharge from his commanding officer which discharge is now lost or Destroyed & this Declarant does not know what has now become of his said discharge & this Declarant further says that he (______) from his place of service to his place of residence in the said County of Lincoln, that after (remaining a?) short time at home, say one month, this Declarant (enlisted?) to do service in Captain David McFalls Company for the term of three months, that he was in the service under the same commander in Chief & the same Field officers as in the term of service First above written, that he so continued for the term of ninety days from the time of his said enlistment and that the army in which he was bound to service was raised for the purpose of Defending the country against the common Enemy that after his term of service (three months) expired he, (the said Declarant) returned to his former place of residence in Lincoln County State of North Carolina, that he removed from the county of Lincoln in the year 1779 to the County of Abbyeville, State of S. Carolina which place he resided twelve years, that from Abbeyville he removed to the County of Pendleton, S. Carolina at which place he resided 5 years & from thence he (the said Declarant) went to the County of White in the State of  Tennessee, where he continued to live for the space of twenty years, that he (the said Declarant) removed from the state of Tennessee, White county to the State of Illinois that he (the said Declarant) remained in the county of Morgan in the said State of Illinois for two years, that from Morgan County he came to the county of Hancock in said State of Illinois in the year 1828, at which place he has continued to reside until the present time, and he (the said Declarant) hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or an annuity, except the present one as (the said Declarant) declares that his name is not on the pension Roll of any agency in any Sate.

Interrogatories propounded by the court.

First, when & in what year were your born

Answer by Declarant, I was born in the County of Lincoln in the State of North Carolina in the year 1761 on the 15th day of July.

Have you any record of your age & if so where is it.

Answer, I have not except such as was kept by my parents in a large Bible where I have seen my birth & age recorded which said record is now lost or destroyed & my knowledge of my age is from memory recorded from seeing it in said Bible.

Where were you living when called in to service, where have you lived since the revolutionary war and where do you now live.

Answer, I was living in the County of Lincoln & I have lived in the County of  Abbeyville & Pendleton in South Carolina & in the County of White in the State of Tennessee & in the County of Morgan & Hancock in the State of Illinois. 

Fourth, How were you called into service, were you drafted, did you volunteer, or were you a substitute, and if a substitute for whom.

Answer, I was drafted for the fist term of service & I volunteered for the second, making in all five months service.

Fifth, State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the Troops where you served, such continental and Militia Regiments as you can recollect and the general circumstances of your service.

Answer, General Charles McDowell was commander in chief, Col. Hugh Porvard(?), Major Francis McCartle, Captain Joseph McDowell (of the Militia), Captain David McFalls, Lieutenant John Davison.

Sixth, Did you receive a Discharge from the service and if so by whom wasit given and what has become of it.

Answer, I did.  It was give me by Joseph McDowell, Capt, for the first term of service & from  Captain David McFalls for the second, which said Discharges have been lost, misplaced & destroyed, under the belief that they were not of any service to me.

Seventh, State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity, and their belief of your service as a soldier of the revolution.

Answer, Talbot Shipley, John Rogers, Charles Robertson.

Sworn and subscribed in open court before the commissioners sitting as a court of Record the Day & year first shown written.Ute Perkins

And the said Court did surely declare their opinion that the above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and served s he states.

We Charles Robertson, a Clergyman residing in the County of Hancock & State of Illinois and Talbot Shipley & John Rogers, residing in the same place hereby testify that we are well acquainted with Ute Perkins who has subscribed and sworn to the within  & above Declaration that we believe him to be 73 years of age, that he is reputed & believed in the neighborhood where he resides, to have been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in that opinion sworn to and subscribed this day & year aforesaid.

Cha Robison, Talbot Shipley, John Rogers

And the said court do hereby declare their opinion after the investigation of the matter and after putting the interrogatories presented by the war department that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and served as he states, And the court further certifies that it appears to them that Charles Roberson, who has signed the (_____) certificate is a Clergyman resident in the county of Hancock, & State of Illinois and that Talbot Shipley & John Rogers who have also signed the same are residents in the same county & State last afore said & as a creditable person and that their statements are entitled to credit.

Wm. SmithPaul Barrattain(?)M. Aldrich

I Wesley Williams, Clerk of the County Commission Court within & for the county of Hancock and State of Illinois do hereby certify that the aforegoing contains the original proceedings of the said court in the matter of the application of Uta Perkins for a pension.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of this office, at Carthage in the county of Hancock & State of Illinois this first day of December in the year one thousand eight hundred thirty four.

Wesley Willimas, Clerk