Why I Keep a Book of Remembrance

By Vern L. Nebeker

Nov. 25th 1939

(Age 25)

{This was written as the preamble to his Book of Remembrance}

I’m keeping a book of remembrance for an identification, and record, of things as they are, as they have been, for my posterity after me—that they might have a historical, and a genealogical record of their progenitors.

Knowing that in ancient times, holy men of God were commanded to keep a book of remembrance, and in this commandment they were faithful in keeping both a historical and a genealogical record.  And we find evidence of this in the Holy Bible, of how genealogy was kept from father to son, and from generation to generation, through the lineage of the patriarchs of old, who held the priesthood of God.

And, as I have been entrusted with this same priesthood, it is my desire to magnify it, and honor it, by keeping a book of remembrance and a record of my progenitors, that I might be found worthy to bear it through eternity.  Realizing that my forefathers cannot be made perfect without me, nor I without them and that the chain of lineage must be welded together from the beginning down to the present time in order to teach the highest goal of perfection.  Therefore, it falls to me, not only as my duty but as my privilege to search out the genealogy of my ancestors and have such work vicariously done for them as what they cannot do for themselves.  And thereby I might become a savior on Mt. Zion.

And, I further keep a book of remembrance for my children after me, and for their children after them, that they might know the things of my life, wherein I have worked for the glory of God, and for the up-building of the kingdom here on earth. Also that they might profit by the mistakes of my life, and that they might be enthused in this work, and that their efforts in research work may never cease.  But that they will prove themselves to be valiant in the services of Jesus in this life, is my prayer and my reason for keeping my book of remembrance, all of which I humbly ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.